Vaping Severe Lung Disease?Is Vaping Bad for You

warning suggesting a potential link
between teen vaping and E-cigarette
use to severe lung disease the CDC is
investigating after a survey found more
than 120 cases of lung disease or injury
that could be linked to vaping primarily
among teenagers and young adults last
month there have been at least 22 cases
of severe lung damage reported in
teenagers and three states including
Wisconsin Minnesota and Illinois doctors
say vaping could be to blame CBS 4 News
Health Alert with vaping skyrocketing
among teenagers health officials are not
warning about a possible link to severe
lung disease although we haven't heard
anything in Canada yet I think it's just
a matter of time it's not clear what a
cigarette brand or products they were
using or what substances they were
inhaling it's not clear what a cigarette
brand or products they were using or
what substances they were inhaling one
Wisconsin teen did report vaping THC an
active ingredient in marijuana the
American vaping Association representing
a cigarette makers believes drugs may be
what's causing the lung damage not
hey everyone it's Tristan from alt-tab
dot me and as I said I was going to make
a follow-up final conclusion video here
once we had some definitive proof of
what may or may not be causing the lung
disease caused by vaping so we finally
have enough information I believe to
make an educated guess or an educated
decision or an educated affirmation as
to what is causing this issue the media
blitz is actually very disappointing and
disconcerning because not only is the
CDC and the FDA not giving you the
information that you deserve as citizens
of this country but as vapors or people
that use a product that they're allowing
to be sold in this country and a lot of
it is really very bothersome and I just
wanted to make a video to really get the
information out there for you you can
use this information as you want
obviously I'm not a doctor I am NOT a
you know a scholar of any sorts I'm just
part of the vaping industry I've ate
myself instead of the scare tactics that
the media is using I wanted to get out
information that could help you make
educated decisions and that's really the
ultimate goal of this video is to help
you make an educated decision on what
you want to do next
I'm not making any claims that vaping is
healthy for you I never have and never
will we all know that putting something
in your body no matter what the
substance is can have adverse effects
and it will affect everyone differently
but the major thing here is that the
media is perpetrating vaping nicotine
from vape devices like the Joule or just
regular vaping devices as causing lung
disease and in regards to that specific
claim lung disease being caused by
vaping I want you to watch this short
clip by a doctor who are in a clinical
trial for three and a half years in
Italy he's the only doctor that has done
a clinical trial like this where he took
a sample of people who have never
touched a cigarette so a flat baseline
no pre-existing conditions nothing and
he ran this trial with them vaping for
three and a half years and here are his
results if a smoker switch to these
products is not risking myself he's
actually improving yourself after
following the participants and measuring
and tracking health outcomes for three
and a half years what are the main
findings but if a basis there's nothing
to see that we couldn't detect any
change in any of the parameters clinical
parameters radiological parameters and
functional parameters that we were
measuring not in a single individual so
let's forget about the average because
it small study but there was not a
single participant who had any sign of
early disease or any of these parameters
what was the study modeled on never
smokers who baked daily zero more
smoking history is important why is that
sample because any sweetie study if you
want to measure risk reduction or time
reduction in switching study you we will
need also always to compromise with the
back background damage that has been
already caused by by smoking and
depending on the path years and the
history of a smoking the some of these
damage is not reversible now you've seen
that you're probably wondering well how
are all these people getting sick and
why is the media and the news saying you
know lung disease is causing and why is
the median news telling us that you know
people are getting lung disease and
horrible hospitalizations and in one
case death from vaping
why is there such an imbalance in news
coverage skewing heavily towards scare
stories on vaping I think it's very well
known that bad news dominates the
headlines and the e-cigarette stories
are no exception so that's simple as
that and it's not very much surprised
that in spite of the important
implications for Public Health
even my study has had very little
coverage by by the media and the irony
there is that is as I said before if our
that we're to show some negatives
finding some lung damage the news would
have been all over the places my work
