Can Vaping Really Cause Lung illness?

hey how's it going everyone Dave here
from - beeps and welcome back to yet
another video today's video revolves
around a story from Amarillo Texas about
a man who contracted a long illness from
vaping though the headlines claim that
it's from regular nicotine vaping
looking a little bit deeper into this
story will show that it has nothing to
do with regular vaping at all ABC News 7
in Texas did a new segment regarding a
man by the name of Ben Camarillo Ben was
hospitalized with severe lung damage and
according to ABC News it was from vaping
they interviewed Ben along with Chris a
man who owns a vape shop in Texas called
806 beeps however once the segment aired
on live TV both Ben and Chris were
outraged as they completely twisted
their words in the interview been
explained that he was mainly vaping on
THC cartridges but the new stations cut
out anything to do with THC and just
focus on regular nicotine vaping on top
of that they also showed a photo of Ben
holding a sign that's extremely similar
to the sign see my Herrmann was holding
Chris from 806 vapes then made a nine
minute video showcasing what was
actually said versus what was aired and
the difference is insane immediately
knew it was Romani was from the
Camarillo says he this is where the care
mongering starts Ben finished that
sentence with THC cartridges if you
wanted to see the full video for
yourself then I'll link Chris's channel
in the description down below now after
seeing Chris's video I was still kind of
curious about a few things so I got in
contact with Chris from 806 faves to ask
him a few questions I just want to say I
really appreciate you you know taking
the time I do day and speaking with me
about this after the story surfaced and
you saw the report how did how did you
come in contact with Ben and how did you
meet he actually contacted me they the
same reported those in our store went to
the hospital to interview him and after
the story aired he contacted me
apologizing saying that it's that's not
at all what he was said saying I never
told him that he vape the nicotine a
flavored nicotine product he told him
the news vaping THC and that they
twisted his words then I asked
that I kind of reached out to him and
was like hey that's what happened we we
please come in here and talk to me he
came to the shop we met we talked a
little bit and then I asked him I was
like hey would you be willing to go on
video and kind of kind of break this
thing down with me it's a big problem
that's happening right now in our
industry not only that but people that
are vaping teach she farts needed to be
made aware as well that that there was
stuff out there making people sick in it
and nobody was saying that when the news
station came to you and interviewed you
how how was that process like how did it
go they just asked you a bunch of
questions and like they well they they
originally called us and we had made a
post about another news station that had
made a story that wasn't up to par and
then the their competitor contacted me
and said hey we'd like to do a story and
I told him I said hey we're gonna do the
whole we're gonna record the whole it's
out there and she didn't ask a lot of
questions she did she just asked what we
thought about the situation we explained
that to her we explained what was going
on with the THC cartridges the vitamin E
acetate we explained that the FDA in the
CDC had all that information we
basically laid the truth out for her and
she wasn't willing to accept it I said
he says that he was making THC in the
post right you need to make sure that
you guys tell the right story here
because nobody else is she says oh yeah
yeah I felt wow so the same the same
lady that was interviewing you was also
editing it yes interesting so it looks
like the same woman that interviewed
Chris was also the one that edited the
video I can't help but feel like there's
some sort of agenda that they're trying
to push however I still had so many
questions regarding this whole situation
why did Ben have a photo with an anti
vaping sign also did Ben ever vape
e-liquid and did he smoke before vaping
THC so to get my answers I just went
right to the source and got in contact
with Ben Camarillo himself
were you ever a nicotine vapor like did
you ever vape on nicotine products not
one time ever in my life never
never I've always been into T you see
marijuana for the stomach problems I had
I didn't know I had PTSD until I
actually went got the diagnosis but the
symptoms are shown and all that I've had
him since I was about 14 years old so
about 24 years marijuana don't anything
that ever really leveled me out and kept
my stomach under control and kept my
panic attacks under control I was always
on marijuana THC and then when the
cartridges came out it was like it was
just almost like a blessing to me in a
way man because my family didn't have to
go everywhere wouldn't you smell like
weed cuz yeah out here in Texas and
that's a stigma and it's illegal they
don't care here vapor solid for a year I
started right before Thanksgiving last
or the year before last but uh never
touch the nicotine can you juice
anything like that in my life I never
even smoked cigarettes maybe I mean
maybe puffed a few cigarettes in high
school but I've never bought a pack of
