Startling Research on Health Effects Of E-cigarettes

what cigarette do you smoke doctor
regular or a king-sized item by the
carton yeah
surveys show more doctors smoke camels
than any other cigarette
the farther smoke travels the smoother
it takes smoke camels the cigarette so
many doctors enjoy I've been a smoker
for twenty years and I just found the
smarter alternative no ash no odor it's
nothing compared with cigarettes the
studies that have been compared the
safety long-term of vaping versus
cigarettes there are none so then how
can anybody believe it's safer
my job as a toxicologist is to make sure
products that are out for consumption
are safe and I'm always skeptical when
there's a new product on the market
without any kind of regulation that's
what I've been doing for many many years
and that's my research passion the
bottom line in us these cigarettes are
not without health effects they're
changing the respiratory mucosa as
compared to an otherwise healthy
non-smoking non vaping person and
they're changing it in a different way
than what we know cigarette smoking does
how this manifests or how this results
into long term diseases we don't know
all we know is they're not without
health effects
one of the things that's always talked
about with east cigarettes is all the
different flavors
you can have any flavoring combination
you can imagine in our stomachs and and
livers are perfectly equipped to
detoxify and metabolize when you then
switch the route of exposure and go
through the lung the lung is really not
a good organ to metabolize foreign
compounds the first line of defense in
your lung one is a barrier which is
almost just like a fence and then you
also have like little guards that are
basically patrolling the outside of your
fence at all times
one of the compounds or one of the
flavors that we're really interested in
is cinnamaldehyde and so what we did is
we took those cells and exposed them in
vitro in the lab to different flavored
and what we found was that the three
flavors we had that contained
cinnamaldehyde completely shut down
their function but one thing that we
sort of observed serendipitously was its
reactivity actually with plastic it
almost looked like somebody took a knife
and scratch the plastic of it if you
think about what it does to your lung
it's probably not a good thing
one of the things that caught me
off-guard and I study e-cigarettes is
Jewel and Julie in these newer devices
that are really popular among
adolescents when you're talking to
adolescents they're not thinking about
smoking cessation they're talking about
starting jeweling or vaping from
something that they would never done
otherwise I think the conversation needs
to change from calling it a harm
reduction product to something that they
would have otherwise not used I have two
kids myself 15 year old and a 16 year
old I see how it's exploding in the
middle schools in high schools so for me
personally the call of action is to
effect change directly in my community
and on a larger scale contribute to data
that can help set regulations we know if
you use cigarettes they are known to
cause cancer they are known to cause all
kinds of adverse health effects so of
course each cigarettes compared to
cigarettes which are really really bad
are considered to be potentially safer
but that's a wrong comparison our level
of comparison should be not inhaling any
kind of contaminant or any kind of
product and comparing the e-cigarettes
to that