How to Set Vape: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

for people that are
looking to quit smoking and switch to
vaping I want it to work I want to stop
smoking today and I want to just take
this thing out of the box and I want to
just be able to vape right now I want to
crack my cigarettes in half and I just
want a vape right now I don't want to
think about anything else my name is
Tristan and I'm from alt-tab me today I
am going to bring you a successor to the
very popular video I made called the
best starter kit and how to get started
with it so this video is not for
advanced vapors this video is not for
enthusiast vapors this is a video for
people that are looking to quit smoking
and switch to vaping and I want to show
you what that process is like because
for me I went into a store my first time
ever trying a vape and I was so
overwhelmed but the guy behind the
counter was the nicest person he took
the box out he explained all the parts
to me he showed me how to put it
together he showed me how to keep the
upkeep on it and I never had any
problems with it and I was able to quit
smoking I haven't smoked in over I'd say
five years now I have I've even stopped
vaping four elongated periods of time
here and there because I believe that
once you teach your brain not to go for
that cigarette and you switch it over to
evade it is much easier to stop
completely and I think that's the
ultimate goal for a lot of people is to
stop completely and vaping I think is a
perfect perfect way to get there it's
the only thing that has unconditioned my
brain to want that cigarette I don't
even have the urge to grab a cigarette
when I see someone smoking now I have no
interest in taking that cigarette it
deprogram my brain after 15 years of
smoking to go nah I'm not into that and
I really have been waiting for a mod to
come out that is a true six
to the smock are ATTC this video has
helped thousands and thousands of people
and I finally believe that we found that
which is the booboo drag - this is an
all inclusive mod and tank and battery
so basically you buy the box and you are
all ready to go but for a lot of you and
I think for me when I first started you
know vaping was oh my god this is this
is a lot like a pack of cigarettes you
buy a pack of cigarettes you take a
cigarette out you buy it later and you
light it and you're all set with this
it's like there's electronics there's
screens there's there's tanks there's
there's all this techno mumbo-jumbo
things that I just didn't want to deal
with I just wanted to stop smoking and I
wanted to make a video for you so that
it will not only help you to pick the
perfect mod to start with but it'll also
future-proof you as you go forward and
your vaping enhances or you change your
vaping style so you'll have the right
device so that you can upgrade and that
you'll have something that you don't
have to keep buying over and over again
I see in the vaping community a lot
where people just buy new devices all
the time and for me I like to stick with
one thing because it works just like
with cigarettes I bought one brand I
bought the same kind of lighter same
color and it was my it was my ritual as
my habit so thankfully there's a company
that I first started with actually this
is making a full circle before I made
the big viral video that really helped
so many people to switch from smoking to
vaping I had got in touch with a company
called direct vapor direct vapor also
has sent me the drag too many to show to
you guys because I finally believe this
is the true true all-in-one successor to
the smoke our ATTC that you'll see in
that video if you go through my video
channel it's the one with 800,000 views
or more and it if I could show you the
stats on that video you would understand
how many people this has helped just
scroll through the comments you'll see
this that
kit was all encompassing and it really
really worked it got me off of smoking
and I hope that I can help you to get
off of smoking as well with the vu Pugh
drag 2 mini now it's not the drag 2
there are two different versions there's
a drag - that one has external batteries
this one has a built-in battery the mini
and I think that that is the best option
for someone who is just starting to vape
because there aren't a lot of moving
parts when you first stop smoking you
are nervous you are anxious and your ear
you know it's a big thing smoking
nicotine the addiction it's hard to
break that so you want as little hiccup
as possible and you want to just switch
to something that works and so that is
what I'm hoping to bring to you today
with the drag two mini bye boo-boo
brought to you by direct vapor and if
you stick around
they gave me two more of them so that I
can give them to you so that you have a
chance to try it out stay tuned so I can
tell you how you have a chance to win
that but what I'd like to do is instead
of trying to explain this and this up
here I'd like to get really up close and
personal with the device and I'd like to
give you that experience of what I had
when I walked into the vape shop and the
guy slid the thing onto the onto the
counter opened it up for me and
explained piece by piece by piece what
everything does then will come back up
and I'm gonna explain to you how it
works how it differs from cigarettes and
how you can get this today and stop
smoking right now so let's take a look
okay so I'm gonna walk you through what
it's like to get your first mod and now
this is the drag booboo - and it is the
mini with the built-in battery so first
you're going to get your box here and
you just have to open this up so we're
gonna open this up take the plastic off
and it tells you on the back what it
