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Researchers Is Not Sure About Vaping-Related Illnesses

7 Tips on How to Hide Your Vaping Equipment from Teachers and Parents

I'm gonna be showing you guys my seven favorite spots
to hide a vape basically this is a very
highly requested video a lot of people
have been asking me where is a good spot
that I can hide my vape just in case and
just to make it clear I do not condone
any minors vaping this is not what this
video is about this is for adults only
so yeah that's good let's just make that
clear let's start off with the first
item that you guys can hide your vape
soon now this one is definitely for
smaller babes but you can hide your
baits inside glasses case very easily if
you already have glasses and this is
perfect for you you can fit your jewel
or any kind of POD device will easily
fit in there a breeze you know whatever
it may be it'll fit perfectly inside a
glasses case on the other hand I this
will not wait will it no it will yo-yo
that's proof alright yo you know if you
really wanted to you could fit a fucking
mod in there I didn't even think that
would actually fit to be honest I'm
shocked ok so that's the first sight of
you guys behind your things in glasses
case very easily BOM alright
the next item let's move on this is
definitely another place for smaller
things this case works perfect for the
jewel pod devices and this is perfect
for hiding it inside your house you
just easily put it on the shelf with all
your other games and only you know which
game it is that has your goodies so yeah
that is the second spot that you guys
can hide your things in really good one
a lot of my friends used to use it so I
recommend it and yeah make sure you use
a game that nobody uses in the house or
a movie or something that nobody watches
so yeah it's perfect the third item
again for smaller babes this is there's
gonna be some things for bigger babes
but just just wait alright this is the
third item deodorant stick now a lot of
people know this a lot of people don't
so I'm gonna show you what you can do
with this basically scroll it up get the
stick out my scrolling through Italy
okay so basically you just push out the
deodorant stick all the way or just a
mouth that you can grab it and pull it
out like so very nicely comes out very
smoothly and then just basically scroll
this thing to the bottom like so and now
you have enough room to fit whatever it
may be this fits perfectly in there you
scroll it down more but yeah deodorant
stick that is the third thing you guys
can use now um this works a lot better
for like weed and shit but it works for
vapes too as you can see the thing is is
you cannot stick this back in I wouldn't
even try because you'll just end up
destroying the deodorant and your vape
so this one honestly is probably the
worst one on the list but I just had to
throw it in there because
you gotta have more items on the list
for one and two it might work for
someone so throw it on there all right
let's get into the fourth item which is
going to be in my room so we're gonna
change the setting let's get over to my
room boom you already know the fourth
item is the bed
alright so easy spot you guys can hide
your shit right here you lift the
mattress put it in between wherever it
may be
probably deeper in so that you know so
less obvious but another supplier you
can hide it in your mattress what you
can do is you can cut into the box and
then you can have a little scene where
all your shit is yeah I mean if you
don't if you really wanted to do it you
can but I wouldn't recommend cutting a
hole into your mattress or into your box
so it's up to you the next thing in high
your vase inside is a pillowcase and
your pillow usually the one that you use
at night would be preferred so that when
you're sleeping on it at night it's all
safe and under your head and you know
that nobody's gonna try to take your
shit so yeah it's a perfect spot under
your pillowcase or in the box
alright so we got two more spots to get
into and I don't actually have the
things with me but I'm just gonna
describe to you guys and show you guys
pictures so basically the sixth place
that you guys can hide your shit in is a
book and I'll show an image on screen
right now basically what you can do is
you can cut into the book into the pages
in the middle a nice little square and
cut it nice and deep so that you have a
spot where you can hide all your shit in
between that book and it works really
great it's honestly it's
it's a good fucking strategy but it does
take a lot of time
it's a bitch I did it I did it back in
high school myself um forget what it was
oh yeah I was hiding a vape so it was
like a little fucking those little ecig
babe things but you know that would
those were the those were the things
back in the day the ones that look like
the actual cigarettes those were a lot
easier to hide to be honest but yeah I I
did try that back in high school it was
pretty fucking it was wack honestly it
was such a bitch to cut into all the
pages and then I only ended up using it
like once or twice so it was such a
waste of time so anyway Cheers
really bro come on jewel or you got to
do me like that
got the watermelon pod it's so nice it's
like it's like the cucumber but it's
sweeter it's nice I actually enjoyed the
watermelon pod a lot more it's not a
jewel part it's a fake pod by the way
people probably wondering like
watermelons not even a jewel flavor it's
a it's a fake pod so we have the last
spot number seven let's get into it the
last spot you guys can hide your vape or
whatever it may be is a teddy bear it's
a very very good spot I don't have any
of these at home because I'm a grown-ass
man now I used to have teddy bears but
you can pick one up from the store you
know and just basically cut a little
seam into it obviously it's just hide
your little vape inside there make sure
you take your batteries out and shit and
because you don't want that thing going
off inside a teddy bear I'd imagine
that's not very safe so yeah make sure
you take your batteries out um or your
pods why is this thing not hitting bell
fuck Jul dude these guys are trash
all right so that's a seven spot teddy
bear that's all the spots I have really
let me know in the comments if you guys
have any more hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you did drop a like subscribe
if you're new stay lifted stay happy
stay baked that's the motto peace out
everybody alright guys so we're on the
last one now number seven before I get
into the last one I'm gonna take a hit
off on my dab cart Cheers
rockin the pineapple right now it's too
dark to even focus on that
cheers everybody
it's dead that's retarded


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