Review of Snowwolf Mini Kit

today I am bringing you a review of the snow wolf mini
first of all for those of you that don't know
I love wolves wolves are my favorite
animal so when I saw this kid I was like
I didn't do it but yeah that's that's
pretty much the reason why that's it
that's the only reason why I wanted this
is cuz it has a wolf on it but I think
it's awesome too
maybe I don't know let's jump down let's
take a look let's get right into it and
then I'll come back up I'll give you my
thoughts I have been so excited to open
this for you guys look at this thing it
is the snow wolf mini kit the box itself
should just show you how cool this is
gonna look I cannot wait to open this so
wattage range is 10 to 100
bla bla bla bla bla it's got all the
temperature control stuff that you got a
rubber rubber bra but let's look at it
cuz I just want to see that wolf oh
these two boxes oh okay alright two
boxes here interesting okay so this is
the gunmetal mod and this is the tank so
I'm gonna I'm gonna keep you in suspense
and I'll look at the tank first so
here's the tank hi cat if I'm trying to
review yeah god damn it so this is the
snow of mini gunmetal tank boom look at
that beauty see what else it comes with
first this is a thirty to sixty watt
0.28 ohm coil interesting
resting just normal not measure anything
and it's got what is teaching oh my god
it's gotta I can't open it so it's got
extra o rings and stuff which is not the
cool thing this is the cool thing it's
got a wolf freaking keychain if you
didn't know my favorite animal is a wolf
by the way so that's why this is like
super exciting for me oh my god this is
totally going on my keys awesome
alright and then we've got an extra one
of these which I don't know what that is
yet so I guess we'll have to figure that
out alright let's look at this guy
oh look at that that's interesting the
drip tip is comes benzene it doesn't
just open ah let's see if it oh yeah
look at that
it's a 510 driptip it's nice looking and
this what does this do what is this -
this is twisting but why why does this
twist oh oh look at that side fill so
that's how you fill the tank is a side
fill this is very very easy to twist and
be a little nervous about this being in
a pocket cuz like without any force
look at that I can like I can just open
that that's just like juice all on here
that needs to be tighter snow wolf yeah
that that 100% needs to be tighter but
Wow looks really nice it's nice design
very very unique let's see what coil it
comes with oh wait let's see the airflow
1 2 so 2 air flows you know and let's
see well it comes with so this is just a
normal Romo coil and this is 0.25 40 to
80 watts so yeah we'll just keep that in
there when we try for the first time and
yeah oh man this is this is a little
upsetting though this really moves so
like like really easy unless I'm missing
something and there's a lock that I
don't see I don't see any lock roof that
just I just twists way too easy
way too easy yikes okay well that's not
something you're gonna put in your
pocket let's see what else is in here
okay so the okay so this this little
extra thing is is a little is a is a pin
it's a pin for the bottom it's an extra
pin that's that's interesting who uh why
would they include an extra pin does it
say why well this shows how it opens and
there's definitely no lock that's them
that's not good all right well it
doesn't really tell you much like normal
and all these user and manuals so you
just kind of have to figure it out on
your own or watch youtube videos like
this now for the coup de Gras the snow
Meiri black gunmetal mud Meiri shouldn't
say mini it should say mini it just got
smudged I'm like a Giri what the hell
amazing oh oh
boys and girls look oh look at that it's
even got its got red eyes I don't know
if you can see that let me get closer oh
look at that bad boy
oh my god that is so freakin fantastic I
love it I already love it I already love
oh god it's heavy I hope it I hope it
works it works well so it's a one
battery mod this is how you put your
battery in and I believe believe yes I
was correct okay so we can take in 18
650 with this adapter or you can take
that out and you can put the 21700 in
here oh here's your 21700 and boom
look at that you can just okay yeah I
know cat I know everything you need to
rub on I know
get get get out of here you get get okay
in sling screw that back on oh yeah okay
oh there it is I got to charge my
battery uh huh huh let's see turn off no
see turn off thank you five snow wolf
boom there it is there she blows
this is good-looking this is nice feels
nice it's all mental
it's heavy it's got a beautiful wolf
fuck oh my god that's so cool oh yes
what else we got in here yes yes
yum yum that's nice instruction manual
cousin for it doesn't really tell us
much but anyway so yeah so there shows
you where the battery goes it shows you
the different screens shows you how to
adjust it yeah five times and three
times it's obviously gonna change our
stuff and there is the different modes
you can go in for temperature control
you got stainless steel all the
different types
you've got nickel and you've got
titanium and you've got Fahrenheit and
Celsius obviously and what's this
