Is Vaping Bad? What Will Happen If You Vape for a Month

the average person of apes face between
60 and 120 milliliters per month a
bottle this size holds 60 milliliters so
in this experiment we're gonna be using
two bottles which is equal to 120
milliliters and each of these bottles
has 6 milligrams of nicotine and just so
you know vaporfi reached out to me and
offered me their vape pen and juices to
use in this video and this is the two
flavors we'll be using this one here has
a blend of three different flavors on
their website it says that they'll blend
any flavors that you like if you're
interested in any of their stuff it'll
be linked in the description below
obviously this was not scientific but
the video comparison between the cotton
the tubing and the dome between smoking
and vaping is dramatic research at this
time indicates that vaping is 95 percent
better for your health and smoking so if
you smoke consider vaping and if you
don't smoke don't think and kids if
someone tries to get you to try vaping
just say no thank you
remember this one simple rule there is
only one thing meant to go in your lungs
and that's air well