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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Is the BBC Lying about the Facts of Vaping

now a number of deaths allegedly linked
to e-cigarettes in the United States has
led to concern over the safety of vaping
so today the industry is launched a
campaign to try to reassure millions of
vapors in the UK that it's a safe
alternative to smoking here's breakfast
graham satchel Milwaukee's Health
Department issued an alert telling
people to stop using those ease
cigarettes immediately it's being
described in America as an epidemic
that's now 27 deaths linked to vaping in
22 states every day a new report of
someone dying or being hospitalized this
is the illicit market for THC vapor this
undercover report shows why back street
stalls selling fluid laced with cannabis
most of the reported deaths have been
linked to vaping unregulated homemade
cannabis oil and the panic now gripping
America has prompted the UK vaping
industry to act today they've started a
print campaign in national newspapers it
says what's happening in America
couldn't happen here because the UK
industry is tightly regulated we feel
that it's really important that the
general public and vapors can be
reassured that the products are buying
here in the UK are safe to consume and
that they're dealing with facts and not
fiction vaping in the UK is controlled
by an EU directive all liquids have to
be tested and registered there are
restrictions on advertising and selling
to under 18s but as time goes on there
are also scientific studies starting to
suggest that vaping can cause some
damage can you guarantee that if someone
is vaping in the UK that they'll be safe
what I can guarantee that if you're
using vaping to get off smoking that
it's far less harmful for you to vape
than it is to smoke but nothing that we
do in this world is 100% safe we can
talk now to marketing doctor or from
public health England joins us now from
our Edinburgh news me thank you very
much of her talking to us this morning
you know people are now asking when they
see all these reports in the US and they
see if they see and what's been
happening is vaping safe
understand why people are in such a
panic from the way the stories come
across from the US but as you clip made
really clear this is not an outbreak
associated with the regular kind of
nicotine any cigarettes but more kind of
a joint cannabis vaping which is which
is very different so we've had about 26
27 deaths from cannabis vaping in the US
in the last couple of months we have had
no deaths at all associated with regular
regulated cigarette products that we
have in the UK Wow the more than 1,000
cases of a lung illness which has been
linked to vaping by US health
authorities really really serious but
linked to vaping cannabis products and
and that is a concern and it's something
that we're keeping under tight tight
scrutiny here in the UK - well to be
fair investigators haven't linked the
illnesses to any particular products or
compounds they did say vaping oils
containing THC which is the psychoactive
ingredient in marijuana poses a great
risk but they haven't linked it yet well
well what what they have done is they've
they see a very clear pattern of whose
risk and so right from the start it was
very clearly young men largely men who
were reporting vaping cannabis products
it's doesn't seem to be related to these
nine million adult US vapors of nicotine
products so you can see that in some
states it's 95 percent or more of the
cases associated with with biologically
demonstrated exposure to THC so stress I
really do want to stress that the Center
for Disease Control Disease Control and
Prevention the CDC has advised people
and it hasn't made specific its it has
said it's not linked the illnesses to
any particular products or compound and
it has that score and it has advice so
not just THC but it has advised people
to stop using vaping products or eat
cigarettes and this is the crucial bit
whether they contain nicotine or
marijuana that is the advice that the
CDC has given absolutely
but we've also reported is it you know
that the overwhelming majority people
that you can just if you do a little
search on on the internet for CDC vaping
it'll take you straight to the CDC
website and it'll show you the
proportions of people who have been
exposed to THC now it's quite right that
we don't know that it's the THC that's
causing the problem it might be
something else it probably could well be
something else in the THC vaping in de
so it might be for example something
called vitamin E acetate which seems to
be added to many of these products or it
might be some other kind of contaminant
that's got in in a wrong way but this is
a sudden outbreak in a very specific
population and it's really very
different from the kind of thing we're
seeing in the UK so it's really
important in the UK to focus on the real
risk and the real risk is not in
nicotine containing cigarettes regulated
much more strictly in the UK than in the
US but the real risk in the US and the
UK is among people using these THC
vaping devices now it might not be the
THC that's causing the problem but
there's something in these THC devices
that is causing the problem in those in
the number that were found in this
country there has been a small tree even
a small number the seven or eight you
said that were linked to THC not these
thousands that were in the United States
what's the CDC linked I didn't say I'd
certainly didn't mean to say that any
products would identified in this
country but that's right there are
thousand cases in the US where people
who were overwhelmingly exposed to TAC
products have had this lung disease and
that's very different from the situation
in the UK and from nicotine cigarettes
which were regulated by American
medicines regulate of the MHRA
it's much more tightly regulated in the
UK than in the US
as the tobacco-control eat for public
health England when you and I imagine
you are told about all the studies that
are always significance there has been a
small lab study where UK scientists
found that vapor could lead to changes
in the lungs immune cells
the fact is isn't there but there is a
risk there is some risk when it comes to
smoking e-cigarettes so to prove for
them to be promoted as a safe
alternative to smoking cigarettes well
isn't the wisest advice is it tell me
we've always said that a cigarette are
not completely safe but far far safer
than smoking and so beeps he kindly sent
a cab to pick me up to bring me to the
studio this morning
that wasn't completely safe obviously
there are risks in road traffic but it's
so with a cigarette not a hundred
percent safe but remember 28 cases I
think of 38 deaths in the US but in the
UK from smoking 220 deaths every day
that's a scale of risk 220 deaths from
smoking every day each cigarettes are
far far less harmful no deaths recorded
in the UK linked to Mifflin to be
regulated East nicotine containing East
cigarettes that are approved by the MHRA
so that's that's really reassuring those
products are weighing safer and you know
my advice to the British public is the
same to my brothers and sisters and my
nephews and nieces and all my friends
who smoke way way better to stop smoking
completely fifty percent of people at
least who are lifelong smokers will die
from smoking-related illness not
suggesting that no suggestion that
vaping nicotine is anything like that
Martin da cruel tobacco can control lead
for public health England


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