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👆The Vaping Ban Passed This Week

The Reason Why You Can Start Vaping and Quit Smoking

these things are causing the new health
crisis so says our government and the
media eat cigarettes are popping up
everywhere they've got serious potential
harms vaporizers for e-cigarettes let
people get a hit of nicotine without
actually burning tobacco so the
government scares people about the FDA
warning about liquid nicotine scientists
saying it can change your brain but
vaping is a much less harmful way to
consume nicotine extraordinarily less
harmful it's about 95 percent less
harmful than a normal traditional
cigarette Michelle mentioned the
Competitive Enterprise Institute studies
vices like vaping she concludes we
should really be encouraging people to
use vaping and there's only a couple
ways encouraging absolutely because
there's no there's no controversy at
this point the fact that vaping is much
less harmful than smoking actually there
is some controversy ecig arete battery
suddenly exploded some vaporizers are
defective but most important vapor
contains harmful chemicals too
nevertheless vaping is far less harmful
than smoking its nicotine that makes
both East cigarettes and regular
cigarettes addictive but nicotine itself
isn't that bad it's a stimulant and
similar to caffeine similar to caffeine
on the spectrum of drugs that you can
become addicted to nicotine and caffeine
are very similar to each other enjoy a
cigarette but tobacco smoke contains
7,000 other chemicals some of which
cause cancer taking in nicotine is not
as harmful as inhaling smoke from the
burning of paper and tobacco leaves
what's harmful about nicotine is how it
is delivered delivered to cigarettes
it's incredibly harmful incredibly
deadly by contrast while cigarettes may
deliver these big puffs of smoke the
smoke is mostly flavored vapor less
likely to harm anyone also it doesn't
smell as bad as cigarettes somebody
whose vaping a huge cloud of vanilla
cherry blasts whatever they're vaping is
way more pleasant than standing next to
somebody who is exhaling smoke from a
combustible cigarette so these are less
intrusive and safer so why does our
government do
there's an epidemic spreading it
launches campaigns against vaping
your kids are not an experiment protect
them from a cigarette actually kids have
been vaping a little less since 2014
according to data from the CDC but
recently there was a spike the only
explanation I can come up with now is
that the CDC and the FDA has been doing
the most advertising of these products
by talking about them so much young
people should never use these kinds of
products telling children you shouldn't
be doing this thing is not necessarily
going to make many of them say no maybe
makes it more attractive to them kids
are going to the bathroom smoking it
installs next thing you know you're
hooked like that my former employer ABC
News is eager to talk about the dangers
addicted to nicotine before they even
graduate from middle school recently
they ran more than it doesn't scare
stories about vaping another recent
study suggests that e-cigarettes are a
gateway to traditional cigarettes
gateway to traditional cigarettes
someone is going to use cigarettes
they're probably gonna start with an
e-cigarette first however some children
who might have gone on to use actual
cigarettes might just stop with a
cigarette if I take a puff of this I get
oh that smells good what is that what
flavor is that if I smoke a cigarette I
get funny looks and no brush shoulders
do we want children to become addicted
to anything no no one's gonna say they
want kids to become addicted but keeping
a small percent of teenagers from trying
cigarettes is not worth sacrificing
adults whose lives could be saved
why not ban all these things they're all
bad for you that would be a tragedy for
Public Health
a really good example of this is what
happened in Europe with something called
snus Sweden was built on premium quality
snooze snooze is a moist tobacco chew
that has been banned in the EU for about
two or three decades now except for in
one country Sweden and Sweden currently
has the lowest smoking rates and the
lowest lung cancer rates of any EU
country the EU is banning the tobacco
alternative didn't work out very well if
we do this with each cigarettes it would
be as bad as what the EU did with snus
we've seen this with vaping already
cities across the country are starting
to ban you cigarette use in public the
states that have enacted
you know over 21 to buy e cigarettes or
over 18 the teenage smoking rates go up
again because when teens who want to do
something like smoking can't get a hold
of e-cigarettes they just go to smoking
it can release dangerous chemicals like
formaldehyde into your bloodstream
children aren't the only people seeing
these ads five years ago very few adults
believed that e-cigarettes were as
harmful as smoking and now thanks in
large part to these government warnings
adult smokers think that vaping is as
harmful or even more harmful many adult
smokers think that we're talking on the
order of 60 percent at this point so it
used to be just already and it's dead
wrong there are a few lunatics out there
who say that cigarettes are more harmful
based on zero evidence but every
legitimate rational scientist who's
investigated this issue has said we
don't know all the risks but we can say
that they're less harmful than smoking
now Minton's think-tank has received
some money from companies that make east
cigarettes but best I can tell her
science is Right vaping is a safer
alternative you may think it's unusual
that Minton spends all her working time
studying and writing about vices what's
wrong with you alcohol gambling vaping
11 years studying this stuff why I like
some of those bad things personally and
it's also personal for me because we're
talking about the essence of what it is
to be a free human being which is to
make decisions about risk in your life
there's nothing more fundamental than to
human choice than being able to decide
for yourself what kind of risks you want
to take with your body with your money
with your life so it's a fundamental
freedom for myself that I want to
protect not just for other people but
also for them


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