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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Review of The Drizzle Fit Mini Vape Great for Beginners

hey everyone this is Tristan from
alt-tab dot me and today I am bringing
you a review of the jurors will fit by
vapor s oh this is a lot different than
the last vapor s o Lux kit that I showed
you this is a direct to lung and a mouth
to lung vaping experience mostly its
mouth to lung with the ability to adapt
like the GT mesh coils and other tanks
because the mod itself can go up to 40
watts now before I get into all the
details and stuff like that of course we
got to take a look you know me I know
you let's just do that here we go so
here it is the drizzle fit by a
paresseux this is your packaging explore
the possibilities so let's explore so
there it is the drizzle threaten all its
glory it's got your mod here with a
built in battery
you got your one button that's it and
then an LED indicator and this is raised
for your thinking and this is where you
charge it and it has quick charging yeh
quick charging who doesn't like with
charging I like with charging here is
your tank you are tanks cruising just
like this easy peasy
see what else it comes with comes with
extra o rings it comes with glass and it
also comes with an extra coil this is
your standard coil not AC sell coil and
it comes with a charger and your
warranty card and your instruction
manual like normal which we always
ignore because we are just too smart for
them or we just like the fumble around
because why not so to turn this on you
just go one two three four five I just
turned it off it was on
but one two three four five turns it on
and as you can see there's different
color indicators so if you go one two
three red is the lowest wattage I
believe it's seven green is the middle
wattage and blue is the highest wattage
so those are the presets now it
automatically figures out your
resistance of your coil and you can
attach other tanks to this because this
will go all the way up woah kick it it
will go all the way up to 40 watts so
you can put your GT mesh coils and stuff
like that on there hi cat yes okay
that's alright we just got really really
bright in here
oh alright there we go so here's your
tank let's take a look at this okay okay
it has an adjustable airflow for mouth
to lung and directl on vaping so here it
is you just twist this off and it closes
and then it opens so you can get a
pretty open draw and a very tight draw
it's only on one side this does come off
not sure why you'd want to but it does
come off maybe to clean it and then on
the inside let me see if I can get this
to take the brightness down a little bit
there you and when you open it up here
there is your coil this is the tiniest
coil I have ever seen look at this
little guy look it's so small such a
tiny coil so this is a 8 9 to 13 watt
coil at 1.30 ohms and this is the EUC
ceramic coil so as you can see inside
there there is a ceramic on the inside
with some cotton on the outside so yeah
so this is supposed to give you a really
nice direct along vaping experience with
this tank you can also put other tanks
onto it
which is great but this specific tank is
supposed to be great for direct along
with the different types of wattage so
you can get different types of heat and
the ceramic coils obviously you know I'm
a big fan so let's show you the top fill
and we will just fill that up right now
screw it comes open like that and we
will just pour it into the signs easy
squeezy you just put your top back on
and we're all set so once you decide to
prime it by pulling on it and stuff like
that which I'll show you up above you
are pretty much all set to vape
these come in different colors and I'll
also show you that up top but yes these
are the vapor s so drizzle fits and
let's take a deeper look and let me give
me my impressions up above right now so
yeah here it is
the drizzle fit I wanted to correct
something that I set down below I wrote
it down the green light is 13 watts the
blue light is nine watts and the orange
light is seven watts
so those are the three different
settings that you can have for the coils
that come with this the little ceramic
one and the standard one the EUC ones
that's what they're calling them and you
can then put a tank on here and it will
automatically adjust to the the ohms of
that tank so if it's a 40 watt coil it
will allow you to go all the way up to
40 watts so you can put like the GT mesh
coils on here which is really cool
duty mesh coils are actually the ones
that I use on a regular basis right now
so I highly recommend those and you this
is the drill of it it's tiny like really
tiny super tiny and I like it it's a
single button mod battery included and
it's great for direct
so let's show you how that works I'm
gonna tighten this airflow down down
below I told you I needed to prime it
priming it means that you put the juice
in there but then you do this
I'm not hitting any buttons I'm just
pulling air through it so that the
liquid is essentially saturating the