cigarettes just keeping smoke
so before this you have you didn't even
smoke cigarettes at all really
not at well always just the marijuana
so it wasn't nicotine that you're vaping
it was THC or so you think it was THC Oh
always bought cartridges you know I
lived in New Mexico New Mexico for a
while New Mexico decriminalized so I
talked to my military friends out there
and they all advised me against going
down to PTSD benzo pill treatment plan
you know they all had bad experiences
with it and they told me just stick with
the marijuana it's decriminalized if you
can get it out here they don't care if
you even get pulled over for it's just a
ticket don't worry about it it worked
out great for me on it for a while I
thought it was working out great for me
but uh those things were slowly
poisoning me I guess and like I say I
wasn't also wasn't buying cartridges out
here on the street you know I did go out
of state I took a lot of trips to
Colorado tune into New Mexico went to
California I bought my products from
dispensaries I wasn't out here buying
them in the streets you know people
think that's what I was doing but I did
commit a crime by crossing state lines
with these products but I did it because
I needed that a medicine to help me I
didn't want to be bombed out on pills
every day
would you happen to know in terms of the
product itself what what brand it was
just off the top of my head what I can
remember I remember I bought some bent
ski live resin cartridges I bought in
California bought some half gram cookies
cartridges about quite a few of those I
bought a bunch of heavy hitters
cartridges off the top of my head that's
what I remember the most man I think
maybe there's some cartridges that were
called TKOs yeah cuz the reason why I
asked is because some of those brands
they are known to you know cause some
issues here and there yes I've heard
that they've been those are some of the
most heavily a counterfeited ones out
there and like I said but like I say you
know I got so many of them I got all
that dispensaries are so here is where I
kind of had the most questions and this
kind of goes towards the photo that you
took in the hospital holding the sign
right and the reason why I'm so curious
about it is because it's extremely
similar to a another sign that a teen
took by the name of Seema Herman I was
just wondering if you can just give us a
little bit more information on that well
that day I was I think that day I was in
ICU and of course I'm still you know
they're pumping me full of meds I'm
still I think I'm dying
so I'm constantly under my panic attack
so I'm constantly with my benzo whatever
that has whatever though and IRA my
daughter showed me a picture and you
know that she said they wanted to they
want to know for join this group of
theirs to sign on with them and I saw a
picture I don't remember much I remember
I saw a picture of a girl that had like
had these things on her on her cheeks
and then had the sign and my daughter's
said you know maybe we should do this
and get somebody help get this story out
more maybe to help you at Astoria so and
you know in the midst of all of that you
know I told my daughter's should go
ahead sweetheart if you want to make the
sign go for it you know I'll take the
so that's where I came from it wasn't
suggested by any doctors or anybody
locally it's just a Facebook theme my
daughter's said you know hey look at
and now here they made it seem like I
attacked the vaping industry and I got
crazy death threats man like so many
death threats let's say I told them a
hundred words just per se they made me
took 20 of those words and aired them
and then those 20 words were just at a
context man I understand - how vaping
has it has probably saved life is an
extended lives as a cigarette is bad man
I know we know we've known this forever
mm-hmm and people who lit have quit
smoking and they only vape and they're
healthier than they used to be and those
people that that it helped man and those
are the people that reacted the worst
they came after me and sent me all kinds
of death threats and stuff I was sitting
in the hospital the channel 17 contacted
me I thought about it I said sure it was
just the the reporter herself the lawyer
for the hospital and my doctor and the
way I was told I was gonna be
interviewed my doctor was gonna be
interviewed and that was gonna be the
end of it and then they've to 8:06 the
tapes in there and like local people and
crazy local people started to it and you
start getting transfer me everywhere but
more than a few locals threaten me here
so the news essentially this segment
took your any of you and took your words
but twisted them in a way to make it
into something completely wrong exactly
when I told her I VAP Tac products for
PTSD as soon as that part aired they
showed a juice
they showed a juice and vape mods
immediately and I never said a word
about that well hopefully uh hopefully
you're feeling better very soon I wish
you the speediest recovery cheers
brother thank you so much I really
appreciate it all right yeah no problem
man take care so it looks like Ben
started using cannabis products to help
him with PTSD
it is incredibly disheartening knowing
that Ben was attacked for things that he
never even said the news station
completely twisted their words and made
Ben's recovery even harder