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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Black Market Vaping-The Real Reason Why Vaping Damage Lungs

sima Herman never expected that what she
thought was a harmless habit vaping
would end up nearly killing her
what we've seen in the course of the
past let's say month is an increased
number of people coming in with
respiratory problems as a result of a
theater the fact that they market this
crap to children and they turned into
pink pretty purple packaging candy
pisses me off my name is chance and two
weeks ago my lung collapsed from Julie
she was vaping a cartridge a day don't
let me close my eyes don't let me fall
asleep or I won't wake up you don't need
it it's gonna kill you there is a fatal
trend sweeping across the nation but
contrary to what the mainstream media is
claiming this is not due to regular
vaping now let's face it VP has been the
subject of controversy since it hit the
mainstream market around 2007 studies
started popping up left right and center
regarding the health risks attached to
vaping which were extremely low
however alongside those studies there
were also some negative news surrounding
vaping for example the popcorn lung and
formaldehyde Fiasco that happened a few
years back which were easily debunked
even though the research was easily
dismissed this prompted many anti vaping
groups and news stations to look past
the real information and promote the
misinformed dangers of vaping reaching
millions of people the latest in vaping
news controversy revolves around
hundreds of people across the nation
contracting lung illnesses from vaping
with six deaths as of this video this
has sparked outrage across the country
with all of these anti-gay activists
pretty much eating it all up to top it
all off we have individuals who have
been to the hospital speaking out on
their social media pages on how vaping
is extremely dangerous and how we need
to get rid of vaping as a whole and with
this being a mainly digital world this
gained an immense amount of traction to
the point where even celebrities are
sharing their story the mainstream media
started a wildfire within the vaping
industry leading a lot of people to
believe that vaping is just as bad if
not worse than smoking vaping advocates
around the world have been fighting to
change the overall look on bathing but
it seems like an uphill battle you'd be
hard-pressed to find any positive study
or report on vaping trending in
mainstream media as all of these
negative misinformed studies seem to
drown them out anti vaping activists
like truth orange and the real cost are
still going off of debunk studies from
years ago however there were a few
things that we really need to take into
consideration here as we're just
scratching the surface while the vaping
kills headlines is doing its damage with
the support of mainstream media many
seem to skip over some extremely crucial
information first and foremost there
isn't any solid connection proving that
normal nicotine vaping is what led to
these lung illnesses and many of these
articles the even state that the CDC has
no connection between regular nicotine
vaping and these long illnesses however
even though there's no connection
stations still took it and ran with it
anyways it was only until recently that
some crucial information surface the THC
and marijuana market has flourished in
the past few years with THC edibles
topical creams and even THC vaping
products even though cannabis products
are legal in a few states the
underground market was still alive and
well with the popularity of vaping many
black market dealers saw the profit in
the industry and cashed in on illicit
THC products but before we dive too deep
as to why these illicit THC products are
sold let's first understand how they're
made and why they can be so dangerous
THC distillate started becoming
extremely popular within the cannabis
industry as it was an extremely potent
and pure form of THC and with that THC
distillate is also extremely expensive
making it one of the most expensive
items of consumer goods by weight
however the issue that arises with THC
dis lit and how it connects to vaping is
that dis lit as far too thick to vape
normal pods or coils are not able to
absorb this extremely sappy substance so
people started thinning out the
distillate with various products MCT oil
being one of the main ones where things
get kind of shady is that some people
started experimenting with different
substances to help thin out the product
most of which were cheaper and easier to
get on top of using random chemicals to
thin out their disel it you also have
people adding thickeners to their
product the main mindset with dis lit is
that a thicker product equals a more
pure product
as I said dis lit is extremely thick to
begin with so people started diluting
their disel it even more and started
adding additional unknown chemicals to
try to thicken them back up now here's
the extremely unnerving part black
market dealers are also able to buy
empty pods and bulk from various
countries that come with packaging to
look like legitimate businesses for
example this brand called dank vapes
this quote-unquote company dank vapes
has a full logo and you can even buy
dank vape t-shirts along with various
pods and cartridges filled with THC
liquid but the thing is this company
doesn't actually exist black market
dealers are able to buy empty dank vape
pod to fill them up with whatever a
solution they make reseal it and sell
them on the streets and this is only one
of possibly hundreds out there now that
we know a little bit about the illicit
THC market let's start looking at the
real facts vaping has been around for
years now and there are millions and
millions of people vaping across the
globe from box mods that emit plumes of
vapor to small little compact devices
with high amounts of nicotine no
injuries or illnesses have been reported
until recently vaping is known and has
been proven to be 95 percent cleaner and
safer than traditional cigarettes and
has been a proven way to quit smoking
when using a proper vape setup the
health risks are minimal these long
illnesses that have been reported are
not due to regular nicotine vaping this
is why we can't stress enough the
importance of purchasing your products
from a trusted retailer the fact that
all these teens contracting lung
illnesses just kind of popped up within
the last month is kind of fishy to me
again there's absolutely no information
pertaining to what these teens were
actually vaping on in recent news two
brothers were arrested in Kenosha County
after a 1.5 million dollar illegal THC
cartridge operation was discovered these
two were pushing out nearly 5000 pods
and cartridges a day and song them to
pretty much anyone however what's
extremely interesting is that these two
were arrested only a few miles away from
the first
toward an incident of vaping illness
once word got out that people were
contracting lung illnesses the news
spread like wildfire this led to many
states talking about banning flavored
vape products with Michigan actually
following through with it their claim is
that a liquids are targeting the youth
with the amount of flavors on the market
wait hold on there we go
it even escalated to the point where US
President Donald Trump is planning on
banning a liquids on a federal level
however it seems like the media is only
looking on the surface and is completely
overlooking the actual facts as to
what's causing these long illnesses they
think that banning a liquid flavors is
gonna magically solve this youth vaping
epidemic however there are some
underlying consequences that may arise
if flavored a liquids get banned either
a absolutely nothing is gonna happen and
everyone's just gonna start vaping on
tobacco flavor illiquid including the
youth that they're so worried about or
worse be this has the potential of
opening up an entirely new underground
market for flavored liquid making the
issue of lung illnesses even worse
instead of scaring people and just
banning flavors why not teach the
importance of purchasing your products
from a reputable retailer and show the
dangers of illicit substances the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention has just announced the public
warning about the dangers of THC and
vapes bought off the street while this
is great news for the vaping industry it
may be too little too late
the media's main focus right now is the
dangers of vaping as a whole but have
completely overlooked the millions of
people it has helped quit smoking
the main focus should be on illicit THC
vaping products not regular nicotine
vaping with all the fear-mongering
circling around the news this has a high
potential of scaring away any current
smokers looking to make the switch to a
life-saving alternative now what can we
do about this well for starters share
around the real information


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