Flavor Vape Ban Ohio What to Know

I watched a whole press
conference where the governor of Ohio
where they were doing the protest
outside which I like to think was pretty
successful again I'm not gonna go live I
just want to cover a couple things and I
want to show you some of the proposed
bill we'll discuss that for a little bit
and then that's it I'll sign off I'm not
gonna be here for like two hours
explaining situations that are are
really not difficult to understand
whatsoever so how's everybody doing in
chat I'm sure they're doing as good as
they can be let me try to clear this up
a little bit one second should've made
it yeah it's a little bit better that's
good did that remove the reflection - of
course it did hello hello hello top of
the evening to everybody yeah before
Christmas going on or zone yeah before
Chris I'm aware I'm not planning on to
be here more than an hour I'm just kind
of give everybody an update to the news
for those of you that haven't seen any
articles or anything in regard to that
what's going on Dan Clark I didn't
really get to read too much your
situation but as the so that you're
going back under the knife and listen
I'm sure you have every single haze of
support and I got your back brother
if something goes down I'll be right
there and well you're in UK so I don't
know but we'll figure that out anyway so
jump right into it so today along with
50,000 other states the governor spoke
up in regards to what they're gonna do
with the whole vape laws and situations
okay I know that this is gonna sound
really a dump the way that I'm about
ready to say this I have to give that
governor of all the governor's that
spoke I have to give him a high-five
okay first off the laws that did pass
are really really simple I'm not gonna
get into the whole medicinal side of the
other stuff cuz it doesn't really matter
that's not we're here for we're here for
vaping well that's usually what you're
here for
so you got t21 the other thing starts
happening October 17th or 22nd sometime
in October so that's a good thing that
it sucks for people that currently think
now that are 18 and 19 I'm not quite
sure physic ran father clause for those
people in that bracket so they're gonna
do the t21 now someone in the media that
was there I don't know if all the people
that were outside that were protesting
we're able to go in to listen to the
caring because I didn't really hear a
lot of racket going on on the inside but
what I did here was a lovely person that
spoke up on the left side of the place
said well what about why didn't you do
you could tell that this person was very
very anti vaping but why do you do what
the governor of Michigan did or the
governor of what New York did or the
governor of what Massachusetts did when
he answered this question I looked at
Browns like god I got nothing but love
for this do you know what he said I
don't have the authority or I don't
believe I have the authority to do so
Wow good job man good job now I know I
know I'm not I'm not it doesn't really
matter how I feel but the fact remains
is that he said that my level of respect
when hi and obviously there were people
in the audience that were mentioning the
whole flavor and then you remove flavors
what are you gonna do about people that
fade flavors so he's not banning them
but he's pushing a bill that's already
written that I'll show you shortly in
regards to recommending what to do if
the way it looks is tobacco only is
going to be the only thing that will be
purchasable in Ohio there's no date for
that it's nothing like what other states
have implemented it's I'm gonna show you
the bill and then we could read it over
together it's very very lengthy there's
a lot of strike throughs which I'm
assuming or something that they
stricking or have stricken from the bill
itself they didn't show this in the
whole interview it's just something that
he discussed now I looked it up and I
read it there's a lot of gray areas but
he is aware of the people that vape and
the people have big flavors obviously
the pushing point they showed a graph
that I didn't agree with they were
showing that a lot of people that faith
older are vaping on tobacco flavors I
have no idea where he got that chart
from like I I've never seen a chart that
shows those kind of numbers because I
feel like that is so skewed whatever it
was a chart it was a PowerPoint
presentation okay so um before we give
it to bill real quick let me just
recheck see where we're at so for
anybody that's not ha right now the
really the biggest thing you have to
worry about is the t21 and the
enforcement of what they're gonna do if
you're underage and that's it so it's I
don't want to say it's a win but it's a
whole lot better than what other states
are doing and him saying that I don't
have the authority to do so go through
the legislature a legislative process
which we've talked about before on the
other the last broadcast that I did was
live yeah it's it's Michael Perkins is
extremely uh you know Michael Perkins is
extremely good compared to the other
states because every time we fought a
governor speak in regards to any of
it's always negative it's I'm banning
everything you know there was a person
there that brought up the ideology of
companies losing money and that wasn't
his focus so he seems to understand and
not is I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest
with you I think the worst governor that
I've seen speak is the one from
Washington the jay Inslee I think that's
his name the worst the worst one at all
