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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

The Truth about E-cigarettes and Tobacco

all right real quick ooh electronic
cigarettes or e-cigarettes are handheld
devices that recreate the feeling of
smoking regular cigarettes but are
widely believed to be a much safer form
of tobacco that's partly why there's
been a spike in e-cigarette use or
vaping over the last few years
especially in preteens and teenagers so
what are the differences between vaping
and smoking and how safe is vaping
let's start with cigarette smoking which
remains the leading cause of preventable
deaths killing nearly half a million
people a year in the United States alone
with nearly a tenth of those deaths
among non-smokers who are exposed to
secondhand smoke cigarettes are usually
composed of tobacco paper a filter and
additives these additives can be any
number of hundreds of things like sugars
which improve the taste of cigarettes
ammonia which enhances the effects felt
by nicotine in menthol which can ease
the throat irritation caused by smoking
when the cigarette burns it produces
smoke which is then inhaled to deliver
nicotine to the lungs burning produces
thousands of toxic chemicals like
formaldehyde and carbon monoxide which
damaged the inner lining of arteries
consequently increasing the risk of
cancers heart attacks and stroke in
general it's thought that nicotine is
responsible for the addictive qualities
of cigarette smoke while the toxins are
responsible for the negative health
consequences of smoking
this is where ecig arrests come in these
devices have a mouthpiece a heating
element a power source and a reservoir
filled with a liquid called a liquid
which contains nicotine and other
chemicals some of them like the popular
Joule device are designed to look like a
USB thumb drive to be more discreet
these devices work by heating the
e-liquid to create an aerosol called
vapor that can be inhaled and delivers a
similar dose of nicotine as cigarette
smoke because there's no combustion
there are ten to a hundred times lower
levels of toxic chemicals in a cigarette
paper compared to cigarette smoke the
vapor does contain potentially hazardous
substances though like ultrafine
particles that can be inhaled deep into
the lungs and cause respiratory problems
whether the particles are made from
toxic chemicals are not flavorings such
as diacetyl which has been linked to
lung disease volatile organic compounds
which can cause tissue damage and
irritation cancer-causing chemicals like
formaldehyde and heavy metals such as
nickel tin and lead which can cause
organ damage and memory loss
one worrying trend however is the rise
of vaping among young people in 2018 the
numbers have spiked with roughly one in
five high school students in one in 20
middle school students using
e-cigarettes in the past month this
translates to 3.6 million students that
are at risk for developing nicotine
dependence and addiction which can lead
to the use of regular tobacco products
like cigarettes chewing tobacco pipes
and cigars to feed that addiction
furthermore there's growing evidence
that nicotine addiction can harm brain
development particularly in the first
three decades of life there are other
risks with vaping as well for example
nicotine can damage a developing baby's
heart and lungs so it's recommended for
pregnant women to quit all forms of
tobacco products including e-cigarettes
in addition nicotine is toxic and high
doses and people can get poisoned by
swallowing the e-liquid or absorbing it
through their skin or eyes finally
defective ISA current batteries have
caused fires and explosions while
getting charged that said because e
cigarettes have lower levels of toxic
chemicals than cigarettes the American
Cancer Society and the CDC support
current adult smokers who want to
completely replace regular cigarettes
with e-cigarettes complete replacement
of smoking is key though because there's
no safe level of smoking on the other
hand because of the recent spike in
young people using e-cigarettes the FDA
is currently proposing stricter
regulations around them one proposal is
to ban the sale of a liquid with
flavorings like vanilla bubblegum or
watermelon which do you appeal to young
people all right is a quick recap these
cigarettes are generally considered a
safer way to get nicotine than smoking
regular cigarettes because they contain
lower levels of toxic chemicals this is
especially true for current non-pregnant
adult smokers who are willing to
completely replace smoking with vaping
easier right use is particularly
problematic for young people though
because they may become addicted to
nicotine by using e-cigarettes and that
can harm their maturing brain no tobacco
product is safe so if you've never
smoked or used other tobacco products or
a cigarettes don't start


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