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Researchers Is Not Sure About Vaping-Related Illnesses

Michigan Flavored Vaping Ban Now In Effect

Michigan's ban on flavored cigarette
products is now in place the move
kicking in at midnight making it illegal
to sell vaping products with flavors and
7 Action News reporter Matthew Smith is
joining us live in Ferndale with more on
this so Matthew what's today look like
on the ground there so it really depends
on where you are right so I'm in
Ferndale outside of the vapor shop and I
was just taking a look inside everything
all the products still on the wall
everything looks business as normal and
yes they can still sell this stuff but
it can't have the flavor in it but it
really does depend on where you are so
out in Westland for instance we know
that police are going to be going
door-to-door to some of these vapor
shops that are in their jurisdiction
really checking in they're considering
this an educational push if you will for
what it actually looks like on the
ground and their neck of the woods will
there actually be products that are for
sale and will there be fines or possible
punishments for that we do want to ret
you know a first offense can draw up
just six months in jail financially a
smaller penalty $200 but you could still
be hit with both again for a first-time
offense as September 4th that's the day
to look back at less than a month ago
governor Whitmer signed this into law
now less than a month later retailers
say including mom-and-pop shops this is
hurting them one business we were inside
last night they got over 150 thousand
dollars worth of inventory has now
banned for sale as of this morning and
that has consumers telling us they're
scrambling to stock up and find other
ways to get their hands on this stuff as
well and the employees they too are
affected by all this like when your jobs
kind of hung a lot you get the little
bit of anxiety back here ahead like this
could really be in EM I have to go look
somewhere else to work
so there is no definitive answer on
whether this is going to be permanent or
not right that's the question for a lot
of people that rely on this or want to
continue to be able to use these
e-cigarettes with flavours there were
arguments before a judge just one day
ago they couldn't come to a decision so
on the 8th that's Tuesday this coming
Tuesday there will be more discussion
about this an injunction is essentially
being sought for this but oh by the way
the federal government is looking at a
ban as well so a lot of things happening
in different arenas state/federal what
it means for the consumer the people who
actually enjoy smoking this or using an
e vape well we'll have to sort through
it all in the coming weeks there is no
definitive answer I'll wear this heads


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