The Logic Behind Why E-cigarettes is Much Safer

this video is about an unfortunate
instant that happened in America
recently but it's also a scientific
exploration of how vaping devices work
you see recent in America there was a
speed of people admitted to hospital the
lung problems and it appeared that
they'd been vaping something and they
had been vaping conventional eliquid
they'd been vaping a cannabis type
extracts with solvents and they were
from an unknown source they weren't from
some established source so really they
were vaping just unknown chemicals and
several hundred were taken into
hospitals lung problems breathing
difficulty and of those at least five
have died and the Food and Drug
Administration they said we'd strongly
recommend that people avoid vaping
cannabis oils until we've actually got
to the bottom of this the Center for
Disease Control took a rather more need
juror garage maybe they were just
playing safe they said stop vaping
everything and unfortunately that's what
the media has jumped on they've said
vaping deaths and vaping kills when in
reality there's no actual evidence of
that toll yet so here's the situation
the people were vaping things that you
wouldn't normally find in a cigarette
cartridge they were vaping oil and they
were vaping something called dr. ferral
acetate which is otherwise known as
vitamin E acetate and it's a kind of
solvent used to blend the oil and this
is what's theoretically in these
cartridges because of an unknown source
there there's no real saying what was in
them and it's most likely that a
combination of these caused an issue in
the lungs called lipid pneumonia which
is where when fats get introduced rather
intimately to the lung tissue and the
lungs don't like that they don't like
the they don't like breathing oils it's
not you know a great thing technically
speaking if the THC that people wanted
the THC which stands for
tetrahydrocannabinol had been in some
sort of water soluble extract and it
would have gone into standard e liquid
fine and probably atomized fine and this
would have happened but it's happened
and the main thing is here don't they
unknown cannabis seed druggie tape
things if you don't know the source
because I you just don't know what
chemicals are in them that is the main
message here however the other message
is that at this point in time
ordinary vaping if you've given up
cigarettes and gone to vaping don't be
alarmed by the message the media is
putting out because it's not related to
standard eliquid and at this point in
time standard e-liquid as best as we
know because it's a fairly new thing is
relatively safe to vape it certainly
couldn't be worse than cigarettes could
it with four hundred and thirty four
hundred eighty thousand in America alone
dying every single year from cigarette
smoke inhalation and all of those about
41,000 being non-smokers who just
passive breathed in I'll talk about that
later on because let's take a look at
what's an actual eliquid the stuff that
doesn't seem to cause many problems at
glycerin this is this is glycerin here
it's a medicine as well as a food
additive it's used as a humectant it's
it's used to make cakes moist and keep
them moist in their packaging it's used
on skin and creams it's used to deliver
drugs in both liquid form and it's also
used in vapour form so this there is
research on the vaping of glycerin for
other purposes and the ingredients here
are there should have say the
instructions for use here to relieve
coughs and sore throats mix the
recommended amount which is partly to 5
milliliter spoonfuls with a little water
and drink slowly and you can do that
three or four times a day and this stuff
is just a very sticky liquid completely
water soluble in fact it's sort of it's
so hygroscopic it loves water so much
that it actually sucks out the air and
this bottle if I just left a ton
uncapped and put it on a set skills
every so often it would gradually get
heavier because it absorbs so much water
out there the main purpose of this will
let let's show you the main purpose of
this in an e-cig is to create the cloud
of fog let me just put this cartridge in
that I filled with mixture of glycerin
and just water that it's just a little
bit of water to actually
thin it down a bit to make sure it feeds
okay and also the water is quite
important as part of the process of
making the far because I'll show you in
a moment
so this is just glycerin on its own it
produces quite a thick fog of vapour now
I can show you what's creating that
vapor let's jump the gun here let's go
straight to what's creating that vapor
glycerin propylene glycol the other
things you might find like nicotine in
vaping countries I don't I don't vape
nicotine I just this not I don't like
them the whole tea aspect to it the main
thing is that the water has a boiling
point of render 100 degrees Celsius
queer as the other constituents of the
liquid like glycerin propylene glycol
have much much higher boiling points so
what happens is that because they're all
mixed together in an intimate contact
and liquid when you heat it up in this
wick with a heating element wrap around
it then it forms ittle bubbles of vapor
and the vapor inside is mainly water but
it forms a little bubble of the liquid
itself which is the glycerol and the
propylene glycol I should mention
glycerin go serene with an e in the end
and glycerol are all the same thing but
these are the bubbles form of the glycol
and then they go and they burst and they
just create tiny little droplets of the
glycol that if you looked at them
through a microscope it would look like
a little sphere of glycol float in the
air and that's what the fog is it's
basically just a cloud of tiny little
liquid droplets just like real fog on a
foggy day
that's what clouds are made of - but not
glycerin they're made of water the
propylene glycol it's
used to thin the let the e-liquid but
it's also used as a flavor carrier
because for some reason propylene glycol
is a very good serve material for mating
the flavor enhances the flavour in some
way but on its own this cartridge is
just got propylene glycol in it all its
let me just blows out
it produces a little wisp of much
lighter fog that very quickly disappears
it doesn't hang about as much it's more
Savola tell maybe that's what actually
mates the flavor that's what brings it
into you as such the other things you'll
find in the e-liquid are nicotine if you
use nicotine Oh nicotine in its pure
concentrated form it's quite toxic if
you've got it in your hands it go