can be criticized and I'm ready to
accept any criticism but why shouldn't
be another research scientist publishing
very dubious data on rats not except in
the same criticism and airing ten times
more my media exporter I don't forget
that it is unethical it's inhumane
anything moral because it's gonna cause
damage to people I want to address that
but I want to do it in a different
format I have invited a friend of mine
who has been in the vaping industry for
many many years vapes himself is a
competitive athlete his name is Brian
Walters and we're just gonna jump in and
we're gonna have a conversation with all
of you together but I hope that it's
helpful I hope that this is better than
the media coverage that has just been
absolutely horrible in my opinion and
the fact that the FDA the CDC and all
these people are involved and they're
just not giving out any information to
help you to prevent you from having
catastrophic it's frustrating because I
don't want to see anybody getting hurt I
don't want to see anybody getting sick
and if there is an issue with any type
of device or any type of vaping liquid
or any type of you know anything out
there that can hurt someone you want the
CDC in your government to have your back
and right now they don't seem to be
having it the latest article in USA
Today the title was people are vaping
THC lung injuries being reported
nationwide why is the CDC staying quiet
that articles title alone should let you
know that there is a problem there's a
major problem so let's jump right into
this let's get you all the information
that you need to make an educated
decision on what you want to do going
forward and what's been going on with
all of this news media blitz and all of
this misinformation as always if you're
if you enjoy this video leave a like if
you have any questions leave them in the
comments below and we will be happy to
answer any questions that you have that
we don't answer in this video okay let's
introduce Brian
we are going to be having an open
discussion I invited Brian along because
I believe that he is well versed in the
vaping community Brian why don't you
tell us a little bit about why you're
you know well versed and you know what
your background is I've been in the
industry since 2012 you interviewed me
three years ago when I was the face of
vapor shark and we were spearheading the
FDA the first FDA lawsuit with the right
to be smoke free coalition transferred
up here to Atlanta to work with me
forward as they sold to Altria big
tobacco and now I'm very comfy working
as the director of operations for a
string of retail stores here in Atlanta
called Big Bang vape Co yeah so you and
me have been texting back and forth for
the last couple of days or weeks of
yours here yes but specifically about
you know what's been going on with with
the news imagine vaping is killing
people and there's a death when it's and
it's possibly linked to vaping but it's
not linked to vaping but it is linked to
vaping and so I've been releasing videos
on my channel trying to give people the
best information that I can give them so
that they understand you know what the
actual truth is because right now it's
just a smear campaign there's no actual
invention and as of right this minute as
of today I feel confident enough that we
can hit them with information that will
let them make an educated decision on
whether or not they want to believe that
news or if they want to listen to what
is actually coming out as truth well the
problem is is that it didn't there was
nothing that the vapor electronic
cigarette industry could say to any of
these reporters I have friends at Fox
that I reached out to over the week they
said I'll put you in touch with our
doctor no one wants to hear from anyone
in the e-cigarette nicotine space no one
they want to hear what they want to hear
through doctors etc and they want to
embellish in the moment and it took the
marijuana industry to step up and start
releasing this information because it's
the information that is going to greatly
impact all of the legal states in the
United States that are legal mga sellers
it'd be for medicinal or if it's
recreational this is massive so I find I
actually found when when I saw the post
from the the cannabis community a lot of
times yeah and I and I saw that that
first article that they released and
they they said hey guys watch out there
is black market THC carts on you know on
the streets and it will fucking kill you
essentially you know not but it's it was
blood but it was seeing that from them
was like holy crap the the the real news
is actually coming out of you know like
High Times Magazine you know what I mean
like where is this it's 2019 that's
where the news is coming from it's crazy
to me that the only real information
we're getting is from places that you
would have looked at and been like yeah
ok fuck you this is bullshit
you know I mean it's like it's like as
if you were to read by a playboy to get
it for the news yeah I mean you ever see
the movie idiocracy yes we're there were
there homie
we're getting our news from a marijuana
