A New Political War On Vaping This Is Unfair

Tobacco flavors cigarettes their
manufacturers would by may 2025 to file
for approval
what does that mean we are so
mysterious vaping related illness is
causing a third after sickening several
people in more than two dozen states so
nearly three dozen people in Illinois
Minnesota and Wisconsin have been
hospitalized recently after vaping some
of those patients have been diagnosed
with severe lung disease this is just
another warning about the dangers of
e-cigarette we're finally starting to
see some serious harmful effects of this
cigarette use recently with these
hundreds of cases of serious pulmonary
disease that have surfaced across the
United States and what they find is that
that all the patients had a history of
vaping recently they come in different
flavors I mean this is like cigarettes
all over again
so the Trump administration is now
moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes why
concern for children and as I understand
it has we've been on the air president
said Trump said there's a really big
problem here and then his Secretary of
HHS mr. azar said we're gonna move to
ban them they're coming home and they're
saying mom I want to vape Michigan will
become the first state in the nation to
ban flavored cigarettes and vaping
products my chief medical officer this
week said we have a public health crisis
and so I'm using my executive authority
as governor to order the Department of
Health and Human Services to ban
e-cigarettes of the flavored East
cigarettes people are dying
an update let's see I'm tired okay
I'm drained I'm getting fat per day I
mentioned I was tired it's been a long
time man
okay we get me a diet coke so are we
wrapping it up Yemen we wrap it up this
is uh this gone at the beginning of the
video so it's going at the beginning of
the video at the beginning of the video
alright so the video that you're about
to watch is a compilation of clips that
hopefully encapsulate the the essence of
what it was like to be a consumer a
business owner a stakeholder in this
industry as you guys know over the past
two months it's been freaking crazy
we just got back from DC which was
awesome it was beautiful to see all
those people there I think we really
made a difference but guys I'm gonna be
honest with you and you're gonna see
this in the video there's a lot that's
happened between what you just saw and
now and to be honest it's it's rough
it's hot we're going through hard times
technology forces going through hard
times we wouldn't have been able to make
this trip to go to DC to make this video
without a sponsor on this video so we do
have a sponsor today and that is
juicehead and you guys know about few
same guys I've talked about it on this
channel a million times the juice is
good but here's the thing about good
juice there's a lot of it out there okay
but juicehead these guys they were there
in Washington DC fighting for your right
to vape they wanted to help us tell this
story they wanted to make sure that we
were there to fight and so they wanted
to sponsor this video I was like okay
thank you other than just sponsoring our
video they're also doing all kinds of
other things that that is really helpful
for the industry and its companies like
that that whenever you go to spend money
on bait products you need to keep that
in mind who who's actually who's
actually out there that is who can who's
concerned about me a lot of juice
companies you go buy their juice they're
just gonna go buy lambo and then
whenever this all goes to hell they're
not gonna care about you they're just
gonna cash out
run did you say during this for the long
run and yeah I think thanks to them for
sponsoring the video I'm alright doll
yeah yeah they're they're awesome but
yeah guys this video I hope it's good I
hope you like it and I mean I hope a lot
of people see it I hope it makes a
difference this order prohibits the sale
of all devices all non-flavored and
flavored bacon products and pudding then
- menthol and all THC marijuana baking
products and accountable case is
important not only for e-cigarettes may
be price this reason the four month
prohibition this will all baby cries
Department we can all go board to health
working with law enforcement will be
charged with enforcing this ban
of declaring whose public health
emergency because medical and disease
control experts i've been tracking a
rapidly increasing number the vaping
related illnesses that in some cases we
as a commonwealth even pause sales in
order for our medical experts to collect
more information what is
we also need to better understand the
inherent dangers but they've been both
nicotine under all this information
that was massachusetts do you do you
know how to turn it off to where we
can't ship it there yeah that was
everything but yeah yeah they said
nothing no hardware I wasn't just eat
you know it was that was hard everything
a thing like immediate yeah no no
batteries nothing
no coils no coils the orders that we've
already received they're going to
Massachusetts do we have to stop them
I would assume that if they already paid
for their orders and it's effective like
tomorrow or something they've already
paid for them I feel like they should be
able to receive their orders say
anything about online sales I think but
I don't think he specifically said that
he said sales in Massachusetts so I
think that still affects nobody in
Massachusetts basically can purchase it
regardless of where they get it from
they've already purchased it and it's
already on their way to get it you know
shoot us in the back - yeah I don't
another gonna be doing the raids like
based on what he's saying like what the
