A Cop's View On Flavor Ban For E-Cigarettes

what's up guys Mike the cop cue the
angry white guy ranting in a car cuz
that's not old but in my case today it's
literally the only place and the only
means I have of making a video and I
came across the news of my home state of
Michigan banning flavored ecig stuff
vaping but just the flavored stuff not
the flavorless stuff I don't know I'm
not a vapor I have no I have no skin in
the game I'm I don't vape primarily
because I'm a raging heterosexual oh and
because you know I don't know I would
assume that inhaling copious amounts of
anything that's not the air that I
breathe into my lungs is probably a
really stupid idea but but I totally
respect the right of people to vape if
that's what they wanna do cuz it's not
bothering me
although separate discussion I would
really like that not to impact my health
insurance race so here in my home state
of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitner
who ran literally on a campaign to quote
fix the damn roads has now decided that
what's really important according to her
is our children's safety
so you made an emergency ban that will
go into effect in a few weeks on
flavored ecigs because it could be
dangerous to your lungs but you didn't
do a ban on cigarettes that have
additional taxes but that's none of my
oh wait it is I pay taxes I warn you
angry rant and this is starting maybe in
Michigan but even President Trump who
everybody mistakes me as like some magic
raisi person just because I have a
conservative common-sense viewpoint on a
lot of things politically impractically
but I don't just cheer on blanketly
a person I think about policies and
now the Trump administration is talking
about following suit with Michigan's
lead and and doing these bans nationwide
and in combating this why because 450
cases of some lung disease have shown up
six deaths have happened with this
particular lung issue that Health and
Human Services has not definitively
connected to this and six people in
Michigan are hospitalized so because of
that I mean we don't have any other
medical conditions attributed to anybody
putting anything into their body that
might need our attention more than
little grape flavored jewel I don't
think a lot of people realize that many
cops like myself don't like all of the
laws that are enacted in this country or
even in our jurisdiction it's not our
role to make those and thank God we have
discretion in a lot of areas on where
and how we enforce some of these things
I think that is necessary for good law
enforcement is to have a wide berth of
discretion however in this case I
definitely disagree with this law it's
not really a law I'm not gonna get into
that but right now it's basically an
emergency declaration and they'll be
able to enforce it on some level for six
months and then they can reach up for
another six months but beyond that it
would have to go through all of the
normal legislative process so if it
became law locally nationally whatever I
think it's nonsense and I think it's
nonsense for a couple of reasons not the
least of which is just political
posturing it's like when you can't focus
on real solutions to real problems then
what you do is you start you know
fiddling with wires or tinkering with
something over here and be like oh look
look at me I'm helping I'm doing
something but you're not addressing
bigger issues and I'm not saying these
things are mutually exclusive I'm not
saying it's not important to think
how we we tried to promote health and
human safety as a society I'm not saying
that but what I'm saying is an example
of Michigan is you run on a platform of
better appropriation of finances and
fixing some of the worst roads in the
nation and because you can't do that
because you over-promised and cannot
deliver or you refuse to deliver a
solution that's practical you do
something else just to say look see what
see what kind of good things I'm doing
and it ends up being all about politics
and looking good and optics and not
truly about anything that's beneficial
secondly is stupid because it's not
about health it's about money if the
governor of Michigan or if whoever at
the FDA and Health and Human Services or
Centers for Disease Control if any of
those people were truly concerned about
this specific flavored vaping being some
critical issue to our health or to the
health of our children why would we not
do something about substances
we're 1000% positive have a health
why not ban those if if this is about a
moral stance on health and the safety of
children why aren't governors or why
isn't the Trump administration saying we
we are not going to accept tax dollars
anymore from alcohol or tobacco nothing
at all because that's bad for you it's
hurting the lives of people it's
separating families when one person dies
from lung cancer and another person
lives to have to deal with it or this
this 16 year old kid is inhaling tobacco
and nicotine and it's hard and it's
hurting their lungs or whatever how come
we're ok with taking the money from that
while making it sound like we're saving
the world from like strawberry vape
lastly I think it's a terrible idea and
I'm sure there's more reasons I'm just
giving you a few ranting here
I think it's a violation of the
principles that that we live by in the
pursuit of freedom living as a free
people I think that the framers of our
constitutional republic were basically
operating under the principle that each
of us have this god-given right to life
liberty and the pursuit of happiness man
like if I'm not stopping you from doing
something and what you're doing isn't
interfering in my ability to do that
what's the issue did we not learn this
lesson in prohibition I mean what wasn't
that a pretty definitive exercise in
engaging in this type of legislative
behavior and this is what I'm talking
about when I talk about being principled
when it comes to you know law
enforcement political ideology your
approach to life you have to you have to
base it on principles and not people
because while I think that our president
has done a great job in so many areas
for him to back this concept is a
violation of the very principles that
people are supposedly getting behind him
on it Scott it's inherently
contradictory and I can't I can't
support it well Mike as a law
enforcement officer you enforce all
these drug laws well be careful what
you're saying you hey you don't know my
career my history and what I have
enforced and what I haven't enforced so
you kind of make yourself look stupid if
you make all kinds of assumptions about
Who I am and what I've done or how I've
lived as a cop cuz you don't know but
that being said I actually think most
drugs should be legal I believe heavily
in personal responsibility I think that
if you commit crimes under the influence
of drugs those penalties should be
severely enhanced because of that but
that's another conversation I'm not
gonna go down to the drug legalization
path because that's not necessarily what
this is about
it's related though so it could be a
good topic for the future maybe an open
discussion a live stream or something
like that answer your questions and what
I think about the solutions to some of
this drug issue and
opioid crisis is and all that stuff but
for now the bottom line is this vape
thing is dumb
I mean vaping is dumb but stopping
vaping is also dumb so Cheers good day