How to Make Vape Juice and What Are The E-Liquid Ingredients

today  I'm going into like a secret
laboratory okay there we go
what's up it's nice to see you see you
how's it going man thank you I love it I
just you know in the neighborhood
figured I'd stop by
yes welcome to our aim to certified
facility so this is where the magic
happens work happens if you guys have
ever ordered goofy juice off of our
website this is this is where it comes
from and these are the wonderful people
who make it so you can see here through
these these windows here that is the
actual lab and I think I'm going to go
in there what what do I got to do to be
ready to go inside of the land so I
guess I'll just walk right in here and
just no problem right
no oh I got a suit up okay alright I
think I can I think that that suits me I
think I can do that first
okay men okay we're here but one of them
please be recovered I know we're here
coach yeah okay honestly I wasn't
prepared for this okay we got the
glasses yep so we're yep we're ready to
go in there get nice okay John now when
you see me putting this stuff on it
looks kind of like whoa what is he was
he getting yourself into here why why
are they doing this if I wouldn't put
the glasses on in the lab coat and stuff
and I went into the lab I would be fine
the juice is not radioactive it's
nothing like that
of course they're concerned about the
safety of their employees but the main
purpose of the gloves the hair has
everything like that is to protect you
the customer these guys go above and
beyond to make sure that nothing other
than the e-liquid is inside of those
bottles which is a good thing it's good
to know suit it up I've got my beard
cover on my head is hair I feel I feel
very clean everything you know this is a
very clean environment okay
gotta look good for the camera absolute
over here so we mix our nicotine's and
our flavouring now our recipes isms are
our molecular weight keep those recipes
secret though yeah okay so uh what do
you doing over here oh we got a store
order in I'm getting the order ready put
some stickers on the bottle okay so you
put the stickers on the bottle that's
your official job here I'm just uh fun
I'm getting ready to fill some bottles
so this is already mixed up with our
flavoring and I just put the batch
number four what this batch of flavoring
came from and with the nicotine ready to
fill now okay cool we had an elected
official in here it makes it liquid one
day oh really I'll ground up and he's
like hardening yes so you are
was it call again I'm sorry I mean
certified what is it about this lab that
makes the aims of a certified well the
first thing about the lab that makes
their aims or certifies of course that
the factory the surfaces are non-porous
okay and that includes the ceiling okay
walls and the floors I will not require
rain so we would
above and beyond it somewhere micro
antimicrobial services and stuff but
pretty much is that constant honey this
and keeping all the stuff in places
where nothing can get contaminated
yes adjuster tracking the nicotine
tracking your flavorings all that stuff
has to be done in a certain way it
benefits us as a company and it benefits
our customers we buy the nicotine and
100% and then when we cut it down we
titrate it which means that we test it
to make sure that it's the level that we
say it is okay and then periodically we
send off the bottle to a third party lab
what is it once every two weeks or so
and they test it and then they give us
our results and we have to keep all
these records available we can be sought
checked by aims of today right now and
that's what make things is so important
you know you may have some standards but
unless you're abiding by those standards
and know that there's going to be
somebody checking up on you maybe you do
it maybe you don't well we do it and we
do it right all of our glassware has the
mixed flavors with no nicotine in it at
all we have ninety-nine flavors in two
lines congressman Duncan Hunter even the
one that saves in possession of Congress
last year he wrote a bill that was just
introduced last week
it's the Dustin hunt remaining bill and
it's designed to help people quit
smoking and switch to vaping and one of
the things and his deal is that all
illegally should be made by the aims of
Sanders yeah I told them you know since
I'm here in this vape juice lab why not
just let me mix up some juice so they
let me know how many milliliters is this
how much juice yes
20,000 Olli is okay um can make the
melon juice but you got down to stuff on
your website about you're not stress
enough how simple it is to make this
stuff there are literally only three to
four ingredients in any kind of e-liquid
there are no secret chemicals just three
or four really well known mostly
recognized as safe ingredients
this stuff and they mix it up they
calculate everything down to the nearest
I mean point zero zero one percent
everything is exact the nicotine
strengths the PG to be G ratio
everything I mean these guys have it
figured out they're doing it right oh
yeah oh sorry one if it's bad but it's
only one
so what do we got going on here here we
are going to titrate so we're going to
check the level of our working nicotine
there is to make our bottles to ensure
that it's what we say it is we're going
to look for is a color change going to
start off as blue with an indicator that
we put in and what we want is right
after it turns yellow that's our end
point and that is when we need to find
out through some calculations and figure
out what the milligrams per ml in a
space Tonya Jeff I honestly didn't think
I'd do this ever again after I took
analytical chemistry this is cool though
you're right like you don't think about
this stuff existed in real life when
you're in your chemistry class II think
cool to see it you don't but I'm glad
that I can use it some camera when you
think about your eliquid being made you
don't think about the writing this kind
of because you should do it beautifully
as a last drop is like an obvious change
color to another and when that yellow
color sense that's when we're we're fine
oh there you go cool next time you you
get you a bottle of a liquid or you know
pretty much a lot of the liquids just
think about it before you start using
that there's a lot more that goes into
that and what you might think I'm just
I'm learning a lot today I did I I've
been working with this stuff for a
really long time and I didn't know that
there was this much to it I really did
so I'm getting out of my suit here that
is er oh okay well the Camry because we
could lock that or a camera right
there's the blank stickers and they come
that fast and rot that's and dry well
well who needs a Camry when you can have
one of these get you very far I think my
favorite part is this couch this is a
really nice awesome couch this is
interesting too well thank you guys so
much for inviting me down here I had a
really good time learned a lot you guys
are doing a great job I guess I'll see
you little paint no problem see ya yeah
so there you go was not a science
experiment it's not Bill Nye the Science
I tell you vape juice is made really
really really interesting stuff but now
I've got a long drive back to Pikeville
how am I going to do a driving montage
I'll save you the boredom takes me about
two hours to get there so let's head
home so overall it was a really good
experience but yeah I think it's
important to do videos like this people
really do need to see that these
companies making these e-liquids are not
Big Tobacco their mom-and-pop little
small businesses that are doing
everything they can go above and beyond
to make sure that this liquid is up to
standard we do know exactly what's in
here we do know how it's made we know
who's making it now all the liquid that
we sell and most of the liquid on the
market right now is made in the United
States have really high standards
they're all made in clean rooms they
have standards they make sure that you
know they're liquid is good and pure but
these guys are going above and beyond by
following these aims of standard I mean
everything is so exact and so clean it
adds a lot of time on to the process and
probably quite a bit of expense but what
they're doing is smart when it's time
for this industry to grow up and get
serious they're going to be ready
they're already going to be there
well most everybody else is scramble and
trying to figure it out you know what I
mean now I'm not being paid to say this
I'm not being incentivized in any way
whatsoever but if you work at a shop or
if you own a shop out there definitely
look into getting their stuff on your
shelves we've been working with them and
selling goo-goo juice and stuff for
years and they have by far been one of
the best dealing with manufacturers that
we've ever had to deal with they do good
in our shop it sells really well they're
really easy to work with and they just
deserve to be in more shops so you know
if you want to hit them up having send
you samples or whatever so yeah this was
a different video I like doing stuff
different every once in a while hope you
guys can bear with me and usually when
we make a whole video about a certain
brand or liquid or something I'll do a
discount code for a whole non store but
this stuff really doesn't need it it's
just $19.99 for a hundred and ten know
about oh you can't you can't really
discount that you know that's about as
good to get