cops is effective immediately right it's
effective immediately all vape shops are
out of business shit how they gonna
enforce that yeah yeah 20 cities the
local authorities will be enforcing that
law so I'm assuming that means that
they'll take in you know right people
our raid or whatever and just go in and
bust everything from the city of Quincy
and after I ask you a question do you
sell any vapor products are you gonna
have to remove them all from the shelves
this store in Quincy was one of the few
to still be stocking vaping products but
the clerk quickly complied with the
inspectors direction this is a scene
playing out across this city and the
Commonwealth the State Department of
Public Health is relying on local health
officials to enforce this ban if
retailers fail to comply they could be
subject to fines up to $1,000 per item
per sale if the governor
has the ability to say vaping is banned
and the next thing you know cops are
going in vape shops and confiscating
we're so screwed every state every state
that can happen
some do you think should we yeah
tell me what you just taught first those
are done
the kids just look at the string
sells it down 52% from last week and
then last week goes down like 30 percent
of that number 2600 you know we made
that in a day or whatever I think that
might sounds well a lot like a lot to
some people but how many employees do we
have we have four locations that were
paying thousands of thousands of dollars
a month saying ranch look here look with
Austin here show me what store what
which one has been affected the most
which ones have though the furthest draw
corners end of most drum so far oh I
think you you're a smart guy you
probably know this but that's a 50% drop
we can't we can't continue operating as
normal you know we can make our best
option is just to our losses that corn
and try to stay afloat with what we've
just without that story I think it's our
best option just to close out port focus
on what we have
besides you know there's more Kevin I
completely take all our name is Laurie
from Elkhorn dispensing from there visit
the online store to Kansas City that way
we're not in the hole anymore
I can't believe we're gonna have to
close this store because it is
just keep back and try to keep
the rest of our operation going as long
as we possibly can flap to the bitter
I'm not gonna give up just continue to
get some hugs out there and what you see
here is not what's causing people to get
sick how long you been doing it six
years I've been a forward for five such
you started a business so couple only
five and a half I myself worked a long
time in a industry that the government
basically shut down cost me my job in
2000 where it was it was 2015 that cost
me my job
and now that the inlines kind of gotten
into something else too we can make a
living without going into the coal mines
and things the government's trying to
take this job so what can you get into
well can you get into that the
government don't want to shut down yeah
Elkhorn was our lowest-performing store
when you have a big drop-off of business
at your lowest performing store usually
it can handle that but the thing that
sucks is that elk alarms a small town
there's not a lot of people there but
the people who wanted to quit smoking
with vaping in that town
one option and it was mountain papers
they still can get base stuff they have
to order online or they have to drive an
hour to Pikeville to get it but now all
they're left with is two or three
convenience stores that sell marlboro
lights Marlboros camels
and it's all because of the media it's
all because of the negative press and
the people losing their faith in the
vapor technology it's not because we did
bad it was our lowest-performing store
but it was still enough to keep us in
business we had employees we paid the
because of what's going on the people of
Elkhorn lost their easiest access point
to a 95 % safer alternative to smoking
which in the city of Elkhorn and in
Kentucky in general smoking is a huge
problem it's like the leading cause of
you guys see what's happening it's
the people are losing their faith in
paper products because that because of
stuff like this that when you get on
Facebook you see lung illnesses killing
people because of it that's all you see
at face value if you don't look into it
that means what what would you do if you
saw that you didn't work in a vape shop
you just baked you just use just a
casual there yeah and you saw that what
would you do that's pretty freaked out
so yeah honestly if I see some if I see
like a reputable thing come out and say
like if a thing is causing lung
illnesses and stuff like that I mean
honestly if I didn't click on it and
read it how it probably just get scared
and probably you know the and there are
articles out there in our favor there's
like you know a couple places that have
came out and been like it's it's the THC
vapes that are doing this but people
aren't clicking on those people aren't
sharing those they're sharing scary
stuff you know it does the scarier the
better I think we need to when customers
come in we don't need to ask them if
they've seen it but if they ask us about
it I mean to redirect it change their
mind telling the truth there's more
people in our email list that coming
this didn't come in the store so we need
to do it all yeah there's going to be
people that come into our stores to ask
questions and hopefully hopefully they
don't just a lien ain't us when people
come in and they they will be concerned
you tell them exactly what's going on
and I want to do a YouTube video hey
guys welcome back to the channel I know
this is really different what's going on
right now the vast majority of the
