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Nova Scotia Becomes First Province To Adopt Ban On Flavoured Vaping Products

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Oil Vape Pens

the best five oil pens of 2019 of course
a lot of your experience is going to
depend on the oil you choose but we will
be discussing the devices we're gonna
take a look into why you should choose a
pen and what the differences are of
course the better the pen the better
your experience with your cartridge and
oil so without further ado let's make
sure you spend your hard-earned cash the
right way let's get into it
the vessel adds a touch of class and
luxury to the oil battery market it is a
lightweight pen shaped oil pen that is
compatible with 510 threaded cartridges
and features three voltage settings 280
million powers of battery and a magnetic
USB charger it is simple to use simple
to switch cartridges and takes less than
10 seconds to go from off to coughing
your lungs off the vessel is a premium
oil pen that is stylish
functional and will keep you vaping all
day long and that's why it sits in our
number one spot the Lynx Hermes is a
slick and slim oil pen that comes
complete with its own tank the Hermes 2
is discreet portable and performs really
it is draw activated and features no
buttons at all pumps out good flavor and
decent cloud production great for low
key vapors the Hermes 2 does better with
thinner oils it has hassle-free
operation and comes complete with a
convenient case for discreet on-the-go
vaping it is micro USB rechargeable has
a compact form factor and is easy to
load and use and all of these reasons
contribute to its position in our number
2 spot the candy pens Ruby is an open
pod based oil pen that is designed to
work best with thinner oils it utilizes
a pod design that makes swapping between
different pods of snap it is also leak
proof and is machined very well it
features a 280 milliamp hour battery
that recharges via micro USB auto puff
drawing and a 1 milliliter pod it is
among the most discreet oil pens in the
market and will last you a day's worth
of vaping that open pod design gives you
the freedom to refill when you want and
that's why the candy pens Ruby holds our
number three spots strongly the oak in
hive 2.0 is a compact
oil pet battery that comes with an
included empty oil cartridge it is also
compatible with other 510 threaded oil
cartridges the okin hive 2.0 features a
magnetic tank system three voltages and
650 milliamp hours of battery you can
typically get 10 to 15 uses out of each
charge and the drawers are smooth one of
the best features of the hive 2.0 is
that you can use it discreetly in
crowded places without letting others
know it is so tiny it fits in the palm
of your hand it is well built and
discreet and that's why it sits in our
number 4 slot the candy pen slim is a
simple oil pen that comes with a point 5
milliliter tank and at 280 million power
draw activated battery it also includes
a bottle applicator to help with filling
your liquids the slim is a very simple
plug-and-play solution for someone
looking to enjoy oil the cartridge is
refillable and it is compatible with all
consistencies of oil it is incredibly
easy to use and fill it is portable and
discreet and that's why it sits at
number 5 remember when choosing an oil
pen you want to go with a company you
trust there are thousands of oil pens on
the market and you don't want to pick
one up from an unreliable company and
throw your nice oil in there it's like
buying a Ferrari and then putting a Ford
engine in it and that's it for this one


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