publication but like all jokes all jokes
aside they really had to do this you
know you dealt with it you did and have
done many great reviews for products and
over the years we all know that cloning
was a thing I mean if someone puts out X
device well there's this company down
the street in Shenzhen China that's
going to steal the molds make the same
exact thing and charge half for it we
know about cloning I think that the most
important thing here for people to
understand before me and Brian start to
get into you know too much technical
information me and Brian are here to
explain to you what it is with the
current news that's out there right now
with lung disease being caused by vaping
and what the causes and what you need to
be looking out for and the things that
you need to be looking out for are THC
that is not sold legally and is on the
black market or pop-up shops or things
that are not normally like a like
dispensary correct they they are
there is currently a batch or multiple
batches of this THC that is tainted with
cyanide 3,700 times the legal amount of
cyanide that can and and has taken one
life or one life already and you need to
be very careful about this I've already
spoken to all my friends who use THC and
I've warned them I said I don't know
where you get your stuff I'm hoping it's
from a dispensary but if it's not stop
yeah right back then go back to smoking
bud like the old-fashioned way IRA smoke
smoke a smoke a blunt man like like
right now it is not a good time to be
getting the THM in a vape it is a very
dangerous thing because your government
is not watching out for you and they're
not giving you information on what these
things look like what cartridges are
coming with what brand names are being
associated with it they're not telling
you what the counterfeit is and so
there's no way to tell what that is
right now and you never know what's
gonna slip in and out of you know you
could get a counterfeit thing that by
accident gets slipped into a dispensary
and they don't even know this is just
one of the worries that you need to be
aware of so that's the first thing the
major problem with the lung disease is
being caused by THC counterfeit vapes
that literally have cyanide in them they
are not nicotine vaping related the
second thing is that you need to be
careful with especially with jewel
especially with jewel is that jewel
stopped putting their flavored
cartridges on the shelves of stores so
if you see a jewel flavored cartridge or
even any jewel cartridge in general you
have to make sure that that cartridge is
legit because that's almost impossible I
would almost at this point because they
took them off the shelf six months ago I
wouldn't even buy a flavored jewel pod
if you saw it on the shelf somewhere the
best way right now the best way right
now if you are a jewel user is to go to
jewel calm and get it directly from
jewel that's correct that is one of the
only ways to make sure that you are safe
and it doesn't matter if you're in an
18-2 smoke vape state it is 21 on there
website period yes and and I know that
sucks and I know a lot of you're going
oh man but how am I gonna get my baby a
first thing I have to say to you is the
only thing that I regret in my life is
starting smoking so if you're younger
than 21
try to stop that would be my advice
descend by something simple yeah the
second thing is that if you can't find a
reputable substitute substitute that can
that can you know there there are many
stores out there you can look in the
description of this video that I you
know there's stores that I will back up
100% they have you can check their their
tests and their lab results and you can
see stuff like that I know Brian shop
has lab results he has a clean lab or
you do absolutely it's registered with
the FDA yes yes so absolutely just just
understand that right now the FDA is not
looking out for you the CDC is not
looking out for you they never have I
hate I don't you know that's where the
tinfoil hat comes on and part of the
tinfoil hat comes on I mean if we're
gonna go real like into the deep dark
recesses of Tristan's brain like there's
part of me that goes you know Jul
probably pulled their flavored stuff off
of the shelves so that the aftermarket
stuff would go up there so they can go
back to the FDA and go we need full
control over everything and so also
thank you so here you go and your career
I don't know I'm not a big fan of jewel
jewel to be exact we are not at me say
in the United States that much nicotine
no it does exactly it that's a no human
being no human being it's not 18 it's
Nick's thoughts which I've gone over on
this channel so many times so it's a
it's literally a cut at the composition
of nicotine as a freebase has been
changed by benzoic acid into a black
pendant but benzo and it's and it's a
compound that literally bypasses the
bloodstream and the brain pathways to
hit you harder and faster than any other
nicotine on the market correct nobody
needs that it is no one very dangerous I
started in this industry 2012-2013 I was
