10$ VS 110$ E-Cigarette What's the Difference

so today we're doing a nice banger
for you boys we got the 110 dollar bait
versus the 10 dollar vape each of these
I look at these little things the little
disposable fucking Aeon smoke let's go
baby so we're gonna be comparing the two
differents type of apes that you could
rock in your daily life and give you our
opinions I guess let me just say right
off the bat that triple hit I just took
just fucking don't I'm telling you these
7% pods I forgot to mention that these
are 7% by 70 by 7% he means 70
milligrams 70 milligrams that is 21 the
thing is is I don't even know why these
things are legal let's get the lights on
this thing I don't know if you guys can
really see cuz it's kind of bright out
here right now but this thing's got some
sweet LED lights you get wallpaper on
this bitch
look at the back I'd have to say that
these two babes like this one versus
that one I like to talk total two ends
of the baby action mini looks like these
are for people that just want like super
easy cheap disposable pens like little
babes that they can just get a huge head
rush off of and then just throw in the
garbage when they're done with it and
those are for someone that would like
really like their flavors they have
these premium liquids that they use you
know what I mean like someone that's
like actually really into vaping let's
talk about the price difference yeah
that's important hundred dollar
difference here it's for a lot of people
that's a lot of money foot but in
reality for technology that is not huge
difference let's let's let's be honest
going from what you got here some
plastic to Sean
Cooper's of a beautiful-looking mod
right there let me say right away back
at the other two this kit right here is
probably like a hundred and ten dollars
and that does not include batteries your
charger juice all of that so when all is
said and done this thing would probably
be over $200 and those things they come
they come as they come you don't need to
fill them up you don't need to charge
them nothing you buy them and hit them
until they're dead here in Canada we
call this the vapor cocky cheers
yeah that's just walk girl so what like
I really like these because they have
the 7% like that's fucking amazing that
they have these available and for these
type of mods you cannot fill these with
salt and Nick don't fucking try new you
can use suburbs alts have you heard of
those no there's this new brand it's
called fresh pressed and they make sub
old salts it goes up to 18 milligrams
and like an 18 would taste like a 6 in
freebase yeah it's pretty cool that's
that is the one exception guys I don't
want to be seeing you guys putting the
mister soul with the 50 Nick's in your
tanks because you will die that's how
you do it right there but anyway
delicious I'm not worried about that we
should talk about that the low end of
the spectrum is actually the most
convenient believe it or not like you
think the more more money you spend the
more convenient would be but it's
basically the exact opposite like those
big mods are not very convenient to have
to fucking refill the tank to clean it
to change from oils these things you
don't your value come charged which is
nice you want to charge these things
they wanted to charge you can't your
buddy fill these things it's just one
piece it doesn't even have like a tank
on it it's all just one big piece and
you can hit three at once and you know
at that 200 Nick baby but for real
though if it was me and I was at the
store I would definitely buy this over
these just because it lasts longer it's
a more of a commitment that's for sure
when you buy that you're dedicated
easier going back to the store I need
I need another pod man 7% they got me
Nick fiendin so what I do honestly if
you have the money yeah I get both so I
rock the fucking high nicks and a nice
device which is the best I'd also say
that these things are a lot better for
quitting smoking because they're very
very similar to a cigarette we're low on
budget low budget way to go really I
mean how long have you had those things
for like if you actually they've done
one all day would it last longer than a
day yeah bro I've been vaping on these
horrible and they they're still going
which I'm surprised I'd say these lasts
at least a week or two depending on how
long you actually think about how much
cheaper that is it smoking cigarettes
there's somebody that's spending like
$10 a day you know what I mean
it's a lot cheaper and what turns a lot
of smokers off of vaping is all the
maintenance that these big mods have you
know what I mean
so something like these small little
vaporizing might really get somebody
into it because you literally just break
it from the packaging and it's ready to
there's no filling it up there's no
there's nothing it's like it's just like
with a cigarette you need a lighter with
these it's nothing and I think that's
really cool I think that it's awesome
that they'd make a device like that
because I I do think it's really perfect
for people that have never baked before
that want to get into it and want to
quit smoking I think it's a great first
step like a good starter kit you know
what any of yous also yo make sure you
guys get your merch Nate 4/20 calm look
at these shirts baby stay baked
everybody's got a cop one I'd say the
only con about those little babe so is
70 nick is a lot like for a lot of
people I feel like that's too much okay
they have other options but like
fortunately because I feel like I could
I couldn't talk on a 7 all day dude I
think I'd probably wait I can't even
lose and I'd be percent of my lung
capacity do another one so I'm scared to
be the videos man every time I fucking
almost always have a fucking Nick over -
cheers everybody
comment comment down below which mate
you guys like better
what you guys know let us know what you
guys what vape you're rockin what juice
and what vape you would buy this one 110
for the 10 come back for seconds boys
what would you buy you know and by the
way I just dropped the new video with my
boy Nate you guys should go check that
out it's called all the breeze 2 versus
a small cord very informative very
educational which I doubt the boy leaves
ghosts do like I said that very
educational we are actually filming this
on my phone - that's right this is the I
guess you guys can see the camera I use
check it out this is the camera you guys
have all been seeing the videos through
it really all depends on the lighting
weather which camera's gonna want to use
because the iPhone 10 is kind of sexy we
are literally right outside of the beep
shop I worked at right now which is kind
of funny true we just got out of the
vape shop this fucking lid I took some
footage I'll probably use it in the
video I'm not sure a little bit of extra
clips for the boys man that's what
everybody always says and always like
man longer videos maybe I can watch a
little TV episode of this shit come on
okay now you update the triple need I'm
not doing it again
I just did it twice okay wait a sec I
think I need to go buy a fucking four
liter of water from the gas station and
just chug it dude yeah I got a major
carton off right now you could say
though just say that it's not it's not
weed okay guys this is a kid see juice I
swear oh it's it's just babies bro just
vape juice
why do things get clogged so easily man
yo YouTube's actually crazy about this
shit they actually detect every video
with weed now it doesn't matter even if
it's a vape video and I take a bong
route so detective they got the ball
scanners they got how like standing
football I like this guy's it's not like
YouTube sitting there watching my videos
there's no way maybe they I don't see it
so that's just fucking hates us my
videos get age restricted within the
first week uh not even first couple of
days that's weird is our fucking video
with Chris and Louie hasn't got it
restricted yet under the radar
it's fly it low and didn't either
the thing is though is like the reason
we don't like our videos getting age
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want kids watching them or algorithm
that YouTube yeah it's all great them
and also it has to do with the fact that
a lot of people that watch YouTube do
not have account and when you have to
sign in just to watch a video people are
like too much work and then it totally
fucks it up it gets you off the
recommended it's like what we're trying
to do is we're trying to make vaping up
here and we're trying to get cigarettes
fucking way down there and how is goes
to man are we supposed to do that stay
lifted stay happy stay baked I should
cut it right here before we get to 11
minutes I love y'all peace out stay
tuned boys we got more bangers on the