A Closer Look at Michigan's E-Cigarette Ban

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governor Gretchen Whitmer announced in
Michigan Wednesday that we would become
the first state in the u.s. to ban the
sale of flavored cigarettes the band
gives sellers 30 days to comply and it
will go for six months until it's needed
it will need renewal in six months if
they want to continue the ban so
Governor Whitmer's cited the products
appealed to kids along with misleading
marketing saying she wants of heaping
products to come with a surgeon
general's warning much like cigarettes
but she's not waiting for the feds to
act so they're saying it you know
basically they were using candy flavors
and and marketing gimmicks like Joe
Camel type stuff to market to the kids I
know that it's been at least a year
since I first heard of high school and
in some cases I would suppose middle
school parking lots littered with the
little cartridges once they're spent
much like a cigarette fire the American
vaping Association meanwhile called
Whitmer's executive move a shameless
attempt at backdoor proably
prohibition that was their phrase I'm
quoting a shameless attempt at backdoor
Prohibition the AVP believes the ban AVP
being the American vaping Association
they believe the ban will close several
hundred small businesses and tens of
thousands of ex-smokers back to
traditional cigarettes and create a
massive black market for the products
that are banned again this is the
governor's executive action this isn't
something that the voters voted yes or
no on or the lawmakers voted yes or no
on this is her as the state's executive
basically saying boom mic drop this is
happening thirty days to comply paper
retailers take them off the shelves and
we're specifically talking about the
ones that are fruity or minty not
tobacco flavor they're they look like
candy the unicorn or apple candy King
candy King different flavors it
obviously looks like something that a
kid would like an lol one of those or a
kinder egg but in this case it's
actually vaping products according to a
CDC report e-cigarette use among high
schoolers increased 78% during 2017 to
2018 so it's not even the current year
that was two years ago and last year
these cigarette products are available
in flavors that are believed to appeal
to youth as I showed you just just now
the ecig giant Joule labs facing several
state and federal investigation into its
marketing and sales practices jewel
executives repeatedly claimed their
products are designed for adult smokers
seeking a safer alternative to
traditional tobacco fired cigarettes a
congressional report presented in July
found that Jul spent more than two
hundred thousand dollars sponsoring
programs in schools meant to convey its
messaging directly to teenage children
as part of Jule's youth prevention and
education effort the company paid 134
grand to set up a five-week summer camp
in which the stated goal teaching kids
healthy lifestyles the report said
so the company reportedly offered
schools nationwide ten grand for the
opportunity to talk to students in front
of in classrooms her after school if you
saw the movie thank you for smoking
that's exactly what a tobacco lobbyist
does he goes to his son's school and
says maybe cigarettes aren't so bad
after all
yes so that's that's what a lot of
people are saying they're saying oh well
they can brand this as talking about the
dangers of vaping but it does sort of
it's it's very similar to Big Tobacco
tactics from back in the day that's what
a lot of people are saying yeah well and
and there's a lot of boiling going into
a lot of rooms here I mean it turns out
that big sugar they were the ones that
who were fronting the whole fat is bad
for you low fat fat fat this low fat
that and whole fat well it turns out
sugars actually the culprit that's bad
for you and we're only now figuring this
out like 50 years later and there's a
lot of sugar in fast food and fast food
places call people who go to them a lot
heavy users much in the same way as a
drug addict or a nicotine addict or an
alcohol addict fast food says the people
that come to us most often we call them
a heavy user inside the business so it's
sort of all in the same realm the report
also found that Jule recruited celebrity
influencers to market their products and
social media basically you could rent
the movie thank you for smoking it stars
Aaron Eckhart as a tobacco lobbyist in
Washington DC one of the merchants of
death or Mod Squad the others being
alcohol and Firearms immerses
mercilessly wicked satire of the way the
power levers are pulled and the cogs of
legislation turn it's just a crate movie
it's I know it's 14 years old but I just
watched it again the other day and man
oh man what a flick you can take out
tobacco and put in vaping or each
cigarettes in place of it and you can
get the idea of where we're at right now
kind of back in in Michael Mann
territory the Al Pacino movie portraying
60 minutes the whistleblower case e
cigarettes are less harmful than
traditional cigarettes they contain
fewer toxic chemicals nicotine a toxic
substance is the primary agent in both
ecigs and traditional cigarettes
cigarettes ecigs give users the ability
to get a greater hit of nicotine than
with traditional cigarettes
we have 5 vaping facts you need to know
on click on is that what people search
five-date vaping facts you need to know
yeah that and that article hopkins
medicine org ok ok so just recently as
of August 27th there were 215 cases
nationwide of severe respiratory illness
that officials believe is associated
with vaping according to the CDC
some of these patients are on oxygen
support nausea vomiting diarrhea fatigue
weight loss 6 cases of illness here in
Michigan two deaths according to
officials most of the patients are in
their late teens and 20s with no
underlying health issues the only thing
that they have in common is vaping New
York health officials said Thursday the
compound called vitamin E acetate may be
causing the illnesses so the compound
was found in cannabis containing product
samples that were submitted by tape by
patients for testing New York health
officials again urged against using
unregulated products purchased off the
cannabis containing products are not
legally available in New York for
recreational use yes so here's what I
think is interesting about this
this mysterious vaping illness is
something it's it's it's uh it has to do
with cannabis containing products which
is not what Michigan's ban is about
right however health officials believe
that it's it's coming from products that
were bought on the street unregulated
products and so a ban you know would
like the American vaping Association
says create a sort of black market for
these products which well and you know
not to be cynical about it but you know
even the most average minded person can
can see that there is certainly a Trojan
horse aspect to this which is okay we've
got all these illnesses what a great
excuse a reason to go after big vape if
you will to protect our kids from
starting vaping starting using joules or
whatever yeah you know all it's you've
got the Trojan horse of vaping illnesses
linked to cannabis off the street kind
of stuff but a you know hiding inside
let's let's protect the kids by banning
all these fruity ones right I mean it
doesn't take a genius figure out there's
probably a meeting about that so it's up
to you to decide for yourselves that's
why we live in a free country so keep
the conversation going online here we'll
keep the thread live the live stream
going so if any of you want to have a
back and forth you can do that obviously
this will archive so you can always add
to the conversation after the fact so
the this has been your midday roundup