converting three pack a day
smokers three pack a day smoker zon 24
milligram no one needs fifty and then if
you've never smoked before you don't
need fifty out of the game
I quit because I went to six milligrams
in a tank and that was the first thing
that allowed me to get the it
disassociated my brain from the mouth to
lungs I mean the the mouth to lung thing
the direct to lung actually untrained my
brain to go you know to associate I like
cigarettes like if I see a cigarette
right now I don't even think I wouldn't
know how to smoke it to be honest yeah
and I'm using I started using you and I
we've been talking to each other for
I stopped using bigger mods I just I
don't like the attention of vapor
anymore because of the stigma that is
now attached to vaping so I've gone to
smaller devices and one of the biggest
misconceptions that many shops in
America for some reason or pushing is
that these devices like I'm using right
now a UL caliber were specifically made
for salts the only difference between
traditional nicotine and salt salt based
e-liquid is the addition of benzoic acid
and a little bit difference in the PG
propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin
or a ratio other than that there's
nothing that changes the two of them so
I use six milligram in my devices
I think after being after being in this
industry for as many years as I've been
I still won't face salts ever because
they when the Royal College of
Physicians published their findings on
vaping over their numerous years study
and found it to be 95 percent less
harmful than traditional cigarettes that
didn't involve salts salts came out
afterwards with with the release of the
Joule there has not been enough data or
research done on the inhalation of
lactic or benzoic acid and i'm not going
to be the guinea pig correct and that
that was a that was something that they
tried to put in cigarettes a long time
ago but it wasn't cost-effective and now
they found the chemical which was
benzoic acid to make it cost-effective
and that's the only reason they're
either doing it and and the reason that
I do dislike Joule is because Joule is
using the higher milligram count in this
faster method of delivery of nicotine to
addicted new generation that's not a
team versus you know because they're
seeing the drop in decline in cigarettes
and that's a problem because vaping
should not be the next generation of
smoking vaping should be the end of
smoking correct there is their second
there's like a two prong thing happening
so the first prong is is the information
that we want to do from the marijuana
community which is the THC and that's
the actual thing that is causing this
lung disease correct the second prong is
that the so companies like Jul pulled
their flavors from the stores from the
stores to say acident
for the FDA Journal did not pull their
flavors for the FDA Jay wanted to set a
precedence to the FDA and they didn't
need to put their flavors out on the
shelves and that their customers could
come to their website as long as they're
over 21 years old and go through their
third-party verification system which
gets their ID their social security runs
a quick public's record records on the
ID to make sure you are who you are and
they'll send you a box of mango or or
fruit I mean that still exists but none
of this had anything to do with the FDA
it would had to do with him trying to
put their nose up in the air and be the
better man that's why I think what the
kids are getting and these outbreaks are
probably counterfeit products but now
there's been a proliferation of these
counterfeit products because kids still
want the flavors and I think from China
and again you wonder what THC I mean
they're mixed with other drugs and you
know the companies are responsible
companies or use responsible and air
quotes have taken their flavored
products out of convenience stores like
Jules so now what's filling the void are
these counterfeit flavored products and
now yeah but the problem is is that the
Chinese companies are throwing out clone
are putting out clones and they're
putting out juices that are coming
directly from China that can
be tainted and have been proven to be
tainted with all sorts of like heavy
metals and I know I know that sounds
like more propaganda because you you
know everybody's going oh heavy metals
and popcorn lung and I'm saying is I'm
seeing a two two prong approach here
where the news is trying to just blame
all of vaping and vegans like this
generously cuz the keyword right the key
word is vaping they're vaping an
electronic cigarette people vape drugs
two totally different things but the key
word is is vaping yes the core vaping
product has that been linked to any of
these lung issues that are being
identified there have been sporadic
reports and that was unclear because we
had reports when I was there sporadic
reports is unclear if they were you know
nicotine products that were commercial
products or those were counterfeit
products as well but there there are
constituents and even the e-liquids that
