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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Side Effects & Benefits You Will Experience When You Smoke Every Day

my name is Nate I'm a Canadian stoner
that smokes a hell of a lot of weed and
this is my dog Oh would you write to you
that I live with welcome to my channel
today we're gonna be talking about what
has happened to me from smoking weed
every day for the past two years the
only thing that ever happened in weed
everyday' is you just became a lazy ass
donut and you know that's that's pretty
true to a degree honestly I am just a
peaceful lazy a STONER but that is not
the only thing that has come to me from
this plant place I personally feel a
hundred times smarter now than I did
before when like I never smoked I
honestly like before now I never even
really thought it mattered
like how smart you were I didn't really
care like it just didn't bother me but
now it's like I really think it's
important to actually go do research
figure things out for yourself build
that brain big brain guys seriously
though it actually really does
contribute to society and it does really
fucking help and benefit us to move
forward not to get all philosophical on
you guys but you know it is my channel I
will say what the fuck I want
and boys not only do I feel smarter but
I actually feel a lot more happier just
in general in life like my
this has gone up so much in life since I
started smoking weed and it just I feel
so fucking good like I feel like I know
myself more I spent time with myself and
I actually learn things about myself
it's it's honestly a beautiful fucking
thing and if you haven't done it yet I
suggest it try it out when I was a kid I
used to get sick all the time but like
ever since I started smoking weed as an
adult I just I rarely ever get sick and
honestly I think another reason for that
is this right here boys
I drink hello water every single day of
two fucking liters of water your boy got
to stay hydrated and make sure you guys
think I did it so you guys are probably
wondering where did I get this shirt
well actually I got it from my mom a
while ago oh yeah yeah reminded me buddy
the boys are probably wondering what the
hell happened to my hair and well let me
explain boys let me explain okay your
boy was kind of sipping on these little
growers right here and I got I got drunk
as fuck boys okay and I just thought you
know it dude there was bleach under
the fuck in the under the sink for my
mom she left it there I called her up
and she literally showed me how to
bleach my hair while I was drunk as fuck
it it was honestly literally the
funniest shit I've ever done end
you know actually looks pretty fucking
fluent I like it honestly boys I like it
it suits me fucking dude one thing that
it really sucks boys is this was the
shirt that I wore when I bleached my
hair rip dude this is literally
one of my favorite shirts the by
pepsi-cola sure boys ah rips in
the comments boys for my shirt I'm so
sad it's one of my favorites
I'll have to go shopping again Steven
get some new favorite shirts but sad
face words rip in the chat with the
hairs growing on me honestly I kind of
look like a dude on the beach in
California so he kind of look like a
prince in medieval times
no I got it I look like that baby Cupid
but he got older and smoked hella
weed honestly look like Marilyn
Monroe she was a dude I look like I was
born in the 80s and I just time-traveled
here just a Canadian dude looks like
he's from California yep
yeah oh that's the killer fucking wave
yeah cheers boys stay lifted
stay happy stay baked as always
this thing is fucking dope right here
let me show you guys some tricks why -
fuck you babe and smoke weed at the same
time I notice I see a lot of who's
always askin the reason is boys well you
would have to find out for yourself you
have no idea how good it feels right
dude I am so dumb I just
felt it boys I'm feeling it let me know
what you guys are vaping on down in the
comments I always like to see what
juices I should try boys I actually got
some sad news to tell you guys right now


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