comes with anyway I'm gonna just show
you what's inside of it so that you get
an idea of what that's all about
so you open this up here is what you
will see when you first open your mod so
it's gonna come with a little packet
here this is going to have your warranty
card and your instruction manuals so the
tank is called the U Force t2 and this
is gonna explain how to use your tank
it's gonna show you how you need to fill
it with your juice how to slide it over
how to open it up it'll show you the
coil and I'm gonna explain all this in
more detail but it also shows you how it
breaks down so it has the drip tip the
top cap the glass tube the coil and the
base so this is very helpful for getting
to know what is in your box and what's
in the tank then it comes with the
warranty card so if anything goes wrong
you have a warranty which is good and
then it talks about the mod itself which
is called the drag mini and this shows
you how all of the different features
work so it shows you specifically the
power button where you screw in your
tank which is called a 5-10 thread the
screen where you'll be able to see
everything the up button which is used
to adjust your wattage and the down
button it also has the micro USB port
where you charge the mod it also shows
you all the different wattages and the
voltages and all this other stuff you
really want to get into it but right now
we're gonna go with the simple parts and
we're just going to show you everything
else and it shows you the basic
operation this is the button to fire so
that you can start vaping you hold this
down you vape and this is to adjust your
wattage and that's your screen I would
definitely look over these instruction
manuals so that it helps you and it also
shows you that you are using the gene
chip which is just the chipset that is
inside your mod that makes these things
run it's kind of like a mini computer if
you think about it in that term so here
is the mod itself you're gonna hear
these words a lot mod tank 510 adapters
coil stuff like that I'm gonna explain
what all of these are
this is basically in layman's terms the
battery this is your battery this is
what makes your tank when you put it on
there get hot and allow all the vape out
so if you were to go to a store and
somewhere to help you to set this up you
would take this out you would then open
this up and you would get your tank out
now this also comes with extra stuff I'm
going to show you that comes with an
extra coil and this is the extra coil it
comes with so coils it also comes with
extra o rings and I'll show you where
those go in a minute but these are just
in case something breaks so these are
extras you don't have to worry about
this right now
here's your coil and now this coil is
where you see the cotton here the cotton
is surrounding a mesh on the inside see
the mesh that is the heating element and
that's essentially one this is saturated
with liquid the liquid comes in through
here your a liquid saturates this the
the mesh coil heats up and it creates
the vapor and that's where you're
getting the nicotine from and so you
need something to power this so you're
going to take your tank out here is your
tank this is called the u force and this
is what you would call a drip tip
essentially this is the tip that you put
your mouth on to vape and you can
replace these with different kinds
depending on what you like and it just
screws in there and then this is where
the liquids gonna go and this is where
my cat is gonna come into the frame and
explore everything but this is where
your liquid goes and it fills up in
there and it see how the cotton is
exposed here because the cotton is
exposed all the liquid in here is always
gonna be touching that allowing that
cotton in the coil that I showed you in
the first place to stay saturated which
is very important because if you're
heating it up what's gonna happen is
eventually it's going to use up all the
liquid that's in there and you want to
make sure that it never
dry fires and when I say dry fires it
means that you're never heating up the
cotton without liquid being on it or I
need to move the cat here hold on so the
important part is that this never gets
dry because if this heats up and you
don't have any liquid in there it will
burn the cotton and you don't want that
to happen because then you have to
replace the coil and that sucks because
these coils can last up to two weeks
three weeks depending on you know what
you want the flavor to taste like so
this just gives you information on it
and it shows you the temperatures you
can run it at so this one these are the
ohms it's not that important honestly it
just means it's it's really not that
important the important part is the
numbers 50 to 100 watts best at 70 to 80
watts so when you put this coil into
this tank and I'll show you how to
switch these you will want your mod
which is your battery right here that
has a little screen
to have it at 70 to 80 watts for the
best experience you can also bring it
down to 50 I like lower wattages so 50
is a nice warm but flavorful vape and it
lets this last little longer and that's
my preferred vaping way when you have
your tank you're gonna screw it onto the
mod like so and there you go that's it
for step one step two is you need to
turn it on now there's some other stuff
in this box by the way that I didn't
show you it comes with extra glass in
case you were to break this glass and it
comes with the charging cable and the
way you would charge this since the
batteries built-in see all of this is
sealed you can't open it so you don't
put any external batteries which is
great because who needs to deal with all
that extra stuff if you're just starting