evidence that we have now points to
illicit black-market illegal THC
cartridges being the culprit here I hope
that I'm heard loud and clear by you
guys when I say that the Royal College
of Physicians in the United Kingdom
still believes that vaping is 95 percent
safer than smoking the products that we
have at our stores and the products that
you're used to using nicotine vaping
they're made in a lab and they've been
regulated by the FDA since 2017 vaping
is not killing people it's illicit
street drugs that's what's causing the
panic please don't be scared into going
back to traditional tobacco cigarettes
because of all this and I know a lot of
people are probably going to get upset
with this because I'm not going to make
the title of the video
vaping actually saves lives you dumbass
I'm gonna make it scary I'm gonna make
the thumbnail like me like holding my
chest or something and make the title
like vaping killed me because that
honestly and then once they're in there
it's different than an article right
people actually watch the videos once
they're in there we we tell the truth I
mean dude just call around that's the
easiest thing to do this buggy way oh
there we hey what's okay
we want to fuckin do something and I
know you suck and you always say no to
everything we want to do but basically
we need your approval because you do our
schedule so we want
November what is it it's it's a it's a
paper alley in DC where some reason I
care about my job I don't know it's
crazy talk you know what I mean but I
care about my job so like pays my bills
a little bit you know so I would like to
go there like I don't know support it it
pays your bills to basically what are
you doing if we can get this then be
good then you realize that we have some
money and we can help pay hey I think I
think we need to go to this man like
well first we need we need to get some
footage like it'd be good content but
secondly I'm pretty sure we can probably
get somebody to help us you know like I
sponsors I'm like glad to help us go
yeah all right you want to go I mean
yeah once another ones he's not
recording anything nor maybe we was
gonna do a juice review and maybe was
scrolling through Facebook and just
maybe we saw something that we wanted to
go to and we're calling you because
you're a boss and you help support this
the UVA vapors Alliance it's just
basically going there to get our voices
heard it's like a protest but not really
perfect you know you know like when we
was a toilet and everything and they
were saying we're BOTS this is a show
we're not that we're not fucking box and
we're just gonna go there and we're
gonna be like hey
here we fuck here we fucking Homer
what's up November than not from 12 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
what do you got going on I know but if
this goes good and everything goes as
planned and this is huge then it's going
to help the industry people is going to
actually see people walking by will
actually say like well these people like
we care it will probably get news
coverage you know and then probably
there will probably be a lot of
youtubers there and they'll also let it
on put it on their channel and he'll
show people I hate these are people that
are for vaping here's the story the
clips the clips right in front of the
wall have the White House lips
dude let's do it let's do it I think so
I'm I'm on board let's let's fucking do
it man all right
this is we only afford one room so we
just we were arrived at DC the exact
same time as Donald Trump and when we
were getting off our plane and Donald
Trump was getting off his plane no news
reporters were talking to us but they
was talking to Donald Trump and guess
what he said what he said guess what he
said here roll the clip we have to take
care of our kids most importantly so
we're gonna have an age limit of 21 or
so but we'll be coming out with
something next week very important in
vaping we have a lot of people to look
at including jobs frankly because you
know it's become a pretty big industry
but we're gonna take care of doubt
there's also you know when you mentioned
vaping you're talking about e-cigarettes
you're talking about a lot of different
things but we're coming out with a big
paper next week now I don't know if
that's a good thing his Trump says a lot
of things you know what I mean
but it sounds positive it sounds a hole
that he never said anything about a
flavor banning he didn't say anything
about flavors he didn't say anything
about lung injuries like the stuff that
you would think that you know that he
would say yeah that actually sounded
pretty positive so it's the perfect time
for a vape rally in less than 24 hours
away less than 24 hours away I'm excited
I think and I think that we're we are
making a difference just on Twitter
we're making a difference just on
Facebook and you know all the stuff that
we're doing online now this is the this
is the icing on the cake if we don't get
our message across now you know then you
know for sure than they had their minds
made up forever ago and it really
doesn't matter what we think we're tired
we're famished okay that's not my fault
wooden listen which I
for four big rally on the ellipse at the
how do you feel about it I suppose
how much you be
maybe see the statue
yeah that statue horse how do you push
off be careful Church please halt
is Britney bitch
you like started it
you have to kick it hard enough there
you go I think people lit this whoever
was up here didn't like this your bitch
how many I'm gonna fuckers like the
Washington Monument
that's Cubs fuck tastes like Washington
first time I would like to congratulate
everyone here for quitting and reducing
