A Step By Step Guide on How to Fill a Vape Without Leaking

we're going to be answering
some of the frequently asked questions
and problems regarding electronic
cigarettes a question that we're asking
a database from the shop is how do I
fill up my tank and you'll be pleased to
know that most of the times that we
stock do have the exact same filling
mechanism the tanks just bury it looks
and bury and sort of visual style but
they all do fill in the same way so here
we've got a variety of tanks starting
from your more basic models and then
we've got some mid-range tanks as well
and they've even got some civil times up
here and as you can see that all got one
thing in common which is this chimney
piece in this end there and if you see a
tank which you've got something like
this with this chimney piece in the
middle you know that it is more likely
to be a bottom fill and a bottom called
so as you can see this aspire c5 the
coil is at the bottom and most times
these days do have this bottom coil
design because naturally your tank is
going to be standard but bright which
ensures that all the good will be
falling down at the bottom of the tank
constantly keeping this coil saturated
with a liquid your tongue is as simple
as taking off this bottom section here
and then once you've got this bottom
section off you do in a tiny tangled
upside-down and this just makes filling
easier and it also prevents if you spill
any liquid when you throw you times you
want to make sure the note e liquid gets
past the level of this chimney because
if it does then either good is gonna go
down and it is going to come straight
out into the drip tip and you are going
to end up getting a liquid in your mouth
so I'm going to prevent getting any
liquid down the chimney and in your
mouth when you fill it up you do want to
fill it around between the tank and the
chimney section itself and you want to
prevent getting any liquid actually in
that centerpiece of the chimney so fill
it up you just want to get your a liquid
bottle and just fill it down the side of
the tank
and then once you're happy with the
amount of liquid that you've got you can
stop filling it get your base section
screw this into place and then you're
ready a vapor as mentioned earlier
almost all the tanks in the market today
have the same fill and design and as you
can see each of these tanks does have a
removable base and also as you can see
each of these tanks does have a chimney
in the center of the tank and they fill
the tank all you've gotta do is pour a
liquid into the tank between the chimney
and the actual tank itself so again to
fill up your tank it really is as simple
as getting your bottle of a liquid and
pour it between the tank itself on this
chimney section but again you don't want
to get any liquid in the chimney section
itself as you will end up getting a
liquid in your mouth and then once you
fill at the time with the amount of
liquid which you desire you can just get
your base section screw all together and
then you're ready to vape to make fun of
your tank as easy as possible we've
included a needle nose tip on both our
30 mil and 10 ml bottle and if you buy
100 mil of a liquid you do get this
plastic pipette which makes again
filling a good tank a lot easier but we
do also stock these empty 10 mil balls
which again have a needle nose tip so
you can transfer any liquid of your
choice into that bottle to again maybe
even fill in your tanks a lot easier