cotton so now that the the device has
been primed it's already primed I just
wanted to show you we're gonna turn it
on and we're going to go to let's see
we'll start at the lowest we'll go with
7 watts so 5 times turns it on and then
1 2 3 and so now our orange so 7 watts
here we go
besides you shouldn't see it is a mouth
to lung vaping experience and then let's
go to 9 watts one two three nine ones
green no okay it jumps to 13 watts for
some reason and then it will go to nine
eleven so we're at 13 months now as you
can see a little bit more vapor
production those see cell coils always
good flavor so I highly recommend those
in any type of threat to lung you know
pod type thing like this even though
this isn't a pod system I would kind of
put it in the same category although it
does give a little bit more vapor it
holds the juice maybe a little bit more
but not really and it's very tiny so
those to me are pod babes but it's also
like those mini ones like the vapor I so
target and some of the other ones I
reviewed in the past where it's just a
little tiny mod which I always I like
these little tiny mods
let's try 9 okay so we're at blue which
is 9 watts and here we go
good flavor now because it's a lower
wattage of because you're using those C
cell coils the flavor is gonna be a
little bit less intense it doesn't heat
it up as much and so it's more of a what
your flavor is you're going to taste it
very raw my cats are jumping all over
the place so if you hear like dude
that's my guest and so it's a little
less of a warm apple pie cooked in the
oven flavor and more of like these are
the apples this is the crust and that
kind of thing so if you're into that
kind of flavor this would be good for
you plus the C cell coils lasts forever
forever I've had a C cell coil miss for
two weeks now and it's still it's still
going strong like the flavor has been
consistent the whole time these C cell
coils are just they're awesome the way
they heat up and the way that they
evenly heat and the fact that they don't
really burn the cotton you get a lot
more life out of these C cell coils so C
cell coils by the way are just ceramic
coils instead of metal there might be
metal on the inside I don't remember but
they are ceramic on the outside so
that's that's some the more you know now
let me open up the airflow here and
let's see how that goes so this is full
wide open and here's a baby
see now I can do a little bit more
direct along with that because there's a
lot more airflow I'm gonna show you that
again without doing like multiple puffs
on it watch one puff good vapor
production direct alum so you kind of
get both things going on here
now these coils are so tiny they're so
tiny that the flavor I'm telling you is
just a little bit on the muted side it's
a little light it's not gonna kick you
with flavor so if you're looking for
something that gives you a good vapor
production gives you the ability to
close down and get that direct to lung
and mouth to lung vaping experience and
flavor is not as important to you as it
is that you just want your nicotine you
just want a small device that you can
carry with you that you can use all the
this might be the mic hands are crazy
this might be the vape for you it is
easy to carry the batteries of 1400
milliamp battery so it's going to last
you all day especially on the wattage of
this the fact that you can put a 40 watt
up to a 40 watt coil up on here with
another tank is a great little plus and
it's just really fun to hold it feels
really good in the hand it will fit
anywhere and it's simple to use there's
no screens there's no craziness it's
just one two three one two three one two
three or one two three four five to turn
it off
so simple easy peasy it's got quick
charging and it comes in cool colors as
you can see there's all these different
colors that it comes with
they are super cool so you have lots of
choice you can do lots of different
things depending on what you like I
personally like this one I also like the
speckled paint ones but yeah it's it's a
very simple vape it's very straight to
the point you should be able to pick it
up right away so if you're looking for
something that's not the flavor King but
works well has the C cell coils and it's
easy to travel with and you want that
direct to I'm sorry you want that
to long experience this might be
something you look into guy said it's
your money you spend it the way you want
to so if you ever have a chance to try
these things out at a vape shop or
something highly suggest testing them
out before you actually go through with
purchasing them so that you make the
intelligent decision for your wallet so
yeah thanks for watching and this has
been the review of the vapor a so if you
haven't subscribed please subscribe if
people have any more questions or
comments please feel free to leave them
in the comments below I'm always
replying to any questions you may have
anything I may have missed and thanks
for watching guys and I'll see ya next


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