smoking with vaping I'd also like to
commend every business owner that took
the risk just so they can help people
that smoke today people from all over
the country and all walks of life came
together for this historic event to give
yourselves Hamm
all right so we're here in Washington DC
with probably I'm trying to get an idea
here we don't know for sure but probably
about two to three thousand other vapors
and both like I said we're gonna be here
we've a prevent with signs turns out
they did have some yeah so we all have
any really like reason for during this
video other than documenting what's
going on here like I've said a lot this
is a this is a very important day it's a
historic day for our industry I tried to
quit the majority of my adult life and
gum patch wasn't cold turkey everything
under the Sun flavor dating product but
no intention I knew that I had smoked my
last cigarette
here were you from Massachusetts juices
okay I'm Lauren
Kate Lauren where'd you come from Peter
Peter from where here here yeah awesome
Caleb Caleb from we're penciling
Finley Stanley from where Virginia how
do you feel about what's going on here
what brought you out to the rally today
what really brought me out is just the
fact that I evade my father babes and
the sheer fact of just the ability to
choose flavors we want regulation but we
don't want over-regulation what brought
you guys out here today trying to save
vaping man man like you said word where
Massachusetts and we're not allowed to
buy anything no two small kids
I started vaping because I quit drinking
and using and I didn't want to start
smoking I wanted something else in my
system to help me and flavor has really
helped me we work for vapes which has
what percentage of your customers do you
think use flavors instead of like
tobacco do you think those people will
just start vaping tobacco flavors if
flavors are banned and that would be
grim Greene said something really
resonated with forcing s:x smokers or
you know anybody who wants to vape -
only baked tobacco flavors is like
trying to get an ex-alcoholic to only
drink water that tastes like whiskey
100% agree with that because I am one of
them it makes no sense all the shops and
Massachusetts are closed down imagine
this scenario we go back in time and you
know way back when vaping first started
the government banned flavor so there
were never any flavors do you think you
would still be dipping guys with you yes
because flavors are why I helped you get
away from tobacco alright so now we've
got Patrick from work juice at best
juice in the world right absolutely
what's gonna happen to you if flavors
are an entire industry itself was really
built on flavors and the get-go and I
think there's about 15,000 job
businesses out there currently in the
industry so I would say if flavors are
banned you could see a majority of that
going away the vape shop format itself
will probably go away and then we'll be
left with tobacco
maybe menthol in you know gas stations a
lot of the people who are pushing this
legislation or making decisions think
that if they ban flavors the only thing
that's gonna happen is underage people
are going to stop using them and then
all of us are just gonna switch over to
tobacco flavors do you think that that's
the case at all no I think a lot of the
kids that are using these products these
days are really looking to get a buzz at
the end of the day kids teenagers are
gonna experiment and I think that's a
it's our responsibility as parents and
adults to teach our kids not to use
these products and without sacrificing
the ability for adults to choose a
product that's gonna help them get off
of cigarettes a deadly combustible
tobacco that we know kills
I agree hundred percent once again man
juicehead really is best used in the
world it's awesome you know from
juicehead what's the impact on you gonna
be if flavors are van I mean the impact
when this would be pretty devastating
and immediate as we are a flavor
manufacturer obviously we employ you
know upwards of 50 people and we want to
keep those people in their jobs and in
their seats we have clients all over the
world and all over the country I know
those people have employs some
representatives who have worked with us
and you know it's not it's the some of
the home you know it's not just my
business it's not
the store it's not just the consumer you
know we're big communities to be
affected you know very broadly they for
some reason before you started vaping if
the government had already banned the
flavors before you started vaping do you
think that you would have ended up me
and a lifelong smoker okay I was very
happy smoking
absolutely I love like I can't even with
bathing like I still love to smoking but
eventually when you do that switch
teenager placing one cigarette with you
know every one cigarette break with you
know a babe every other time your brain
eventually gets it you know what I mean
that you're getting society with a
nicotine with something that doesn't
taste like garbage and smell like your
body will get it you know but you it's
you know it's about the process and just
like any addiction you got to work at it
I think we're in agreeance here I want
to thank you so much that's no problem
thank you oh you know I work for vape
shop so you know the shops gonna
probably close down which you know do
you like your job you want to keep your
job of course yeah it seemed like the
atmosphere there and around everybody
really made me you know positive more
positive but what's going to happen in
this industry you know you know I don't
go to school anymore so I don't have
like a back-up plan so I would probably
like I don't have a have to like draw
unemployment for a little bit as like I
