IQOS Tobacco Heating Product Are Available in the US

I have some exciting news for smokers who had
difficulty stopping the smoking
the FDA has just cleared a new nicotine
replacement product called I quit i q--
o s which stands for I quit ordinary
smoking this is device is very
interesting it's been approved up all
over the rest of the world for a long
time Canada Europe Asia you know work we
are finally coming on board so what what
this is this is a heat stick and this
heat stick is put into an electrical
device that actually heats the tobacco
this is tobacco in there and it heats
the tobacco but it doesn't burn the
tobacco so you're not getting the
combustion products the toxic combustion
products that you get when you smoke and
you burn tobacco this just heats the
tobacco so that you get the nicotine
vapor so you get the nicotine that
you're looking for without the toxic
materials that you get when you actually
light up and smoke in my opinion and
from what I've read this is much much
less harmful than smoking maybe 90% less
harmful than smoking listen if you don't
smoke don't start this but if you do
smoke and you're having trouble quitting
this is something that you may want to
look into Philip Morris is the company
behind it I think they're going to start
selling it in the south I think in
Georgia this summer and then it will
eventually go nationwide now I don't
think it'll appeal to children or
teenagers because it doesn't have the
various flavors it's just plain
nicotine without the the flavors
you know juice flavors or whatever so
it's going to be mainly appealing I
think to older adults or adults who are
smoking and really having difficulty
stopping this may be the answer and I'm
going to elucidate a little bit more on
it in a future video
smokey is not good for you none of this
stuff's good for you but some are less
harmful than others
at any rate have a healthy mouth you'll
have a healthy body