The Difference Between Smoking and Vaping Affects Your Lungs from a Test

of course this was not a scientific test
but it is an indicator as to why seven
million people a year die from smoking
cigarettes but let's be very clear they
thing is not for kids it's a device
that's meant to help get you off of
deadly cigarettes experts and scientists
agree is 95 percent less harmful than
cigarette smoking plus you can slowly
reduce the amount of nicotine right down
to zero if you're a kid and thinking of
starting to vape don't do it your lungs
are still developing and you could harm
them for the rest of your life so if you
smoke you should vape but if you don't
smoke don't they it's not for kids and
kids just remember this one simple rule
there's only one thing that should be
going in your lungs and that's air