have to like it would take me a minute
to get a job like honestly cuz I mean
don't get me wrong I've had a job if
since I was like 15 years old you know
I've been working everything like ever
since but I mean it'd be hard to find
another job
yeah it's not their fault you know what
I mean it's not Ryan or you know Keith's
faultless neither their faults I
completely understand they have given me
a great job and they have given me great
opportunities to grow so you know I love
them to death and if that unfortunately
did happen I still you know I wouldn't
know any mad hard feelings for Holly
meant like it I think there's like not
counting ours there's like three vape
shops you know and they have a good
amount of people working there you know
and so if this doesn't like it affects
us really badly but then you know think
about all the other people that's losing
jobs you know and
would suck that have devastated a lot of
people so yeah I've been in this
industry for five six years that's crazy
what what can I do go to go to a bank of
it okay I run a warehouse for six years
I've paid for yeah oh the industry that
just got shut down
hmm but with our economy around here
it's a little bit hard to funk job
immediately and then bills are due you
know yeah absolutely
like the president says fake news all
the headlines it's crazy that's what
people worry I would be furious at the
situation and I would just be aggravated
about how I lost my job in this industry
is basically going down we're all
because of a bunch of teenagers who want
to get high that don't have a legal
state to bomb from even if the order of
age people are still buying these cards
illegally and that's what's hurting them
and similar to Cain as well it would be
hard for me to find another job I
probably wouldn't want to try to find
out the door I'd probably try to do
something for myself be self-employed
but we all know that goes if they have
mine through that it'd be tough my car
was definitely more than likely be gone
soon like we're talking a month's worth
the time it would be gone the house and
stuff would be going more than likely to
so I mean it would it would be bad it
would not be good I would have to start
selling all my stuff that I've worked
hard for just to have money to pay bills
and the crazy thing is there's a hundred
and fifty at the house of more people
just like you you know may literally
lose their job overnight and then and I
get it you know people are scared
because they think lives have been lost
because of this product behind me on
these shelves I don't think that's the
case but a lot of people don't know that
they think that is a case but my thing
is people people still support tobacco
daily daily I mean there is an ads and
stuff at four anymore but there's still
people out here who tell you you know
Marv Burroughs my favorite brand Bauval
whatever they still support them and it
kills over a thousand people roughly a
day I feel like when you look at 150,000
jobs being lost that's that's that
should be more than enough to make you
want to just heavily regulate it didn't
just do away with the crab salute to
just blanketly say you can't do it
yeah because that's that's tax revenue
we're gaining that's jobs we're gaining
those people's livelihoods that's more
cars being sold houses it's making areas
like this pop off better what's your
what's your favorite thing about working
at a vape shop well what do you like I
know we talk about this a lot on the
channel is what we like about it but I'm
interested to see you you don't work for
Mountain Beiber's so what what's your
favorite part of your job honestly it's
just helping yeah just helping people
get off cigarettes do you think you'll
lose your ability to help people if
flavors are banned I mean I'd like to
hope not but it's definitely a lot more
difficult we've heard from a lot of
people today I think the consensus is
that about 95 percent of customers use
flavors if flavors are banned apparently
we're still gonna be able to have
tobacco flavors do you think that your
customers are just gonna not care that
they can't get raspberry anymore and
switch it to a tobacco flavor or are
they gonna go back to cigarettes
most likely the plugger back to
cigarettes and that would be bad that's
our message that's what we're trying to
get across here a lot of people you know
over there and over there and the people
who make the decisions not the people
right here are very misled and they're
misinformed and they think that if we
ban flavors kids are just gonna stop
vaping and all of us we're just gonna
vape tobacco flavors because we don't
care about anything that's not true is
it no it's the same thing like with
prohibition you know you take something
away they're just gonna try to find
other ways to get it the problem we have
right now I'm here with what's your name
- Jack I uh how long ago did you smoke
before you quit to use my years what did
you would you smoke when you was smoking
or robots robots are so like how many
packs a day was
I started out you know half back then a
pack then eventually got a three packs
okay so how long have you been bait
first of all it did vaping help you quit
it did yes and I baked on and off for a
few years with the past two and a half
years no cigarettes that's great that's
so what kind of flavor did you normally
use with to quit smoking to quit smoking
I used a vanilla cupcake and mmmm so you
didn't use tobacco flavors when you say
no you didn't oh it's it's insane man
look 83 talking to me
I think the coolest part of this whole
trip was hanging out with the other
youtubers that was that was pretty cool
Kentucky guys can come in
I'm a new man hey buzz reshoot mr.
