Aspire Breeze NXT Review:Definitely A Welcome Update

we're going to be going over some very important
information about the highly acclaimed
Brees NXT now I haven't been able to
find any information about this online
so I thought it would be a good idea to
make a video about it but before we get
into the little nitty gritty stuff you
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now let's just jump straight into it we
all know about the Aspire breeze NXT
many reviewers have spoken very highly
about it and praised it for the overall
vape quality in short it was definitely
a welcome update to the breeze lineup
now when using the breeze NXT you have
two different ways of firing it either
with a button or with the auto draw
activator we have been getting a lot of
returns for the breeze NXT for a faulty
draw activator where will either not
work at all or worse that a vise will
auto fire this is definitely a
detrimental flaw to the product so what
aspire did was actually remove the draw
activated firing system from all breeze
annex tees but they didn't really tell
anyone about it we figured this out by
looking right on a spires website if you
go to the Brees NXT page you can see
that they removed any information
regarding an auto draw they only mention
that you can vape it while using the
button so today we're going to be going
over the differences between the old and
new Brees NXT so in front of me I have
to aspire Brees NXT boxes and you may be
able to tell some very subtle
differences between the two
now again aspire released two different
versions of the NXT and og or original
version and this newly updated version
the older NXT is on the left and the
newer one is on the right even looking
at the batch numbers here the one on the
right has a higher batch number
essentially meaning it's a newer
production some other differences we see
here is that one has this kind of ring
crap plastic outer layer for the
security shell and the new one has this
sealed plastic with folded corners also
the newer one has a slightly higher
saturated photo on the front of the box
and the last difference in terms of
packaging is that the newer box has this
little green sticker on the side opening
the device up it's pretty much identical
in terms of packaging but so you don't
have the original packaging anymore
here's how you can tell the differences
between the two devices looking on the
inside of the device itself right in the
section where your pod sits you're gonna
see a little
three-character product codes that code
will either be 9ga or 9ka 9ga is
connecting to the older one and 9ka is
the newer one and to prove that they
remove the Dro activator on the newer
ones we're going to try both of them
first up is the older one within 9g a
product code as you can see it is on and
firing and I will not be pressing the
button and it vapes now let's try out
the newer 9k a product code alright as
you can see it is on
no dice it will however vape with the
button now we mainly wanted to make this
video to inform all of you vapors out
there about this issue many people that
have recently bought a breeze NXT think
that their device is defective because
the Drakh deviator isn't working
however in reality it just doesn't have
one anymore if you currently have an
older breeze NXT with the draw activator
I would definitely get in contact with
aspire their customer service is great
much better than many other vape
companies out there but definitely get
in contact with them and see what they
can do about it
also I'm not quite sure as to why they
didn't release any sort of statement
about this I feel like this is
definitely a change you need to address
now I'm not trying to insult the spire
in any way shape or form here I think
they make amazing products however the
breeze NXT doesn't really follow that
track record with these issues but yeah
we mainly wanted to inform all of you
lovely viewers out there and make sure
that you guys are vaping safely with
that said do you have a breeze NXT