How Juuling Affects High School Students

what ever since you've been hanging up
the cookies you've been doing so much no
I haven't it is do it sometimes
you've been practically addicted to it
for the past two months I doubt it hope
you have and also I'll just casually
I'll just casually hanging up what's in
your pocket nothing in my pockets my god
it's my keys my keys - um this one I
don't see any just like a little package
so this is in jewel we have a talk about
jool is a new type of e-cigarette has
become popular to teens all throughout
North America
these nicotine fueled East cigarettes
entered the market with the intention of
being an alternative to those who want
to quit their bad smoking habits however
now teens with no previous smoking
history are beginning to become addicted
to Julie
the FDA has even announced that Julie
has now become an epidemic amongst teens
well what do you want to talk about so
why do you think Jules aren't worse than
cigarettes well for starters they don't
have as much nicotine that cigarettes do
so unfortunately that isn't true
one Joule Potter has the same amount of
nicotine as a pack of cigarettes sure
doesn't have the tar and arsenic that
cigarettes have but it's just as
addicting as cigarettes
let me ask you another question do you
have an addictive personality well yeah
I remember when I was younger I used to
play a lot of video games and I felt
like I was addicted there my parents
used to always tell me it was an
addictive personality can cause more
harm than good
nicotine is highly addictive and can
impair brain and lung development
jool developed a patented like nicotine
formula called nicotine salts which
leads to increased absorption of
nicotine in the bloodstream really I
actually didn't know that now let me ask
you something else
why do you Jule well I guess it's
because I kind of wanted to fit in and
all the kids were doing it on snapchat
and Instagram if I'm just being honest
then sometimes when I'm upset like I'll
just chew a little bit and like I'll
feel better like I don't know that's a
good what I'm doing okay so yeah I'm
glad that you decided to talk to me
about this and I really wouldn't want
you to get suspended or expelled
but let me ask you this how many pods do
you smoke in a day um probably like two
pods a day okay no that's way too much
Stickley speaking you're four times more
likely to get started on traditional
cigarettes given how much you're
drooling I don't think I'll ever do
cigarettes I don't want to go there so
last year you probably never thought
that you'd you
drooling and look where you are now why
don't you start drooling I started about
two months ago probably yeah two months
ago so around the same time that your
grades took a nosedive yeah that's
that's that's bo1 so funny coincidence
don't you think
you weren't like this last year you used
to care about your grades you care about
really everything and you're going to
university next year you would really
want to ruin your future just because of
this USB shaped cigarette right y'all
just never smoke again that's what you
wanted me to see right look I'll be
honest sir if if you confiscating my
jewel I probably would just get another
I don't know tomorrow or the day after
but I have taken into consideration what
you've said and I really feel like after
hearing the facts that Julie is just a
scary-ass cigarettes because people
added up big dicta to them as well um I
think I would have to wean off though
like I'm doing too positive
all you have to go to 1.5 and one and
then eventually come off of it but I
realize it's not worth then there's
other options out there if you are
feeling upset or just fitting in it's
just not the right thing to do and like
you said I'm going to university next
year so I really have to get everything
together but I appreciate the
conversation that we had but I think you
should get the jewel back to me so can
only say that hope that you you
continued ruling that you do it
responsibly now that you know the risks
that you consider them before you
actually do it again
and just a little bit about myself like
when I was younger I was on cigarettes
when I was 16 and I've been dude I've
been doing it up until I was around
thirty and when I look back at it it's
those have been the worst years of my
life I really think and I got into it
just like you because of peer pressure
and it really isn't worth it but in the
end it's up to you