you want everything in the box this
thing comes with everything in the box
that you need to just get started and
you just start vaping because to me it
going from a cigarette where you just
pull out a box and a cigarette and you
light it with a lighter you want it to
be as simple as possible so you would
plug this in here and then plug this
into a computer
or charging brick and bam you are
charging and it'll show on the screen
but let's turn it on so you see what the
screen looks like so you hit the fire
button this is the fire button five
times one two three four five and there
you go the screen turns on shows the
logo and this is what I was talking
about the wattage these are the buttons
that adjust the wattage so if you hold
up the wattage goes up if you hold down
the wattage goes down simple right
it automatically figures out what the
coil wattage is so before we even get
into this I want to show you what all of
this inside here looks like so this is
your tank that was your drip tip and to
fill it you just slide like that and you
would get some liquid like this and you
would pour it in there and I'll get
there in a second but I want to show you
everything first and then on the bottom
you unscrew this and this is how you
replace your coil and your coils are
going to need to be replaced every now
and again because eventually the cotton
will become a little bit older and it
the taste will start to be a little bit
bad and you don't want to keep the same
coil in there so after about two weeks
three weeks you're gonna change the coil
you you'll know it'll taste a little
strange so there you go there's your
coil you unscrew it from there and then
the replacement coil right here just
screws right back in there huh and
you're all set and then you just put it
back in here and you're all set let's
say that we're good here so we just took
it out of the box you've got this coil
that's already in there now there's no
liquid in here I can't vape this how do
I do that let's say that you didn't even
take it apart you don't even have to
take it apart this coil says that it is
good for 24 to 28 watts so this is gonna
be a little bit of a cooler vape you
don't have to do anything here some
people like to drip juice onto the sides
here too
primate that's what that's what it's
called priming but all you have to do is
when you get this don't worry about any
of that just open it up here get your
juice bottle whatever your nicotine
level is I recommend 3 3 is what is good
for you with these types of tanks if
that's not giving you enough nicotine 6
is a great place anything higher than
that it's gonna be a little too much so
you just hold it in there like so
squeeze and you see it's starting to
fill with liquid
so I overfilled which can happen and so
just get a little tissue and just wipe
it down like so and make sure I'm using
zero nicotine right now so I'm not
worried about it touching my hands but
if this had nicotine in it I would
highly suggest right away going and
washing your hands because nicotine
absorbing through your skin will give
you the nicotine as if you were vaping
it and it's a faster when it's absorbing
through your skin so just be careful
with that so you're all set you're
filled up you close this and you see how
the liquid is now touching that cotton
and you're gonna you're gonna want to
wait about ten minutes and then it's
gonna saturate all of that cotton while
you're waiting let's plug it back into
the mod this is your mod remember
basically your battery and look at this
it's gonna ask you new coil and you're
gonna write you're gonna hit the UP
button yes
it's going to find the ohms and this is
why I said this is an important that you
need to know it because these devices
because of the little computer chip
that's in there will know what the ohms
are and look it's already set us to 25
watts which is actually a great wattage
for this so it will automatically pick
your ohms which is the resistance of
your coil and then it will set your
wattage accordingly now we can go into
all the menus and we can show you how
there's temperature control and all this
other stuff but what I want to show you
is how to just get started and vape
right away with the basics this thing
can handle so many things and I'll
explain it up above but right now this
is the simple stuff so you would
basically you're all set now it's it set
the wattage your your juices in there
it's saturating the coil and you just
need to wait for it to saturate more and
there's a secondary way you can do that
is you can close down these air holes
these are your airflow holes thing
there's three on each side and when you
close those down it's going to change
the way that
hard you have to pull and so if you
close them all the way down and you pull
on this it basically pulls the liquid
through that cotton and it'll saturate
it a little faster and I'll show you
that up above as well now for those of
you that want a little bit more in-depth
I'm going to show you some of the menus
so if you hit this button three times
it's gonna bring you into the menu
system 1 2 3 now this is stainless steel
nickel and titanium this is for
temperature control so now we're in a
different mode here you see how it's a
it's a Fahrenheit so if you want to do
temperature control this is how you do
it I'm not going to explain temperature
control in this video because I believe
that wattage is just good enough for
what you need to get started so to get
back to the wattage 1 2 3 and there you
go 1 2 3 again and you will be back in
wattage mode now let's jump up top and
let me tell you all about how to get
started with this now that you've taken
it out of the box you know what it comes
