Michigan Attempt to Combat the Youth Vaping Epidemic

we have some kind of rather interesting let's
call it breaking news today the governor
of Michigan has banned all flavored
vaping products ecigs jewels all
flavored vaping products are not allowed
to be sold can't buy them on the
internet cannot purchase them or send to
have them purchased and brought into the
state non-flavored vaping products which
will still be available probably won't
attract as many young people all
flavored vaping products are banned for
6 months in the state of michigan and
then do you really ate it and I think
she just apparently just woke up this
morning and decided yeah she talked to
her kids and her kids said a lot of
people are doing this and so she said
okay let's just ban it then it's really
a turd after that this will be the first
state in the United States I believe
that's put such a ban into effect and
I'm sure it'll be controversial but
that's what's happening this goes into
effect immediately so this goes into
effect today so what will this mean to
people who are vapors who are daily
vapors and they use flavored products
will they stop vaping completely will
they switch to the non flavored vaping
products I wonder what effect it will
have their life because a lot of our
viewers I think do vaping occasionally
and what do you think the impact will be