of them as much as the Massachusetts one
was extremely firm nothing was that bad
but I've heard that even shops in
Washington have closed because they they
fear of what's gonna happen but nothing
is written well there's things written
but there's nothing in law yet that is
enacted at least what's that
October 9th is the law release or that
that October 9th is what okay so October
9th is when they're going to release it
and New Jersey is coming up really close
October 3rd is the is the situation in
Jersey hopefully the governor in New
Jersey does exactly what the governor in
Ohio did but here's the thing here's a
crazy part a lot of what's written into
the bill it would actually hurt New
Jersey because the way New Jersey works
now is we have two different types of
taxes right we have a 10% tax in the 10
cent per mil so the way that their law
is written or their bill specifies
something that's containing nicotine or
not containing Mickey nicotine as far as
banning flavors if they did that in
Jersey that's gonna hurt them because
now you're not making any money for many
taxes you're just removing them let me
show you the bill and you'll see what
I'm talking about
so this is the bill right here this is
what he was talking about in regards to
what they're doing in their state now
anybody that's just tuning in this is an
update to the Ohio the hearing banned
situation about the flavors so this is
if HB number 346 there the Revised Code
I'm not going to read over
the whole thing just kind of highlight
some things that I feel are very very
the prohibit the sale of flavored
electronic smoking devices you see that
right this right here okay
let me let me backtrack for a second I
got a back try I have to backtrack I
hate being the guy that says this is
what I've been saying when the doctor
went out to speak
what did she pick up from the the little
podium thing when she pick up a jewel
right they keep talking about high
nicotine they keep talking about jewel I
don't want to be the guy to say this but
I'm gonna be that guy is if jewel never
came out and we continued to vape the
way that we did three years ago with our
TAS or four years ago with our TAS and
our DA's I don't think we would have the
problem we have right now especially if
you use the argument of nicotine salts
and and kids using it to get a nicotine
buzz that's the thing you can't get a
nicotine buzz from an RTA RTA it just
requires no work it's not a stealthy
it's bulky it's big you can't just hide
it I hate to be the one to say it again
jewel is a bad guy here did you know
that jewel pulled out their $5,000,000
$5,000,000 was that right for a San
Francisco but they pulled out a San
Francisco the fighting V flavor brand
they were about 75% of the funding for
that so they so they pulled out in that
situation jewel is listen is the the bad
guy here okay as much as it doesn't help
out the situation it's kind of pointing
fingers it's saying you're to blame I
legitimately you're my opinion you're
here on my channel is that this would
not be happening if closed pods never
existed I'm just gonna put that on
record right now would not happen
let's move on let's let's move on right
you're gonna have the people that are
gonna argue and say J you know listen a
jewel look every time they talk about it
they always think of jewel every time
every time now they're pulling it out
she said I wanted to demonstrate it guys
go watch this whole thing the Ohio
Governor here I don't have a link one of
the mods if he could pose it great she
pulls out a jewel I thought she was
gonna vape it for a second cuz
everything in it so say she done just
like blow clouds for the news right now
uh even though the CDC released that
thing on Friday
of course Dirk look I don't want to talk
shit about that governor I'm just gonna
say that I thought she did very very
well I don't agree with what he's
recommending to the assembly but he
himself is not banning flavors she's
doing recommendations and obviously
though I'm sure the way the pros in the
cards I like to think that whether or
not that's what will happen is a totally
different story in itself so let's just
move on to this Josh yeah so she's gonna
blow some rings and shit yeah yeah I
have but I'm not gonna go over the
Alabama situation I just wanted to go
over Ohio just give some people some
kind of update real quick so this is the
bill right again HB number 346 not very
difficult to find extremely easy and
this is the session from 2019 2020
flavored electronic smoking devices so
we know what that is right we know that
that's close pop devices Jul Stig's
Mojo's the naked little disposable
jammies I don't know if Blue's got
flavoring anything that's got flavoring
in it that is not tobacco
even though tobacco
flavoring that is Rube analyst okay
let's when if you take pg/vg
let me make this very clear cuz
someone's gonna take what I'm saying and
try to manipulate it if you take PG and
VG right now and you want it to make a
tobacco flavoured Mik nicotine or vape
or a liquid have you ever seen somebody
just take a cigarette and squeeze it to
get that taste of the cigarette inside
of the VG no they have a little bottle
flavoring that's concentrate that they
drip in it to make that flavored
flavored tobacco flavor flavored Shh
wait listen
tobacco flavoring let's move forward
and flavored vapor products and to
establish a committee to study the
health risk associated with such
products there's about five Ward's and
that whole thing that I agree with let
