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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Do Vaping Cause Death| Vaping vs Smoking

well here to help us clear the air about
e-cigarettes and vaping is our own David
nazar who I know doesn't smoke either
but boy learned a lot about this this I
knew nothing actually tell you the truth
about electronic cigarettes so these
past few weeks quite the learning lesson
and what I did learn on this story such
a hot button heated debate between the
pro vaping Pro e-cig industry and its
users versus the anti vaping anti
e-cigarette folks like some doctors and
politicians well one thing is for
certain this business is a force to be
reckoned with a relatively new industry
that basically began back in 2008 and
really started flourishing a few years
ago into a two billion dollar industry
of course that's chump change compared
to a thirty five billion dollar big
tobacco industry that's kind of feeling
the heat from ecigs and seemingly trying
to get in on the action
big tobacco's profits as we're seeing
beginning to dwindle ecigs are
increasing in California has become
ground zero in the vaping crusade vapor
simulates a lot of the things that we
enjoyed about smoking first off it's all
the rage in Southern California these
days electronic cigarettes really
simulates the pleasurable aspects of
smoking sort of a kinder gentler version
of your normal tobacco failed ciggy I
find that to be enough of a placebo even
at zero nicotine I have a robust flavor
this is a coffee and Kahlua flavor I
find that to be close enough to smoking
that I don't need a cigarette
at the vapor spot on Sunset Boulevard
owner JJ Jenkins says electronic
cigarette sales are soaring
JJ explains exactly how the
battery-powered heat coiled e-cig works
you pass a current through it it heats
up very gently and what it'll do is
it'll steam one or two drops of that
food flavoring with or without the
nicotine the liquid the e-liquid and
make these ginormous vapor clouds has
the appearance of smoking but has none
of the effects of smoking such as bad
burnt mouth ash stems and leaves being
in old and vaping doesn't have any of the
tar JJ says his shop offers a
smorgasbord of e-cig flavorings hundreds
of seasonings for any smoker to savor is
everything from a tobacco to a peach to
a watermelon this is our strawberry
cucumber lemon zest mixture we also have
some flavors that are more robust we
have a lot of dark coffees Mouton
halacha was sold this la businessman now
swears by e-cigs after a lifetime of
being a human chimney by the time I was
18 I probably was smoking a pack a day
no heavy smoker I tried quitting
probably 20-some odd times I tried
hypnotherapy acupuncture nicotine gum
cold turkey and within a few months I'd
be right back to where I to square one
I'd COFF all the time you'd feel tired
all the time I was just sick of the
habit about a year and a half ago hutan
finally decided to kick the habit I saw
everyone smoking electronic cigarettes
and the vapor pens and I said you know
what maybe I should give that a try and
it made it the easiest possible way for
me to quit cold turkey
I had no cravings I had no withdrawals I
was even breathing better
while hutan might be breathing easier
California Senator Barbara Boxer is
breathing fire boxer says she's fuming
that the feds are doing nothing to
regulate this industry boxer was at this
hearing grilling ecig business leaders
are you marketing to children and
earlier this week she spoke with us over
the phone many members of Congress are
upset that e-cigarettes are on the
market with zero regulations we have
written many letters to the FDA and to
the president we forwarded petition
signed by thousands of our constituents
we're asking FDA to finalize a rule to
make sure that e-cigarettes are
regulated just as traditional cigarettes
are Senator boxer is also concerned that
electronic cigarettes are being sold to
countless kids underage the senator says
between 2011 and 2013 ecig usage among
tripled these cigarettes are dangerous
they have nicotine they contain
chemicals such as the one that's used in
antifreeze it's toxic to humans frankly
I don't care what a cigarette companies
say if you make products with flavours
like bubblegum gummy bears those are
aimed at children period end quote
our demographic of 18 to 21 year old
smokers after five years is less than 1%
of my cells
we're not catering to a young client
we're catering to an adult client in the
30 to 55 year old age range is this
electronic cigarette being just a fad or
do you see it here to stay it's here to
absolutely I haven't hailed quite a bit
in these last few weeks with a medical
marijuana story and now that e-cigs
story anyway what's happening David
really the vapor spot was the first vape
bar of its kind to open five years ago
JJ was a real twin trendsetter now a few
facts the ecig industry remember it's
not actually claiming that the e-cigs
are completely safe ecig vaping folks
are just saying that they are quote
safer than normal cigarettes they like
to use the terms or phrases such as
smoke-free lifestyle or zero nicotine or
non tobacco or harm reduction of course
anti vaping anti e cig folks like
senator boxer and others say it's
nonsense this is all semantics I do want
to clarify one thing about all the
flavorings you saw on the story being
used in the e-cigs
the fact of the matter is so far there
has been no testing to see if inhalation
of all these flavors is safe there is
testing in progress we should know more
soon although Rick and Elizabeth is you
know I have no dog in the fight never
smoked on these electronic cigarettes
but I'm going to tell you from being out
there in the street a few weeks talking
to all the folks the smokers say it is
the only thing that has gotten them off
cigarettes and they swear by these ecigs
that's what they're telling me


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