with you see everything that's in the
box you have your charging cable you
have your extra glass the extra o-rings
the extra o-rings by the way are for the
individual parts in here if these were
to wear down and these you just don't
you never really need to use these these
don't wear down very often but you have
them just in case
so as you saw when I was taking it apart
earlier there's parts in here where you
know you may need to so if I were to let
me show you so if you were to open this
up you can open it up upside down when
there's liquid in it see how there's a
rings around this so you have
replacement o rings in case you need it
for that to make sure you get a nice
seal then just make sure make sure this
is nice and tight and then just screw it
back on and it's gonna ask you is it a
new coil and this time you're going to
say no by hitting the dome button and so
you're still at 0.6 ohms and 25 Watts so
let's bring this up top and let me show
you how to get started even more alright
so that might have been a little bit
overwhelming but
as you can see there's not a lot of
moving parts there's the battery that's
this part it's called the mod and it's
got the screen that shows you
information the wattage wattage is if
the higher the wattage the hotter the
vape the lower the wattage the cooler
the bait that powers that little coil on
the inside that I showed you that coil
is wrapped with cotton that absorbs the
liquid that's inside the tank and then
when you hit the fire button that coil
that is being powered by this mod which
is a battery heats up the cotton and
allows vapor to come out and that vapor
contains the nicotine that you inhale
now it's not completely ready yet I know
I showed you that I was filling it by
pushing that open and then taking the
juice and pouring it into there I filled
it okay and then I let it sit for 10
minutes but if you want to make sure
that everything is saturated fully
because it is cotton and you never know
all you have to do is close down those
air holes by twisting like I showed you
and then you put your mouth to it don't
hit any of these buttons and just pull
you want a little bit of air to come
through and you're going to pull
now what you may see is you may see
bubbles coming out of the little holes
where the liquid is touching that means
that it's still being saturated if you
don't see any bubbles that means you're
good to go and if that means you're good
to go
since this has a computer chip inside of
it that figures out what the coil is and
why did you should be vaping at you only
have to do one thing hit the button
hold it down and inhale but I want to
explain something before we even get
there there are a lot of modes there is
temperature control there is bypass mode
there is all these different technical
mumbo-jumbo things I have been vaping
for hmm many many years now and I still
don't use those all I do is I use
wattage mode because it's very simple in
it and it makes sense to me where the
higher the number the hot the warmer the
vape the lower the number the cooler the
vape and depending on your coil which it
says on the coil itself you know how
high and how low you can go if you go
higher than what it says on that on that
little on the coil itself you could run
into problems where you burn it so you
just want to stay within a middle ground
there something that feels good for you
for me I like it a little cooler and I
don't like it as hot and I don't like
the huge clouds so my it's to be honest
I don't like clouds at all if you can
make a cloud this vape I'd be super
happy about that I don't like bringing
attention to myself I just wanted
something that would replace the
addiction of cigarettes that was the
hardest thing for me to do okay so
you're primed primed means that your
coil is saturated you're primed you're
charged this the battery is charged
you've turned it on by hitting the power
button five times you've said new coil
yes it has set your wattage for you if
it hasn't you just look at the coil you
can even see it through the glass and it
says 24 to 27 watts so it's set at 25
right now that's perfect
so batteries are charged 25 watts it's
in wattage mode what do you do how do
you do this
like a cigarette this is where it
differs a little bit so because a
cigarette you pull on it you go and then
ah its mouth too long now a vaping
device like this with a tank is direct
to lung so the best way to explain it
even if you haven't done drugs is like
inhaling a joint where you don't and
then you hold it except you're not gonna
hold it it's still like a cigarette so
it's like direct into your lung and just
let it right out
so you're skipping that step of a
cigarette which is now there are devices
out there that allow you to get that
experience and they are becoming popular
you're gonna hear about them they're
called pod systems you've probably heard
of the Joule stuff like that it's a
tighter pull and you're gonna do it so
that it's in like that but I find that
these devices with the tank and with the
battery and with the direct to lung vape
experience helped me to stop smoking
it also rewired my brain to no longer
associate that sensation so cigarettes
no longer appeal to me because it's a
whole different way of vaping it's a
whole different way of smoking
essentially so if I were to pick up a
cigarette today I almost would do you
remember how to use it because I have
rewired my brain and I think that's the
most important part of all of this is
that you're trying to rewire your brain
to stop smoking right that's what you
want to do you want to stop smoking you
want to switch to something that is
obviously better than the 10,000
chemicals in a cigarette is it a hundred