you buy commercially that are illegal
that could be harmful to the lungs these
are not safe products they are less
harmful than smoking tobacco but they're
not safe and so what I'm seeing is that
you know you've got you've got this
dangerous precedent now where you know
the government is is you know they're
not regulating it enough but they're
also not they're not regulating it
properly so jewel is going hey fuck you
we're gonna do our own thing and so
we'll regulate ourselves but then that
opens up the market for Chinese
knockoffs and then the FDA goes oh well
now we need to run a blitz campaign on
you know vaping in general and now the
real problem is this you know going back
to why we're here which is the lung
injuries from tea from you know from
vaping the the the the article that got
me today and I mentioned it earlier was
USA Today released an article that says
people are vaping THC lung injuries
being reported nationwide why is the CDC
staying quiet and I've been talking to
my dad I've been talking to a bunch of
people about this and it's pissing me
off it's making me angry that the CDC
the FDA the people that are supposed to
be watching out for the public health
are doing nothing
Tristen do you know where the CDC is no
actually it's in Atlanta
every Friday at my Alpharetta location
which I'm in two days of the week
other than that I'm at the corporate
warehouse every Friday one of my
favorite customers comes in and she
works for the CDC and she buys two
bottles of Pachamama
she buys Fuji apple strawberry nectarine
and she also likes the peach papaya both
of them in six milligram and she uses a
Nord with the 0.6 mesh coil so I've
asked her what is the CDC think about
vaping and she's like she's she kind of
blows it off and she's like it's just
all chaos but she's still buying
illiquid and still vaping and the thing
that is driving me crazy
is that nobody is giving information to
people that need it people that are not
informed people that are not part of the
vape industry like we are people that
don't see this kind of stuff every day
people that don't read the articles
every day and all they're seeing is this
is this propaganda blitz and they're
going oh shit and they're and they're
literally a costing people on the
streets I read it already I'm read it
and they were like how could you be
vaping that you might die and I mean I
my mom my stepmom my dad have sent me
these articles and I have to explain to
them no no no this is not what's
happening this is this is let me explain
to you what really is happy so what's
really happening is that this country
has been bought and sold a million times
over by its shareholders and
stakeholders and this vaping cigarettes
this is the perfect opportunity to
fearmonger get people to switch back the
cigarettes as cigarettes out sales are
down I mean now there's now there's a
very important thing about this this is
conspiracy this is conspiracy it's not a
conspiracy I know they need people to
smoke cigarettes know and I want look
you have you have the most knowledge on
something that I have a small amount of
knowledge on that I want you to talk
about so for people that the tobacco
settlement and the night shows that
people think that people I tell people
about this all the time but you have
explained it the best that
ever seen yeah and I'm gonna pop up some
visuals on screen while we're talking
about this but basically you know for
those of you that think you know oh god
these guys are just vapors and they're
just you know they're going tinfoil hat
you need to understand that there's a
lot of money in the in the that comes to
every state in this country from the
injury or death from tobacco Brian tell
us a little bit more about that so in
the late 90s there was the master son
this is all true there's there is they
can go validation you can put in the
tobacco settlements and you'll find that
the big tobacco companies here in
America in the late 90s finally caved
and Pony DUP when it came to us finally
admitting that smoking cigarettes has
caused cancer and many other diseases in
the body so in other countries the EU
etc they started knowing about cancer
and lung disease and things like that
decades prior and started talking about
it more here in this country you go to
the commercials in the 50s you can see
that they were pushing the doctor
smoking the cigarette this was just this
is how they sold cigarettes back then
I'm sure you've seen them we started
finding out about here in the early 70s
but we did nothing about it didn't worry
about warnings or or warning the the
populace of smokers in America that
there was these this could happen to you
throat cancer tongue cancer mouth cancer
lung cancer cardiovascular disease right
cetera and so what was what were the end
result here the end result was a master
settlement from all companies all of the
tobacco companies here in America most
of them based out of winston-salem
they now have some really listen really
close to this I want you all to listen
really close to this because this is the
number one reason why cigarettes are not
