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Researchers Is Not Sure About Vaping-Related Illnesses

React to Vaping for the First Time?What to Expect|Vaping Facts

do you think you know much but you have
much to learn don't make people viv but
there's just this big little culture now
that's built up around it like loads of
people Felix yeah Roy you're so cloudy
and that's cool that's debatable
I don't even really know how to smoke
didn't give in to peer pressure
yeah no King is bad I did heroin it's
very futuristic sleek too cool for the
people who use them it looks like a sex
toy that I don't know how to use it's
like we lost pens that has a naked woman
in it but it's missing the naked woman
okay push about dentist for some reason
it looks funnier because you're wearing
a baby glasses
sorry internet hipster overloaded screen
adults shake they're making a ship it's
explosion Oh Sony is actually cigarette
flavored that doesn't say anything like
tobacco tobacco is gross taste the corn
it smelled like Apple and then tasted
like ours I don't I don't get the fun
part tastes like a cigarette kinda is
case closed
okay I'll go to in here and I look
terrible this because I can never find
the woman hold on guys that didn't work
and I'm stuck I'm trying to guess a
flavor I'll blow in your face and see if
you like it it's like popcorn that has
no taste you can tell I played woodwind
instrument as a child taking up a
position of you like peanut butter and
banana tobacco wants you banana where'd
you keep Adonis I'm allergic to peanuts
nuts interesting
oh that looks like iodine this is the
worst one oh I'm so bored really like
you know kind of tipsy eats where we
were getting high we're not we're just
giddy I can't taste anything anymore cuz
we've had so many when you hover above
it and go yeah blackcurrant one can know
the end the blackcurrant and
blackcurrant I was so close in my brain
words know them bastard sweets my granny
ones giving them a nose I'm gonna smell
them that you see bomber that's like
that's how much a hit licorice what
happens if I get all of the pins and
hold them all down at once and suck at
all oh my god dony people I ever see buy
and Laker Girls
I hipsters and hipsters don't forget the
hipsters there's a vibe mention I have
herpes it's like mr. frosty you what
happened didn't come at me didn't know
what this is now he's gonna know me
slush lemon-lime should be good free it
looks like slowed its marketed to kids
doesn't look like they could be kinda
dizzy do you breathe it in real deep it
doesn't come back it isn't that romantic
no what's the proper cool way to hold it
like a teacher with a pen I feel who's
just like you through this I'd rather be
in a smoking area and a nightclub eating
a lame hey where you from no people are
taking or bathing without previously
think smoke not the old cigarettes if
you want to live a bit longer fair
pleasure don't get off in your high
horse because you smoked a little tube
that's the problem that vaping has its
he had like cool people who smoked like
Clint Eastwood who was like what's up
gateway drug Congrats
that's a gateway drug to loneliness
where be totally addicted in 20 I know
you're the only one who's read me
ingredient something like that whatever


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