through the skin root cause problems you
have to observe special handling
precautions because it really is very
toxic in its unique firm however and
it's very very dull lit from and they
use only the tiniest quantity any liquid
then it's just it's a stimulant but it
doesn't pose much of a risk it doesn't
there's no known problem to the inhaling
of nicotine alone and the real hazard in
electronic cigarettes for me is the
flavorings because they don't state what
they are and they're just a whole
hodgepodge of chemicals this is the bit
that is the unknown variable in standard
a liquid and you can avoid that you can
reduce the risks associated that by
reducing the amount of flavoring or just
if you want you just not having any
flavoring at all because on its own and
the eliquid I mean this vaping device
here this cloud chaser device it's just
filled with a base liquid it's 80
percent glycerin 20 percent propylene
glycol that would normally be a 50/50
mix for devices like this the blue
device but in this case it's just purely
that there's no nicotine added there's
no flavoring added and Alex I'll
describe what it tastes like in its own
so as these devices do it produces a
super thick vapor and the taste it's
just a mild sweet neutral taste it's not
unpleasant on its own and it doesn't
have any of these synthetic chemical
flavorings in it the Scout on the other
hand does this is based on standard
commercial e-liquid and it's a cold
highs in this particular flavor and it's
kind of got a fruity literacy taste to
it I'm not sure what that there you know
what it's supposed to represent but
unfortunately it just to me it
represents the chemical flavorings and
you get these bottles I mean that when
you go into a vape shop it's all about
choosing the flavor and some people
believe this is encouraging kids to
actually take up vaping people who have
smoked before and certainly I have to
say I don't do all the time but quite
enjoy it when I do just because I like
the visual effect and I could say to
kids that the safest thing to breathe is
air and don't take up vaping but if I
tell you not take up vaping that's going
to make you take up vaping just out of
out of defiance because that's what
happens it's the same reason when I was
young I tried cigarettes they were awful
and but I was told don't smoke so I
immediately went and got some cigarettes
and tried oh yeah that wasn't a good
result it was rather nauseating so you
can at this point in time compared to
the number of deaths caused by tobacco
and cigarettes if you consider that the
people breathing this the biggest thing
biggest hazard export get exposed as a
flavours of anything ever arise in the
future that there are problems with this
I don't think it's going to be the
glycerin or the propylene glycol or even
the nicotine that causes the problem I
think it's going to be related to some
of the chemicals used in the flavorings
and you can you can adjust that you can
buy a base liquid from eBay in big
bottles I have a big bottle base liquid
one moment please
so you can buy bottles of base liquid
but note that by it from what appear to
be largest established companies that
only really sell food grade products
because then you know they're good to
actually make an effort and they've got
batch numbers and they're set up
monitoring it and the processing and
this stuff here well it's gonna last
fridge it was only about fifteen pounds
including shipping if you get this you
get your favorite vape flavor and you're
just a mix you know you fill your device
with the base liquid but then just add a
little drop of your preferred flavor
then you're going to get the flavor but
it's just gonna be a lot weaker it's not
going to be that spring them room with
your freshener effect now earlier I
mentioned passive smoking and how it
kills about 41,000 smokers and
non-smokers in America every year I can
totally relate to that because when I
was the apprentice I for a while I took
a bus through quite a long bus turn in
the morning to remote branch of the
company and the bus was full of ladies
going to work in factories and they
smoked like chimneys and it was just the
stench that the bus was just thick with
smoke it was honestly you might as well
have been sitting in a burning building
breathing all that crap him and the
clothing just stank and people asked if
I smoked because they could smell off me
but it was just the fact you were
exposed to that with vaping what people
are breathing in is atomized a result of
glycerin propylene glycol pretty much
what you find in fog fluid in a
nightclub and the aromas if you go into
toilet facility and they've got air
fresheners in the wall that put those
chemical aromas or even in someone's
house the chemical aroma air fresheners
as I call them ear polluters I call them
and you're breathing in these of aroma
chemicals why do I even call them
flavorings there are rumors is a better
description so is passive vaping gonna
be problem mmm us know aside from the
NOI ins I don't see it being any
different to the people spending maybe
five six hours at the weekend in a
nightclub every weekend with that ear
absolutely fogged out to the hilt there
are no obvious signs that that has ever
caused a problem so compared to
breathing the particulate smoke with all
the other chemicals associated I don't
think passive vaping is actually an
issue other than the annoyance of some
people's choice of aroma so that's
really it if you do smoke and you've
been put off by the media saying stop
vaping immediately it's you know you
could make an informed decision you can
go online you can research this you can
find that the medical industry has
actually been doing quite a lot of
research into vaping devices they've
looked up past research they've done new
research and so far they've not found
any major evidence that the standard
ingredients cause a problem but the one
thing they're all in agreement with is
the flavorings are a completely unknown
variable but now you've seen the video
now you've seen how the folks created
and now you know what are the unknown
variables here you can make a choice
yourself that's how you want to do that
but at this point in time my opinion is
that if you've given up smoking to take
up vaping instead particularly with some
of the more aggressive liquids like the
tobacco industry has been putting out to
encourage the same sort of addiction
then I'd say yeah they've got to be
better than cigarettes I can't see them
being more harmful than cigarettes at
this time so they are probably still the
better option