under the same scrutiny as reefing when
vaping is
proven to be a safer alternative here's
here's the singer every state gets a
kickback every single year since 98 I
believe it is some states let's take the
state of New York I send it to tristin
yesterday last year received over 200
million dollars so every state and I
sent him the visual every state due to
how many people are sick or died from
diseases linked to smoking cigarettes is
getting kickbacks now since they've had
that for almost two decades now are over
two decades now every state depends on
this money it's become a part of of
their budget and if you imagine if we
start taking cigarettes out of the
picture and there's more people doping
and less people getting sick with from
cigarettes states are going to start
losing money that they've seen in their
state for two decades
that can't happen to these states that's
why some states are starting these bands
or these millilitre taxes or flu taxes
which are just crippling Washington
State Pennsylvania it's just going to
continue you gotta follow the money
trail and the money trail starts at big
tobacco and really and it really and it
really sucks because we are the only
country right now that is suffering from
that the only one the only one and and
if you and you and we're also the only
country that allows you know these the
the the vaping companies to get away
with with bullshit like like for
instance 35 to 50 milligrams in a jewel
pod versus the EU where they're limited
to ten or six or something like that ten
milliliter bottles 20 milligram max it's
an incredible disparity that's going on
and then you have Canada that's reaching
out to the CDC and the FDA and going hey
we don't see any lung disease problems
here can you give us some more
information and no one is answering
but the problem that's going to lie in
Canada is because Canada in a lot of
areas is legal marijuana the cause of
all of these lung issues being black
market THC cartridges
that's gonna that's gonna creep on over
to Canada right and there I mean there
was there there have been reports in the
last couple of days of seizures of
marijuana and THC carts found in those
seizures of marijuana and they tested
those carts and they found the site I
made 47 hundred times more the legal
limit allowed in a product so the most
important thing I can say to people
right now and her head of the the former
commissioner of the FDA wrote on his
Twitter the legal vapes have been
actively regulated by ft the FDA since
August 2017 FDA has conducted thousands
of inspections of manufacturers and vape
stores published manufacturing
guidelines sought product removals etc
these tragedies point to illegal vapes
and THC THC for those that may not know
that is you know the cannabis vapes so i
touched base on it a moment ago and i
really want to I want your your base
whether they know anything about vaping
or not to understand something
everywhere in the world there are clones
and the easiest thing to clone in the
world is a piece of cardboard packaging
so in legal states where they're allowed
to sell these THC cartridges let's talk
about Washington Oregon California
Massachusetts pick one of your legal
states you have these companies that are
making these grade a THC cartridges just
like any other industry you put it in
some fancy packaging you know that's
your brand you go when you grab that
packaging because that's that THC that
you like in your legal state now if you
can have a printer make a clone of a box
we're talking pennies to make the box
because you're gonna run tens of
thousands of them and you can make your
own homegrown THC cart do it all wrong
with pesticide riddled marijuana use the
wrong amount of butane when you're doing
your extractions shove it in a cart
slide that cart in the box you can sell
it as that premium brand and that's
what's happening it's fooling people
just like there's fake purses there's
fake cardboard boxes with a fake THC
cartridge right people are vaping it
ending up in the hospital they are dying
now and and and and the the actually
started to release medical information
about what's happening to the lungs now
that now that the cannabis industry has
spoken up thank God finally someone
spoken up and and because I feel like if
if they hadn't spoken up our government
would have stayed quiet like they
wouldn't have said anything because this
was a great news clicks for them great
yeah great let's get rid of these guys
cigarettes exactly and and and so but
then the I think news is getting a
little smart and they're going hey wait
we have a bigger story we're gonna get
more clicks with this and so they're now
jumping on the bandwagon of holy shit
there was like literally a cover-up
happening here where you know one of the
ones that I read now which was the
National Review it said don't panic over
the mysteri the mystery vaping disease
but maybe lay off the counterfeit
products that's that that's the title of
the article that's a great that's a
that's an absolutely awesome title as
well again case in point you mentioned
