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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

How Smoking May Cause Lung Cancer

why does smoking cause lung cancer it is
no secret that smoking is one of the
main causes of lung cancer in fact
smoking is linked to four out of every
five cases of lung cancer unfortunately
half of all smokers will eventually die
from cancer or smoking-related illnesses
on the bright side it is the most
preventable cause of lung cancer and
smoking cessation can reduce the
appearance and exacerbation of cancer to
understand why smoking is such a large
cause of lung cancer it is essential to
understand the biology behind cigarette
smoke the main ingredients in cigarettes
is tobacco tobacco smoke contains
cancer-causing agents that damage
important genes which control the growth
of cells and cause them to grow
abnormally or reproduce rapidly this can
result in tumor development and growth
in total there are over 70 known
carcinogens in tobacco which are linked
to damaging ones DNA increasing cell
division leading to cancer damaging
brain cells or damaging lungs and
Airways tobacco smoke also affects the
functions of the immune system and may
increase the risk for respiratory and
other infections carbon monoxide is
another harmful chemical in cigarette
smoke that reduces the capacity of the
blood to carry oxygen and can result in
breathing difficulties this can be seen
in the characteristic smokers cough that
many smokers to death why then do people
continue to smoke it's because of an
addictive substance in cigarette smoke
called nicotine which releases pleasure
giving dopamine nicotine is able to
reach the brain within 10 seconds of
being inhaled as a result of repeated
exposure to this cigarette smoke smokers
become dependent or addicted to nicotine
they're for smokers find it very
difficult to stop smoking even if they
are aware of the harmful effects there
have been several mechanisms proposed to
explain why cigarettes are so harmful to
smokers one mechanism is that smokers
face a higher level of oxidative stress
oxidative stress is thought to be the
general mechanism behind the aging
process and can also contribute to the
development of cancer oxidative stress
can mutate TNA foremost assess grossest
and lead to chronic lung injury it is
the result of an imbalance of
antioxidants and free radicals in the
body antioxidants can be seen as the
good guys in our body that help us
repair damaged cells by fighting off
free radicals it has been found that
smokers have lower levels of
antioxidants in their blood than
non-smokers they're for smokers are not
able to overcome this oxidative stress
being a smoker is not the only way that
one can be exposed to the harmful
effects of smoking secondhand smoke is a
common way by which someone is exposed
to cigarette smoke in their environment
possibly due to daily contact with a
smoker secondhand smoke contains over
4,000 chemicals many of them causing
cancer two thirds of the smoke from a
cigarette is not inhaled by the smoker
but enters the air around them
secondhand smoke has at least twice the
amount of nicotine and tar as the smoke
inhaled by the smoker and has five times
the amount of carbon monoxide there is a
dose-response relation between a
non-smokers risk of lung cancer and the
number of cigarettes and years of
exposure to the smoker the longer you
are exposed through environmental smoke
the higher the likelihood of developing
lung cancer as an example a woman who
has never smoked has an estimated twenty
four percent greater risk of lung cancer
if she lives with a smoker not all cases
of lung cancer are result of smoking and
of course not all smokers develop lung
cancer however smoking is the leading
cause of the disease additionally
smoking can be just as harmful to those
around the smoker as the smoker
themselves fortunate
smoking is the most preventable cause of
lung cancer quitting smoking can help
with the prevention and the prognosis of
the disease


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