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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

Aspire Breeze NXT Review:Definitely A Welcome Update

we're going to be going over some very important information about the highly acclaimed Brees NXT now I haven't been able to find any information about this online so I thought it would be a good idea to make a video about it but before we get into the little nitty gritty stuff you should have hit the subscribe button down below and hit the little bell to stay up to date with our latest videos now let's just jump straight into it we all know about the Aspire breeze NXT many reviewers have spoken very highly about it and praised it for the overall vape quality in short it was definitely a welcome update to the breeze lineup now when using the breeze NXT you have two different ways of firing it either with a button or with the auto draw activator we have been getting a lot of returns for the breeze NXT for a faulty draw activator where will either not work at all or worse that a vise will auto fire this is definitely a detrimental flaw to the product so what aspire did was …

Black Market Vaping-The Real Reason Why Vaping Damage Lungs

sima Herman never expected that what she
thought was a harmless habit vaping
would end up nearly killing her
what we've seen in the course of the
past let's say month is an increased
number of people coming in with
respiratory problems as a result of a
theater the fact that they market this
crap to children and they turned into
pink pretty purple packaging candy
pisses me off my name is chance and two
weeks ago my lung collapsed from Julie
she was vaping a cartridge a day don't
let me close my eyes don't let me fall
asleep or I won't wake up you don't need
it it's gonna kill you there is a fatal
trend sweeping across the nation but
contrary to what the mainstream media is
claiming this is not due to regular
vaping now let's face it VP has been the
subject of controversy since it hit the
mainstream market around 2007 studies
started popping up left right and center
regarding the health risks attached to
vaping which were extremely low
however alongside …

How to Make Vape Juice and What Are The E-Liquid Ingredients

today  I'm going into like a secret
laboratory okay there we go
what's up it's nice to see you see you
how's it going man thank you I love it I
just you know in the neighborhood
figured I'd stop by
yes welcome to our aim to certified
facility so this is where the magic
happens work happens if you guys have
ever ordered goofy juice off of our
website this is this is where it comes
from and these are the wonderful people
who make it so you can see here through
these these windows here that is the
actual lab and I think I'm going to go
in there what what do I got to do to be
ready to go inside of the land so I
guess I'll just walk right in here and
just no problem right
no oh I got a suit up okay alright I
think I can I think that that suits me I
think I can do that first
okay men okay we're here but one of them
please be recovered I know we're here
coach yeah okay honestly I wasn't
prepared for this okay we got the
glasses yep so we're yep we…

A New Political War On Vaping This Is Unfair

Tobacco flavors cigarettes their
manufacturers would by may 2025 to file
for approval
what does that mean we are so
mysterious vaping related illness is
causing a third after sickening several
people in more than two dozen states so
nearly three dozen people in Illinois
Minnesota and Wisconsin have been
hospitalized recently after vaping some
of those patients have been diagnosed
with severe lung disease this is just
another warning about the dangers of
e-cigarette we're finally starting to
see some serious harmful effects of this
cigarette use recently with these
hundreds of cases of serious pulmonary
disease that have surfaced across the
United States and what they find is that
that all the patients had a history of
vaping recently they come in different
flavors I mean this is like cigarettes
all over again
so the Trump administration is now
moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes why
concern for children and as I understand
it has we've been on the air president
said Trump sai…

Review of Snowwolf Mini Kit

today I am bringing you a review of the snow wolf mini
first of all for those of you that don't know
I love wolves wolves are my favorite
animal so when I saw this kid I was like
I didn't do it but yeah that's that's
pretty much the reason why that's it
that's the only reason why I wanted this
is cuz it has a wolf on it but I think
it's awesome too
maybe I don't know let's jump down let's
take a look let's get right into it and
then I'll come back up I'll give you my
thoughts I have been so excited to open
this for you guys look at this thing it
is the snow wolf mini kit the box itself
should just show you how cool this is
gonna look I cannot wait to open this so
wattage range is 10 to 100
bla bla bla bla bla it's got all the
temperature control stuff that you got a
rubber rubber bra but let's look at it
cuz I just want to see that wolf oh
these two boxes oh okay alright two
boxes here interesting okay so this is
the gunmeta…

Michigan Attempt to Combat the Youth Vaping Epidemic

we have some kind of rather interesting let's
call it breaking news today the governor
of Michigan has banned all flavored
vaping products ecigs jewels all
flavored vaping products are not allowed
to be sold can't buy them on the
internet cannot purchase them or send to
have them purchased and brought into the
state non-flavored vaping products which
will still be available probably won't
attract as many young people all
flavored vaping products are banned for
6 months in the state of michigan and
then do you really ate it and I think
she just apparently just woke up this
morning and decided yeah she talked to
her kids and her kids said a lot of
people are doing this and so she said
okay let's just ban it then it's really
a turd after that this will be the first
state in the United States I believe
that's put such a ban into effect and
I'm sure it'll be controversial but
that's what's happening this goes into
effect immediately so this goes int…

IQOS Tobacco Heating Product Are Available in the US

I have some exciting news for smokers who had
difficulty stopping the smoking
the FDA has just cleared a new nicotine
replacement product called I quit i q--
o s which stands for I quit ordinary
smoking this is device is very
interesting it's been approved up all
over the rest of the world for a long
time Canada Europe Asia you know work we
are finally coming on board so what what
this is this is a heat stick and this
heat stick is put into an electrical
device that actually heats the tobacco
this is tobacco in there and it heats
the tobacco but it doesn't burn the
tobacco so you're not getting the
combustion products the toxic combustion
products that you get when you smoke and
you burn tobacco this just heats the
tobacco so that you get the nicotine
vapor so you get the nicotine that
you're looking for without the toxic
materials that you get when you actually
light up and smoke in my opinion and
from what I've read this is much much
less harmful than smoking ma…

The Risk of Using Illicit Vape Cartridges

There has been an explosion in the use
of e-cigarettes also known as beeps
among teenagers who are attracted by the
appealing flavors and ease of use
we interviewed students who actively
vape to understand their perceptions
amid recent news coverage of its health
can you make every hour I'd say pretty
much daily whenever I feel a little bit
of stress maybe twice three times a day
my vape occasionally like a few times a
nicotine base but they also have
flavored I use flavor based vaping
products play the Beast
I use a blueberry flavor master always
my favorite currently I have this
Hawaiian flavor it's pineapple orange
yeah I use THC vapes generally actually
I honestly started vaping with friends
and then I got my own vape from one of
those brands from my friend actually he
he got me into vaping
so last year I realized that I was
hitting a lot of my friends Jules so I
kind of wanted to get my own thing so I
was it using their product but then over
the summer…