percent safe no but you have to use your
judgment here and is it a little bit
safer I'm gonna say most likely yes and
if that's the case then why not switch
so okay
enough of my rambling aside let me show
you how to vape it so you're gonna take
your finger you're gonna put it on the
button you're gonna just you want to
make sure your airflow is open for when
you first start out you might want to do
half so you just you twist it and it'll
half-open on all the sides and then
you're gonna hold down the button while
you inhale remember you're gonna hail
like a big breath and then you're gonna
push out I guarantee the first time you
do this you're gonna cough
don't let that don't let that worry you
it's just you getting used to it it's
way different than a cigarette that's
all it is so ready see how easy that was
super easy now the very interesting
thing I find about the drag 2 mini is
that the two coils give you two
different experiences that little coil
that you saw me setting up will allow
you to do direct to lung but it'll also
allow you to do mouth to lung so
remember that cigarette thing I was
telling you like that you can do that
just tighten your airflow a little bit
more okay and do and then pull it into
your mouth and then pull it into your
lungs so here we go
looks very similar to smoking doesn't it
it feels very similar it's not overly
hot because it's only 25 watts which is
a low wattage and it has a wonderful
flavor the flavor that comes out of this
is perfect and that's something that's
really important as you get to know what
vaping is all about flavor is important
I know there's all these things about
the FDA and all we want to ban flavors
and bla bla bla but you know what I
understand why and I understand the
appeal for kids but for you and me the
people that are trying to get off of
smoking having something that doesn't
taste like ash is amazing it's reaching
your brain what smoking can be and it's
reteaching your brain that you don't
need to be having this nasty flavor and
you're gonna prefer to have flavors that
are tastier in the future you may want
to start out on a menthol flavour or
tobacco flavor but as time goes on you
might you know maybe like strawberries
maybe you like you know chocolate cake
so you're gonna want to try those and I
think your experience is gonna be better
and if you're enjoying the experience I
think it's gonna help you to stay off of
the cigarettes longer and that is a good
thing so once more I'm going to show you
the the mouth to lung like a cigarette
so I I turned it down so there's a
little tiny hole on the sides and I'm
just gonna hold down the button while
I'm doing it I don't just tap it I hold
it while I'm inhaling
now unlike a pod system or something
smaller this is not a this is not your
average cigarette type pull so even
though I can pull it into my mouth and
then into my lungs it's not meant for
that so what you really want to do is
you want to open it up and you want to
just do the direct to lungs so this is
direct to lung watch you said it never
went into my mouth
it just went directly down and then I
let it out completely now the thing that
most people make the mistake with is
that when you're inhaling like that you
tend to want to hold it because you're
like well maybe I should hold it maybe
it's like joint or something like that
don't do that you will cough immediately
you will just COFF I mean you can hold
it for a couple seconds if you really
want to but there's no point
the nicotine is in the vapor you're
getting it and the minute you push it
out you've gotten it you don't need to
hold it to get the nicotine but that's
it that's really it and then the the
really great part here is that not only
do you have this smaller coil that lets
you have those two different methods so
if you're really getting off cigarettes
and you just you're like oh I can't do
the direct alone thing you could still
do the mouth to lung thing and then if
as you advance there's another coil in
here and this coil that can do direct to
lung which is like awesome so you have
everything you need right in this
package right out of the box
you've got battery you don't need to buy
batteries you don't need to buy a
battery charger you don't have to worry
about extra parts you have the USB
charger you just plug it into anything
with the USB a computer an outlet now
they have USBs and you've got a very
simple screen that tells you exactly
what you need my cats just ran across
the room it's cool but you have a very
simple screen that tells you exactly
what you need and it's very basic
information but if you ever decide that
you want to upgrade this tank you don't
like this tank anymore there's so many
different tank options out there there's
higher wattage lower wattage
bigger tanks different color tanks you
can put it on this mod because this mod
goes up to 117 watts and that is
actually a very high wattage I have it
at 25 right now and look at the vapor
production that is just 25 watts that is
more than enough that is more than what
you need I know there's a lot of stigmas
attached to vaping oh god those those
guys that blow huge clouds oh the tricks
and the craziness and then this and that
that's all marketing it's all this weird
kitschy stuff to me vaping is one of the
most important things that's happened in
the last couple years not because of the
news articles and the pop pieces of oh
this then that and popcorn lung and this
and that if you do your research you
actually find out that cigarettes cause
popcorn lung as well this is a great
thing because it it has less danger to
your body than a cigarette is it
completely danger free like I've said no
but it allows you to unlearn smoking it
