The Risk of Using Illicit Vape Cartridges

There has been an explosion in the use
of e-cigarettes also known as beeps
among teenagers who are attracted by the
appealing flavors and ease of use
we interviewed students who actively
vape to understand their perceptions
amid recent news coverage of its health
can you make every hour I'd say pretty
much daily whenever I feel a little bit
of stress maybe twice three times a day
my vape occasionally like a few times a
nicotine base but they also have
flavored I use flavor based vaping
products play the Beast
I use a blueberry flavor master always
my favorite currently I have this
Hawaiian flavor it's pineapple orange
yeah I use THC vapes generally actually
I honestly started vaping with friends
and then I got my own vape from one of
those brands from my friend actually he
he got me into vaping
so last year I realized that I was
hitting a lot of my friends Jules so I
kind of wanted to get my own thing so I
was it using their product but then over
the summer I was using cigarettes so I
guess this is a way to kind of stop that
as well no I honestly think smoking is
disgusting I just started because my
friends were doing it
um I think I've seen like a few things
in the social media here and there but
I'm honestly not aware of what's really
there I've seen a lot of videos on
Instagram I don't care though about any
in Canada but I know that in some parts
of the states they're starting to ban it
it has I'm honestly starting to make me
want to quit because I've learned about
so many health concerns about weight
being and I think it's not good for me
anymore um not really I'm not gonna stop
eating it hasn't I don't go as of
October of 2019
there have been 1600 cases of vaping
associated lung injury that I've been
reported to the Center for Disease
Control known as the CDC across 49
states in the USA
we interviewed rest per ologists and
professor of medicine dr. Martin Kolb
for more insight
so vaping related cases of lung problems
have been reported primarily from the
United States and a few cases from
Europe that I'm aware of the United
Kingdom and I think in in Spain but
predominantly it's from the United
States due to the reported adverse
health effects vaping has been
undergoing serious regulation in recent
times in the United States the Trump
administration announced that they would
be banning all flavored vapes and E's
cigarettes in September 2019 ecig
arrests have also been banned in Brazil
Singapore Seychelle Uruguay and India
we also know they became dangerous
whatever substance it is and if it's
something you buy on the street or by a
certified store it's still a lot of
unknowns in there
clearly advocates for waiting say that
it is a helpful means to help people
with smoking cessation yeah but that
would mean you only have nicotine and
the maintenance illusion and that has to
be controlled and then he has to be
accompanied by a sort of a smoke
cessation program but until we know more
by having a stricter legislation is
the CDC analyzed a subset of patients
suffering from vaping induced lung
illnesses many patients reported a
gradual increase of symptoms including
breathing difficulty and chest pain
before hospitalization some also
reported mild to moderate
gastrointestinal illness including
vomiting diarrhea and fatigue these
symptoms have been noted in both THC and
nicotine based products users however
they are more prevalent amongst those
who vape THC than nicotine based liquids
many patients reported combining these
two products as such researchers are
looking at interactions due to mixing
them as a possible cause in one study
symptoms mirrored a condition called
lipoid pneumonia previously found in
patients who inhaled mineral oil another
study looks at the effects of vaping on
the cells that line the lung service
also known as long a pithy lleol cells
they found that vapor from vape pens
leads to a buildup of mucus within the
lungs causing them to be inflamed this
disrupts the gas transportation system
in the lungs creating a medium for the
growth of various bacteria and viruses
such as the one responsible for the
common cold
most of the illnesses that were reported
were relatively acute so I killed as an
acute lung injury so it's like people
who wave inhale substance that caused
damage to their little air sacs and the
lining and that can cause lung injury or
the the worst case kind of order called
shock la la RDS acute respiratory
distress syndrome and that can be caused
by whatever substance there is however
it is important to note that there have
been a number of studies that have found
no adverse health effects of VAP use
these results may stem from the fact
that a lot of research focuses on legal
vendor bought vapes when the CDC
suggests that the adverse health
outcomes could stem from illegally
bought unregulated vapes
solution that you buy even if it's kind
of from a legal source they're not
really standardized as are there's
nothing and says well it must have just
like a food label no it's not like that
you have so many percent of that
ingredient and they are maybe a bit more
controlled better manufactured if you
cut buy stuff on the street I mean of
course like very handcrafted materials
so not surprisingly that there might be
a new ingredient known as thickener is
being misused in THC vape carts the FDA
tested 900 vape cart samples one New
York patient who tested his cart found
it contained formaldehyde pesticide
vitamin E oil and a little dab of THC
there are multiple known contaminants
and illicit vape carts that could cause
lung injury but New York health
authorities have confirmed that
synthetic vitamin E or tocopherol
acetate is tainting most seized vape
carts in New York and 60% of courts in
the United States can a safe one of the
United States top cannabis testing
facilities test the different THC vape
courts they found that the vapes
purchased legally from dispensaries
contain no pesticides heavy metals or
leftover solvents such as vitamin E
however the samples tested which were
illegally acquired possessed 13 of 15
samples testing positive for vitamin E
what are the young kids you probably
heard about these stories it don't come
only from your parents say or actually
on national news in the whole world and
it says that putting stuff in your lungs
that's not supposed to be theirs it's
to the degree that it can't kill young
people who have a bright life ahead of
them so don't put any things into your
lungs and I'm not supposed to be in
there I decide before the lungs are made
to breathe clean air and don't make it
dirty if you walk around a polluted city
crossing everyone will turn round and
say well this is stinky here and pull
over there and that's not good so you
avoid that why would you not avoid
making as well