preheat power adjustment oh that's
interesting so you can preheat yeah you
can do all the really cool advanced
stuff even though I just use these in
wattage mode because I'm just a sucker
for simple what can I say but I do like
it when they come with it because I know
a lot of you guys like that stuff so
bonus points for you all one two three
so you've got power we've got 13 iam
nickel stainless steel the different
types and power so I'll show you
stainless steel Fahrenheit yes and then
you've got your Fahrenheit and your
stainless view
boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom-boom 572
Fahrenheit for some reason that's a very
strange number but that's what that's
what it does it doesn't rap so you have
to scroll back down a little cumbersome
okay so we hit both buttons you can read
the resistance you can set the
resistance that's only if I had a mod on
there but I don't
so let's go back to normal power mode
okay and then we're at the lowest which
is 10 watts and it goes all the way up
to 100 watts
boom Shakalaka so now let's take this
bad puppy plug in yeah this is gonna
look cool look at that it just looks so
nice it's beautiful it's beautiful now
does it read the resistance
automatically yes it does does it adjust
it no what if I hold down these two
buttons there Justin setting only for
tempo yeah well screw you so we already
know that it needs to be down at around
50 so well yeah there it is there it is
the snow wolf minikit oh my god it's
gorgeous it is it feels really nice it
feels like it's made really nice look at
that it's got ventilation for your
battery it's got what you need it's got
what you need except if you put it in
your bag and everything leaks out that's
just gonna be okay well let's go try it
out and then we'll go back up and I'll
give you my thoughts ah rare so yeah
there it is the snow off Minnie oh my
goodness oh my goodness
that wolf on here is just it's gorgeous
it's beautiful the little red eyes the
way it's carved out the way this mod
feels it's actually not that heavy in
the hand it's very solid
everything is milled very well the metal
feels really nice the only thing I would
say is that the screwing of this to get
the battery on
takes like forever because there's a lot
of threads it could use bigger thread so
you can do like three times instead of
twenty-five times but you know at all
it's built very well and even on top
there it's got a little it's got a
little wolf on the on the battery cap
itself plus it takes the 21700 batteries
for you people that love the two one two
one seven hundred matter as you know I
have to get religious when I say that I
have an 18 650 in here actually right
now adapted with the little adapter that
I showed you down below and it's got the
ventilation on the bottom for the
battery which is really important and
really cool however you should keep in
mind that this will definitely not be
waterproof and since it's on the bottom
I would not be putting this down in any
snow or rain or anything where the
bottom can absorb water because it's on
the bottom so perhaps not the best place
for that there's a couple of design
things on this that really kind of irked
me first of all the the tank here I
don't know what they were thinking when
they made this so loose even after I put
liquid in it it even got looser because
the liquid is lubricating this and this
is taking zero effort to just twist and
if that twist when it's in your pocket
or in your bag or anything all your
juice is just coming right out and for
anyone who has ever had juice leak out
in their pocket or their purse or their
bag it sucks so that they need to fix
that there needs to be a locking
mechanism or it needs to be a screw on
this tank I it is this tank alone I
can't recommend because of that alone
that is just no mmm that will open up in
your pocket guaranteed guaranteed
guaranteed I didn't even put it in my
pocket because of that I refused to
because I didn't I didn't I didn't need
to test it to know Plus because it's so
loose you know you get like juice that
that kind of like reservoirs up on that
little twist area now filling it is
super easy with that but the olio you
all they really need to do to fix this
is make it so it locks and then you lift
or you something something so that you
can I don't know thread it I don't know
just something so that it doesn't just
really easy airflow wise nice airflow I
will show you that so here we go we have
it on 45 watts and there's the wolf so
hold it in this hand and here we go now
this is a low wattage baby
it is a cooler vape the coils are very
small and the air flows are actually
pretty pretty small so you're getting a
pretty tight draw you're still getting
direct along that mouth too long you
couldn't do math too long with this I
don't think I mean maybe if you twist
this down a little bit let me see
no it's still it's still direct too long
no matter what and that's okay because
that's what this mod is all about
actually believe it or not the coils are
very flavorful those little tiny coils
taste great the juice tastes fantastic
the vapor production as you just saw
fantastic I'll show it to you again that
is a lot of vapor production for a
little tiny 45 watt babe and it has that
really nice drip tip now the only weird