me just go on they're talking about the
enforcement the age verification hold on
one second a little bit here did it okay
so this is what it includes right here
of this sexually allowed an electronic
smoking device a vapor product or any
other product or device that consists of
or contains nicotine that can be
ingested ingested into the body by any
means including but not limited to
chewing smoking absorbing dissolving and
inhaling here you'll see want to scroll
down that they're going to talk about
drugs and like regulated drugs that
doesn't apply to this this is everything
but something that is FDA approved
even though nicotine is nicotine okay
okay alternative nicotine product does
not include does not include any of the
following a cigarette or other tobacco
products any product that is drug as the
term is identified at 21 USC three to
one parentheses G parenthesis yep cool
got it right there okay the device
combination product alright here we go
number four I don't know
this is underlined and then there's a
strikethrough which I'm assuming they're
their nixing off of this bill
keratin characterizing flavoring means
any taste or aroma see what they did
there it's because of these people with
these damn loopholes I know a loophole
I got a loophole that's gonna get us
through this you're literally helping
them write the law that's what you're
doing just shut up and sit down sound
good okay other than the taste or roam
of tobacco yep there it is see that what
up what I said earlier flavouring
tobacco they mailed it emitted either
prior to or during consumption of its
back of product characterizing flavor
includes taste or aromas related to food
or drink of any sort so food anything
that you can consume menthol mint
wintergreen fruit chocolate vanilla
honey candy cocoa dessert alcoholic
beverages herbs and spices I've never
met anybody that faked off of oregano if
you do may God be with you
okay there's a lot that's in there
there's also a lot that's not in there
but then that will fall in this and this
and then people will try to find
loopholes for this and all he's gonna do
is fix that underline and add that in
there okay now something also he had
mentioned is if they're not discussing
the possession of it like actually a
quiet like having it that's not gonna be
something to focus on they're focused on
the sale end in regards to what a store
can sell you I don't know if they've
gone into reseller or wholesale
distribution it's probably going to be
any sales in general obviously person a
person is probably gonna be mixed up
because it's not retail that just means
selling it to you as my buddy distribu
means a furnish giver provides
cigarettes other tobacco products
alternative nicotine products or papers
use to roll cigarettes to the ultimate
consumer of the cigarettes other tobacco
products alternative nicotine products
or papers use to roll cigarettes
okay this is where they explained what
an e-cig is basically or fake alright
that's whatever this is this is this is
where it gets funny cuz right here this
is a strikethrough okay maybe it's back
from my IOL days are writing in Word
documents but strikethrough is something
that we were going to do but we've since
changed our mind but this is more along
the lines of enforcement or ways to
verify someone's age it's not it really
has nothing to do with with anything
else like this is what you need to
provide so I don't know why they would
mix that here comes the underlines this
is where it gets a little crazy here
flavored electronic smoking device means
any electronic smoking device with a
characterizing flavor which is what we
just mentioned above those twelve or
fifteen different things
the problem is with food not going into
loopholes but the problems of food is
anything can be combined in that right
like sugar cane is it technically a food
I don't know if anybody here is trying
to chew on sugar cane but don't think of
granulated sugar think of a stick that
tastes like nothing that's what a sugar
cane is so but it isn't in a sense food
it's edible okay so anyway ah right we
just went over that flavor vapor product
means any vapor product with the
characterizing flavor lots of that
characterizing flavor which is what we
just mentioned up here right here all
these flavors for the drink of any sort
methyl mint wintergreen I'm a spearmint
I'm assuming that's spice okay what's a
peppermint well that you and you would
literally need to do a breakdown but let
me just go further here we go so this is
this is the part that I really want to
focus on number nine tobacco product a
backup product means any product that is
made or derive from tobacco or that
contains any form of nicotine any form
okay so whether
you're saying that the nicotine is
coming from an eggplant tomato potato
egg frosted flakes Raisin Bran it
doesn't matter any form okay or that
contains any form of nicotine sort of
like how the FDA doesn't with the
warning label and nicotine derived from
tobacco even though it could come from a
tire you still have to mention that it's
exactly what they're doing here taking a
little note out of the FDA's deeming
rules if you will if it is intended for
you and consumption or is likely to be
consumed say they're getting rid of the
loopholes as you do it because the human
consumption someone could use young
man's hands for a dog like they do would
see the baby okay well is likely to be
consumed right it's on the Shelf says
consumable no dice ah
whether smoked heated chewed absorbed
dissolved inhaled or ingested by any
