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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Michigan Vaping Ban:1st State to Ban The Sale of Flavored E-cigarettes

the big story snuffing out an
epidemic Michigan becoming the first
state to ban the sale of flavored East
cigarettes governor Gretchen Whitmer
today accusing East cigarette companies
of using deceptive advertising and candy
flavors to hook kids on nicotine Whitmer
ordering the Health Department to issue
emergency rules to ban sales in the
state all this after a series of
mysterious respiratory illnesses right
here in Michigan and all around the
country all associated with vaping 7
Action News reporter Brian Abel is live
in Lansing where the governor is set to
speak on this within the hour
Brian the governor rolled out this plane
on national television earlier this
morning we're about to hear from her in
person for the first time here at
University Club in Lansing in just a few
minutes but we already know how she
plans to execute this band and when
Michigan poised to become the first
state to ban flavored nicotine vaping
products governor Gretchen Whitmer
saying companies selling the products
are using candy flavors to hook children
her office telling 7 Action News the
rule will be effective in the next few
weeks once it's filed followed by a
30-day window for retailers to comply
and now we know how she plans to get
around the executive Oversight Committee
known as J car through the state's
Department of Health and Human Services
which has the power to issue emergency
rules protecting the public health the
department laying the groundwork a week
ago with this finding that the state of
Michigan faces a vaping crisis happy
that someone is going to take the lead
on something that harm our children the
vaping industry already responding
leading manufacturer jewel labs pushing
back on the pending ban including
menthol based products like mint
flavoring saying we believe that to
encourage adult smokers to switch from
combustible use the number one cause of
preventable death in the world they
should be available at retail alongside
tobacco the president of the American
vaping Association telling 7 Action News
the ban is modern-day prohibition will
force people to the black-market and
kill a viable smoking alternative
checked themselves from the taste of a
burning cigarette giving them a product
and were forcing them to only use a
product that is a poor imitation of a
tobacco cigarette that is not going to
result in many people quitting smoking
vape shop owners sounding the alarm that
the ban will bulldoze their business
I've never witnessed one transaction
that doesn't have labor in it so if this
continues we're going ahead shut down
now the governor is at a private event
inside University Club here she's
expected to come out talk to us briefly
at about 5:15 well of course bring that
to you as well as any updates on air and
online and coming up tonight at 6:00 you
will hear more from that shop owner
about what they expect this new policy
will do for business reporting live in
Lansing Brian Abel 7 Action News
all right Brian will see you soon when
the governor takes the podium out there
in Lansing yeah you know a lot of people
say vaping is bad for you but what do we
really know about the impact vaping has
uh not only the lungs but also the body
our chief health editor dr. parson Andy
here to fill us in on what we need to
know so Glenda as of as of right now the
CDC is investigating 215 possible cases
of severe pulmonary disease linked to
e-cigarettes but yet they haven't
identified a specific substance or
product as a cause but when you vape
here's what do you do you basically
inhale an aerosol made from a liquid
that was heated up and E cigarettes
contain harmful ingredients like
diacetyl of flavoring chemicals that's
linked to serious lung disease so not a
good thing now talk a lot of advocates
for e-cigarettes say that vaping is
safer than traditional smoking is this
true is this a true statement it's a
great question Ellen what happens is
that there are over 7,000 chemicals in
regular cigarettes with 96 flagged as
harmful or potentially harmful now
cigarettes e-cigarettes do have fewer
chemicals and traditional cigarettes but
they also contain ultrafine particles
cancer-causing chemicals and heavy
metals like lead tin and nickel now many
of you already know how addictive how
highly addictive Nikitina studies have
found that adolescents who vape are an
increased risk for smoking regular
cigarettes down the road as free
cigarettes helping people to quit
cigarettes vape devices have not been
proven to do so so I actually like this
I think that we can prevent younger
folks from from starting vaping and then
help their help down the road so I've
heard it described as like a shower
steam with a little flavor it's not that
it's really not that we don't know the
safety because there's a lot of
chemicals in there that go in your lung
so shoot you know will come out well as
we get more studies but I'm happy that
maybe less folks will go into this
vaping all right dr. Nandi thank you for
joining us yeah some really good
information for sure well for more on
the law and the product it will change
and impact head to as we await
governor Whitmer to talk about this
landmark decision that could be made


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