earlier earlier I am a licensed jewel
reseller I have an account with them I
cannot buy any flavors for my locations
and I don't support them that much
anymore anyways there's a long story
behind that as well I just don't support
them but I don't have access to their
flavors through their portal I do not so
if you see them and if you see any jewel
box mango or fruit medley or creme
brulee in a gas station its fake its
100% is fake Harper said fake yep there
was actually a couple articles of people
in New York they were going by their gas
stations and they knew that they had
been taken off the counters and then all
of a sudden they saw them pop back up
and they were like wait what the hell is
this and they didn't they couldn't
figure it out and so they looked at it
reported it to the local authorities and
they checked it out and they were like
no these are fake yeah they're fakes and
they're dangerous so that is where it
gets into the cuz they're unregulated
and that's what all this is about it's
about things that are not regulated and
that's also another fear that's a that
should be a massive fear if the vape the
electronic cigarette industry becomes
under attack and they try to put they
too much of us to stay in business that
we can't afford these pre market trial
authorizations a whole bunch of jargon
you don't understand but in order for us
to stay in business we have to file
these multi-million dollar applications
with the FDA if that happens and a lot
of companies start going out of business
black market is going to come around
black market is unregulated
so even illiquid if it comes to that
just for with nicotine just said that I
wouldn't there's there's a video with
the with the former Commissioner of the
FDA he was talking on the news about he
went on the record like not just in that
tweet but he went on the record saying
that this is a cause from from you know
counterfeit products this is different
it looks like what these kids are using
a probably illegal pods or illiquid
counterfeit pods probably fitting on
some of the common east cigarettes like
the jewel system and it looks like in a
lot of the cases at least if you scratch
the surface it looks like there was THC
in some of these products they asked him
do we have to worry about products that
are you know just nicotine he he said no
he said just there are some counterfeit
products out there but that's not what's
causing this and then the second thing
he said was they had well the second
thing they asked him was well is jewel
doing anything to stop the counterfeit
products from hitting their devices like
by making a new device and he said well
there's a problem with that he said in
order for them to make a new device they
have to go through the process of
getting pmta yeah which stands for pre
market tobacco application right and so
you have counterfeit counterfeit
products that are being brought in that
aren't out or that attach on to these
devices are there things that the jewels
of the world should or could be doing to
make it almost impossible for others to
actually attach on devices that are not
their own oh look I they bear
responsibility here because they put
these sticks in the hands of the kids
and now the kids are going out and
buying these illegal pods they can take
steps to try to crack down on some of
these kind of hair products themselves
but they probably can't reengineering
to not be compatible compatible with
these counterfeit products unless they
file an application with FDA because
what they're stuck with is the product
that they had on the market as of August
of 2016 they could be bringing a new
product on the market that might be
foolproof against counterfeit pods but
to go through the application process
and so far they've been reluctant to do
that this is a very expensive very
lengthy process to get your product to
the market and it's very costly and so
jewel is going fuck that we're not
paying this amount of money just a you
know safety proof are our devices which
you know I don't necessarily agree with
but at the same time I don't agree with
the way the FDA is handling it because
they're making it so hard for reputable
companies to just continue doing
business right and to protect you as the
consumer against these counterfeit
products and so that is a big problem
and anyone that's doing it by the book
should welcome making sure that their
facility well it has to number one is
registered with the FDA and that means
that at any given time they can come in
for a surprise visit you know two years
ago I probably would have been like when
jewel came out I was excited because
when I was at vapor shark before they
were even a household name they came to
us and they wanted us to help them get
into the vape space so this there were
there were in there baby
they were in their infancy at the time
and they told us about it and we didn't
get it and when we were inhaling on it I
mean we're like oh that's that's a
little harsh what is that like that six
twelve milligram they're like no it's
fifty we're like what do you need fifty
