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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Vaping Health Risks You Need to Know

Listen guys, everyone's asking about vaping.Vaping is dope.It kinda tastes good.Like, if you used to smoke cigarettes,a lot of people have quit by vaping and they feel like it's a safer thing'cuz burning a cigarette is like,we know you're gonna get cancer or emphysema eventually,the longer you do it.And so vaping has really kind of supplanted this,a lot of young kids, though,are vaping as the only thing they do and becoming hooked on nicotine-containing products,so that's a downside.

But then the bigger downside that's all over the news now is people are apparently dying.And I'm hearing this from friends that are physicians. They're seeing this lung disease,severe, severe illness and a few deaths already from people who've been vaping.Now, we don't know exactly what's going on. It seems to be associated with CBD-containing products,some kind of additive or adulterant.

Whether it's a Vitamin E acetate,whether it's some spiking of a synthetic marijuana
derivative in these products. The bottom line is, the reason I am telling people right now don't vape until we figure this out,is because we just don't know. And the regulatory environment behind this is so behind the innovation in these products,that now they're everywhere but nobody really knows how to regulate or test them or do anything.And it took us a long time to figure out that cigarettes would slowly kill you.

And the question is,is it going to take us a long time to figure out that vaping is either gonna slowly kill you or kill you instantly, depending on what adulterant is in the vape juice?So I think the safest thing to do is,just smoke cigarettes because they're totally natural.The best thing to do is try to quit all of that.Don't start if you don't already smoke and wait until we learn more. We need to study it and honestly,I'm not a big fan of regulation but we need to regulate the hell out of it because it can potentially injure people if you don't!

So, here's the call to action.Share this thing if you vape now and you've quit smoking and you're vaping,try to stick with products that are kind of mainstream.Don't go into that weird CBD non-By the way guys, let's be honest.The CBD stuff is placebo!

Unless it has a little THC adultered in it,which often is the case.In which case, you're a little high!That's the reason you're less anxious or you have these affects that you think you have,or it's placebo.The studies on CBD so far are inconclusive.So, stop listening to your bros,maybe meditate, do some deep breathing. There's a million ways to chill that don't involve putting your life at risk immediately with somethingwe don't understand yet.


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