Trump Supports Raising the Age Limit for Vaping to 21

I want to talk a little bit about vaping today because
many of you people are particularly interested in
vaping so Michigan now has a law that no
flavored vaping products can be sold in
the state period however what's
happening is kids people are ordering it
online and getting it from out of state
so do we know if it's effective or how
effective it is I think if people really
want to do it they can probably get hold
of it but probably more importantly
president Trump today is going to make a
major announcement and by the time you
see this it probably will have already
been made about vaping and having a
generalized profit a generalized law
that vaping will come under the same
laws as drinking and one will not be
able to do it until the age of 21 so
this will be very interesting am i in
favor of vaping no I'm not in favor of
vaping especially with THC am I in favor
of smoking well I'm not even gonna
answer that one because they ain't
nothin worse than smoking at any rate
I'm concerned about teeth of course keep
your teeth healthy keep your gums
healthy your body for sure will be