other means including but not limited to
this is say what a cigarette so are you
not are people dipping their cigarettes
in e-liquid okay an electronic smoking
device a cigar pipe tobacco chewing
tobacco snuff or snus how about that
there's that word there it is see what
they're even including tobacco product
also means any component or accessory
using the consumption of a tobacco
products such as filters rolling papers
pipes blunt or hemp ropes here comes and
liquids use an electronic smoking
devices whether or not they contain
whether or not they contain nicotine so
they're considering something that does
not have nicotine in it
a tobacco product right that's a backhoe
product means any product and then there
it is whether or not they contain
nicotine cool this is kind of like what
New Jersey did how they consider
everything to be related to vapes you
understand they did this with the taxes
and people use yoga but what if you do
flavor shots or nicotine shots well
there's your answer right there and one
in five words six whether or not whether
or not they contain nicotine so it
doesn't matter if it's just PG and VG
and you do a flavor shot fine but then
you add nicotine now it's tobacco or C
they say liquids up here so just ignore
what I just said tobacco product does
not include any product that is a drug
device or combination of a product now
I'm assuming when they're saying drug
here they're referencing I would have to
look at this law right here but they're
referencing the actual FDA approved drug
like they're not considering NicoDerm
Nicorette any type of nicotine gum any
type of nicotine patch nasal sprays
those are not considered tobacco
products but they contain nicotine and
based off their bill here it doesn't
matter whether wow this is just hmm I
felt like I should stop writing laws
okay or bills see bit okay
I'm talking about vapor products that's
not really I don't know all right here
we go no manufacturer
producer/distributor wholesaler or
retailer of cigarettes other tobacco
products alternative nicotine products
or papers used to roll cigarettes no Wow
no agent employee or representative of a
manufacturer producer distributor who
hosts it okay so representative of what
I just said
retail cigarettes other tobacco products
alternative focus and they just said
that just added the word
representative I don't know why they
just didn't say no manufacturer
representatives just kind of sum that
all up that's like a run on sentence
times eight shall shall do any of the
following here we go
this answers the question that I was
just asking earlier we're doing this
together see we're in this together I
promise you we are give sell or
otherwise distribute cigarettes other
tobacco products alternative tobacco
products so here you go give sell or
otherwise distribute the cigarettes part
doesn't matter because it goes over here
to tobacco products so I cannot give you
I'm in Ohio this goes through guys this
is not gone through yet this goes
through I cannot meet you in Ohio and
give you a flavored liquid that's it
can't sell it we know that or otherwise
is distribute which is pretty damn vague
but here you go to any person under 21
years of age not gonna go into that nope
giveaway sell or distribute cigarettes
other tobacco products same thing in any
place that does not have posted in a
conspicuous place unless see but it
doesn't even matter what the rest of
this is because they've already mixed
out flavors right all the rest of this
is just what you could do in regards to
non flavored products you understand
they're talking about tobacco only and
anything that's not listed in that
bracket up here so tobacco and any of
these flavors right here
tobacco Mentos mint wintergreen fruit
chocolate vanilla honey candy cocoa
desert alcoholic beverages herbs and
spices so everything else basically if
this passes those are what will be taken
the market not specifically the devices
like the the mods and the tripperz and
the tanks but more so but more so the
flavors and the pods I'm assuming that
contained those flavors the rest of this
Europe yes you know they're just no no
that's all about cigarettes that's
whatever air is again see how they they
underline the flavors above and here
they are again talking about a giveaway
sell or otherwise distribute flavored
electronic smoking devices or flavored
vapor products that have not received
approval there it is the PMT a pre
market tobacco application so if you
don't have a PMT a so let's just say
this bill goes through and so then like
covering their asses on top of the FDA
it's really going back down the flavor
so the way that it's looking as if this
bill goes through I don't think that
there's a set date for any of this stuff
for the assembly but he said that he had
spoke to the assembly this morning so
the way that it's looking is very
shortly this will be on the table to
remove flavors yeah because now they're
just talking about enforcement and how
to distribute it really what is
underlined check this out right here the
parent guardian or legal custodian of
the person under 21 years I'd check okay
let me read up one word the thing here
the person who gave sold or distributed
cigarettes or other tobacco products
alternative nicotine products or papers
used to roll cigarettes away this is
other tobacco products which I'm
assuming is the e-liquid of the section
is a parent spouse who is 21 years of
age or older
they were varying the person's it is not
a violation of division b1 of this
section for a person to give or