allows you to get into the idea of I
don't need this as much and you can quit
this much easier than cigarettes the
times that I've stopped vaping have been
miles different than quitting cigarettes
miles different and so what I wanted to
do is I wanted to give you the
experience of what it's like to go into
a store have the store clerk say here is
your vape you go holy crap this is like
this is too much I don't understand this
is a lot this is overwhelming and I
wanted to take that break it down and
really just help you to understand how
to start your vaping experience how to
make the switch without worrying about
all the extra features and the all the
extra tanks and all which one do I need
and what do I what accessories do I need
you don't need anything you just need
the drag to mini by vu poo and I'm gonna
have a link in the description as well
because direct vapor they price match
they have great shipping they have
amazing customer service I this company
is the one that I go to for everything
so you just need to go there and you
get one of these bull you're set that's
all you need everything is in the box oh
you will need some juice juice this is
called a liquid and I highly recommend
there's there's milligram counts on it
now if you're just quitting smoking
milligram is how much nicotine is mixed
in with the juice itself and if you've
just quit smoking I highly suggest six
milligrams that seems to be in this in
this tank the equivalent of what it
would feel like to get the nicotine from
a cigarette now as you continue vaping
and as you you're you know the flavor
isn't as bad as a cigarette so you're
gonna end up vaping a little more than
you smoked you're gonna want to drop
down to three milligrams and that's
and it's less nicotine in your body it's
less nicotine that you're ingesting
which is why it makes it easier to stop
completely how cool is that I just I
think it's really cool and I'm really
happy to share this with you I'm so
happy that there's finally a successor
to the mod that that got discontinued by
the schmuck and this to me I've had
booboo drags for a couple years now and
I have used them non-stop and I think
this is built really well it has great
there's no rattle it just is a solid mod
it's a solid tank it's got solid coils
because you're gonna have to replace
those coils remember I showed you the
coils eventually those coils go bad the
more you use it the more they you know
they're Cotton's so it doesn't stay
forever and so you're gonna have to buy
little coil packs and these will come in
packs of like four three or four and if
they last about two to three weeks each
and then when it starts to taste bad you
just take it out and you're all set
so that's it that's how it breaks down
you have your coils you have your tank
you have your juice and you have your
mod aka the battery simple as that so I
hope this has helped you I hope this
will help you in your future of
switching from cigarettes to vaping and
if you have any questions any questions
at all just ask in the comments below
I'm happy to answer all your questions
I get excitement when I can help someone
to stop smoking because I understand how
hard it was from my journey so anything
I can do to help your journey is just
awesome to me that is the drag to mini
by vu poo the all-in-one fake device
that you need to quit smoking right now
I want to thank direct favour again for
sending these out and I want to explain
to you how you have a chance to win one
of these now this is only gonna be
available to people that have not baked
yet I'd like these to go to people that
don't have vape devices and that would
like to quit smoking so do me a favor if
you haven't baked and you need a vape
device you can't afford one something
like that go into the comments below
tell me why you want to switch from
smoking to vaping that's it just to
comment about why you want to switch
from smoking to vaping and I will pick a
winner in about two weeks from now and I
will contact you on YouTube so all you
need to do is comment below and tell me
why you want to switch to vaping from
smoking also if you enjoyed this video
please remember to leave a like as well
you can comment any questions that you
may have there is one little catch with
this stuff is that I will need to ask
for shipping because of the FDA
regulations I cannot send you this free
because if I charge you shipping then
we're good but without shipping I can't
just send this out to you so that's the
small caveat other than that it's up for
grabs these are for you guys this is to
help you on your journey to quit smoking
and I hope that it is I hope this video
has helped to make that process easier
because not everybody has access to a
vape shop and not everybody has access
to the person that I met and so I wanted
to share that experience with you of how
you set it up how it works and how
simple it can be and then if you want to
go into depth and you want to start
searching on YouTube on how temperature
control works on how all the different
modes on this thing work you can do that
but this is for the basic I want it to
work I want to stop smoking today and I
want to just take this thing
the box and I want to just be able to
vape right now I want to put I want to
throw I want to crack my cigarettes in
half and I just want a vape right now I
don't want to think about anything else
and I think that this is the way to do
that it's worked for me it's worked for
me for over four years five years now so
I hope it works for you anyway thanks
for watching everyone my name is Tristan
from alt-tab dot me and I hope to I hope
to see you all vaping in the future or
not vaping at all it all is good for me