thing is that because they milled that
top cord you twist this and it has like
those grooves like I showed you down
below your your mouth touches that and
so it's not sharp like it's gonna cut
you but it feels like you're you're
touching how cute like like you're
putting your mouth on a gear that's what
it kind of feels like like your your
lips feel like they're on like a gear
yeah cuz this is so short that your
mouth definitely touches this it doesn't
get hot but it definitely feels a little
strange to put your lips on that so
maybe you might want to adapt a
different drip tip to this another of
like taller 510 but otherwise it works
fine so if you don't mind the feeling
maybe you like it maybe you like
touching gears with your lips and if so
then there you go take itself the only
cons are the fact that this thing has
come loose you're gonna you're gonna
drop your juice everywhere the pros
though of this tank are that the flavor
is fantastic the coils last for quite a
about a week which I find is actually
pretty long these days especially for a
stay in the steel coil that's just the
normal wrap and not mesh coils these
days don't last very long everyone like
if you haven't figured that out they
just don't
and I wish somebody would come up with a
way to make a coil last longer and stop
using cotton use something that is more
durable and yeah that's okay that aside
moving on terms of the mod itself the
mod itself has so many features it's got
everything you need it's got your
ramping it's got your curves it's got
your temperature control for a stainless
steel for all the stainless steels for a
nickel titanium you've got it you've got
your wattage mode you've got everything
you need in this thing in a very small
package very form-fitting to your hand
feels really nice no sharp edges has the
21700 battery can adapt to the 18 615
battery and it comes with a cool freakin
wolf on it and there's multiple
different colors and I'm telling you
that design is so so cool and it doesn't
feel weird in your hand with that wolf
like it's just you're like yeah I'm
holding the wolf like it makes you happy
I wish I was a left-hander vapor because
then you could see the wolf more but I'm
not so that's like the only downside for
me I guess I could vape like this but
that's just weird for me the other thing
that I personally just am a little bit
not a big fan of is the design here I
feel like this if it was just gunmetal
black like if all of this was just black
with this beautiful wolf on here that
would make it so much cooler but there
are different color schemes so you are
covered there but this specific one I
feel like it would just be more poppy
and it would just be a little more like
her I'm a wolf with the bred eyes if it
was just all black the bottom airflow
holes like I said that could be a
problem for you however most of the mods
these days the batteries on the bottom
anyway although on this one the battery
screws in from the top but I mean every
mod that I use the batteries on the
bottom - the drag so the drag goes in
through the side yeah so I don't know
how this will do if you were to get it
in water and I'm not I'm not testing
that sorry like there's certain things I
don't test like putting my mod in water
okay but other than that other than
those little things
it looks freaking awesome it has great
flavor and it is a freaking wolf on it
so if you want a little tiny mod that
feels good in the hand takes the 21700
batteries has good flavor might spill in
your pocket and well most definitely
will spill in your pocket can't put it
down in the snow then this is the mod
for you I'm not selling this very well
am i I mean I don't really try to sell
shit on my channel but like I'm really
just not I'm I don't know I'm like
telling you guys it's awesome because
I'm a wolf and you're supposed to
believe me because of the wolf
all right well that's all I got for this
this is the snow wolf mini kit and I
hate safe but I like it I think it's a
great little collectible I think it's a
really cool mod to look at I will
definitely be putting my tank on here
which is the NRG by vapor Esso with the
GT mesh coils you can see that in the
description below so as always if you
have any questions feel free to ask in
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New Year and happy 2019 to everyone it's
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I hope to see more of you soon and I
hope to give you more review soon also
of other cool things this year I'm kind
of gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna mix it up a
little bit this year I'm gonna show some
reviews for some other cool stuff that I
think you'll all get a kick out of oh by
the way as always be frugal with your
money if you can go look at this
somewhere or test it out for yourself
make sure you do yeah remember that 2019
hasn't changed from 2018 big be frugal
with your money make sure you like the
mods that you buy don't just take
someone else's word for it try to make
your own opinion if you can't then well
I guess you have to take someone else's
word for it and I just gave you all my
opinion so there you go make a decision
informed hopefully alright
love ya I'm talking too much bye