otherwise distribute a person under 21
years of it
wait what so so someone is 21
someone's 21 they're married to a 19
year old they go out they go buy it I
can give it the 21 year olds can give it
to the 19 or 18 year old as long as they
meet these these subsections here but
again this is not flavors guys this is
yeah this is this is just a bunch of
nonsense all this doesn't matter really
what matters that everybody cares about
as the flavors that's it so that is you
are summed up situation you will not be
able to buy flavors that's it that
number seven that's really all that
matters and this whole thing obviously
there's different but the adaptation
right now is 21 years old temp i or VAP
I can't remember the date I think it's
October 17th what was the date he said
October 27th
so yeah just banning flavors that's
where you're at now aisle
not right now not right now
but if this go well not if when this
goes to the assembly or the legislature
they're they're gonna look at this and
say okay this is good to go
let's roll with this which is probably
what's gonna happen so flavors as you
know which in Ohio will be gone except
for tobacco and whatever else is not
mentioned on that list I don't I don't I
don't know I don't really care cuz what
matters is a majority of the flavors
will be gone yeah it has to be passed
correct Anthony that is assuming that
they're gonna pass it but I like to
think that
in August who reported that what is the
website so first were so first New
Jersey vape death woman the first woman
in New Jersey saw the food so I guess
now we just had someone in New Jersey I
just passed away in regards to something
related to fate which is probably THC
but there are certain there are certain
states that excuse me how to pass
something in regards to this that had
nothing if that makes sense
like no deaths associated with it I
can't remember what state there was at
Washington the the state that passed
something that nobody passed away it's
one of the states yeah
so that's the news that's all I got I I
don't want to go too far into this I
really wanted to give you guys an update
on the situation of where we're at I
know Grimm's gone live in the next 15
minutes thank you all for the new
members I'll continue uploading like I
did yesterday I'll probably edit another
video tonight I'll have that uploaded as
well I have all those products that at
some point in time will be given away
yeah John you might be good with like
broccoli like broccoli vape I didn't see
them cover vegetables now that's a food
man it would have to be like foot foot
sounds good
of any sort man you don't really even
need to say any of this well maybe this
and this you do but this right here
relating to food or drink of any sort
what do you got leaf well okay
clove that's the only other plan I know
that people hate clove though so I don't
know um yeah it's pretty that's
it kind of covers everything no Mowgli
you'll be all right you'll be all right
you'll be all right with eggplant but I
don't know man I don't know that's
that's where I would oh hi so it's
literally just a matter of time if this
passes I'm not trying to be the bearer
of bad news but the way that it's going
it's probably gonna pass why don't they
just tax it like that I guess that is
not strict enough I don't know there's a
lot of other states that I have not
covered in that's just because a new
month is to go on for hours but I want
to give you guys an update and that's
the update where we're at right now with
Ohio so it's a matter of time if this
goes through but the bill is presented
the passes legislature than that said
it's long I just have to I I really have
to really admire the fact that the
governor sat up there and said I do not
believe or we do not believe that I have
the proper authority to do it I would
rather go through legislature if the
other governors could only do that same
exact thing like Michigan like New York
like Massachusetts
hopefully I don't add Jersey to that
list but who the hell knows now that we
have this is that confirmed
yes now that we have this death in New
Jersey New York New Jersey's Governor
Phil Murphy has been in contact in New
York Governor Andrew Cuomo's team
regarding the coordination of easier
oh Jesus Christmas yes so they're during
talks now
yeah coffee's not game because that's a
drink of any sort I don't know man okay
well there's that so I'll see you guys
on there is there any questions and job
before I did batter here and he might
eat my lunch
while food or drink of any sort who and
then they say desert to so that that
that like like they literally desert
like they alright so there's that anyway
see well what you know now nothing
nothing Shayna nothing in regards to New
Jersey as if yet I'm sure we'll hear
something today is October 1st October
3rd is when they'll pass down the the
thing I'm sure I will go live and
simulcast that let make it a strike for
doing so but I guess we'll see what
we're at just take it from here you guys
be good think you all for become hold on
let me get this if Planet X is coming
inbound list what what I don't even know
what the hell that means
Planet X what what is this Star Wars
okay so if you're going to the gym just
make sure it's plenty of fitness not
Planet X sounds good Oregon yeah I I'm
not I'm not covering any states right
now gentlemen only covering what
happened in Ohio so I'll be here for two
absolutely Carolyn absolutely all right
guys I'm gonna ride out you guys be good
and catch you on the flippity-flop