president your instincts on September
11th were correct but facts and the
situation's changed on September 11th
you were under the impression with the
CDC was saying was that vaping vaping in
general was killing people but now we
know from the CDC that their main focus
of their investigation it's not
store-bought nicotine products it's not
the company's the Tony food represents
it was Alissa THC oil cartridges sold by
drug dealers and so right now it's
important that you know Michael
Bloomberg who was no friend to your
presidency he is funding 160 million
dollars to try to ban these flavors and
many people in this room are the
recipients of those monies so they are
not here with the position of we can
come to a compromise they have money
specifically to get these products
banned and the 10,000 plus small
businesses they can't survive with just
tobacco and menthol they age restrict
they only allow adults in their store
what would you do I think we need to
raise the age to 21
we need bulk sales purchase limits we
need marketing restrictions we and also
most importantly there is in May of 2020
every single vaping product on the
market has to go through what's known as
a pre market review that's going to cost
several million dollars per product so
even if we solve this crisis today which
I hope we do in five six months we're
back where we started
with potentially only the largest
multi-billion dollar companies being
able to survive because people can't
afford it exactly in all these small
businesses they're the ones that are
employing people 70,000 80,000 direct
jobs 70,000 indirect jobs what are you
recommending in flavor
on flavors we think we need at least a
wide open market in some places so we
would prefer only tobacco 21 bulk sales
limits many things advocated by max but
at the worst products that haven't
undergone FDA review should be able to
continue to be sold in adult-only
stores but that's not the best we want
smokers to be able to access these
products everywhere and they can
purchase a pack of Marlboros and Senator
Rand Paul who is a doctor just two weeks
ago in the Senate he said these products
have likely saved hundreds of thousands
of lives and we can't forget about the
adult smokers in this debate
how you feeling down there okay I'm
feeling better you know it some
customers are coming back in you know
they're talking about it and they're
realizing that you know it's not it's
not bad you know people are starting to
come back into the stores starting to
pick up a little bit I'm feeling hopeful
and I'm feeling a lot better or about
you Josh how you feeling feeling pretty
good I mean you got more customers
coming in you got more traffic I mean
people's realizing that clickbait miss
information miss title articles
I mean it's garbage people is doing
research and it's getting better we we
added a lot of sound effects and music
and stuff to this video we wanted to
make it dramatic and entertaining but
outside of that if you take anything
away from this video at all I want you
guys to realize what this video is truly
about and that is how important advocacy
actually is the entire world just a few
weeks ago was pinned against us
everybody thought that we were poison
salesmen and that we were killing people
and there was not one person that's a
decision maker who would even think to
give us a chance to explain our side yet
a couple thousand of us show up we make
the trip out there to this rally we we
go hard on the internet on Twitter and
we literally had industry stakeholders
having a meeting with Donald Trump just
then you just saw that I
at first was a little skeptical about
this rally and about advocacy as a whole
but I think that I have learned that
more than anything in the you know
outside of helping smokers switch what
we need to be doing is advocating and
supporting the people who support you
whether that's if your consumer the
kasaa the consumer advocacy group if
you're a business owner American uh
vaping Association vapor technology
associations we need to support these
associations and also support the juice
companies that support you once again
guys juicehead sponsored this video and
that's not like wheat this was a big ad
for juicehead they just wanted us to be
able to go to DC and and do and be able
to find Thank You juicehead once again
thank you so much for sponsoring this
video guys if you're watching go buy
bottle juicehead seriously do it
everybody huddle up hear us Mountain
vapors we're not going anywhere are we
guys I'm right here we're right here
alright we're always gonna be here for
you no matter what this channel we're
gonna keep making videos we're going to
keep trying to help people quit smoking
because vaping saves lives I don't care
who says I can't say that they thing
saves lives if you're a current smoker
you can drastically improve your health
by using vapor products ain't that right