four and they're like one we put these
benzoic acid x' in there which goes
right to the brain it stimulates you it
goes right to your receptors it hits
your receptors differently but more
importantly number two you don't feel
the 50 milligram if you want to beat 50
milligram of traditional nicotine you
would choke from the pain in your throat
so not only do you not notice it from
inhalation right you know you don't feel
it smoother they're like oh it's
smoother but it but right being smoother
is not necessarily a good thing as it
smells it's good for your body to tell
you hey this is too much right and then
the they did say that it is ten times
more addictive than cigarettes they said
that in a glass conference room with me
and four other men Wow
classy that's incredible that's and we
continued to help them because we we
thought we were gonna grow a
relationship with them
and then here we are now we're drool is
trying to disassociate themselves with
the vape side and they are really
pitching to the FDA now that there's no
reason for flavors to be on the market
why cause they already pulled theirs and
all they've left that you can purchase
if you're a reseller is their tobacco
Virginia tobacco classic tobacco menthol
or mint a really yet to make sure that
their product is around forever and is
at the top of the food chain because if
all flavors disappeared in our side of
the industry private market a black
market would open up and who knows what
people will do baby look big tobacco is
not going to throw a billion dollars
that a company that they think is just
gonna go away thirteen point six thirty
point six billion thirteen point six
billion for a 33% stake in in impacts
which makes their evaluation close to
fifty billion making it worth more than
Delta Airlines that's incredible that's
incredible I'm sorry American Airlines
Delta's actually alright was American
Delta's actually great yeah yes hot
trash yeah
dumpster fire yeah so anyway I mean so I
kind of want to wrap this up we're
getting off on a tangent here but just
just so you guys understand you know
like we're not doctors we're not medical
professionals we're people that are very
passionate about your your health in our
own health and because we vape I think
it's very important that us as vapors we
don't just take these news articles and
toss them aside that we find out exactly
what is the cause what is the problem
and we get that information out to
everyone so that people can make their
own educated decisions if you want to go
out there and buy black market stuff
that's your choice but right now is a
very dangerous time to do that and I
think it would be dangerous at any time
in point so just be educated be
understanding and do your research and
and and understand that the thing that
you're putting in your mouth
can be dangerous if it's not regulated
properly yeah that's why this is so
oh yeah and that's why that's why
California and the marijuana
associations are stepping up because
this is going to greatly impact their
industry on you when you see that when
you see the marijuana Association
putting out news against THC you know
there's a problem fucking around fucking
around No and that the news is
absolutely pulling the wool over your
eyes and they are messing with you and
so this this is this is the point where
I think this kind of a video makes sense
and I just wanted to wrap up everything
we've been talking about over the last
couple weeks keep an eye out on the news
obviously if anything crazy comes up
we'll make another video but I feel if
you're the type of person that tries to
engage or educate in any forms or in any
Facebook postings from any of these news
outlets be we tread lightly because no
one wants to hear it in there as of
right now baby e-cigarettes is the devil
there's nothing you can say you can hit
him with facts about the THC no one
wants to hear it right yeah right now
the news the news has been successful in
total absolutely it is absolutely turned
normal person on the vapors yeah and and
even as these other news articles are
coming out that are asking well why the
fuck aren't the CDC owning up to this
they're not getting as much traction and
you even heard it from that doctor in
the video clip earlier you know good
good news doesn't doesn't Trump bad news
so that's just that's just how this
works the media is all in bad news and
that's where a community like us comes
and comes in handy and we can help each
other and I think that's the most
important thing we can do for each other
is to just keep each other informed
inform new vapers inform people that you
know maybe you don't know if you have
friends that are using THC and vaping it
let them know share this video maybe it
doesn't you know I don't care about the
shares and the likes and all that stuff
with this video all i care is that
people get the
proper information so that they don't
get hurt yeah that's all I have to say
about this Brian anything man I could
really go on a tangent here but I'm
gonna end it with something very simple
and you already touched base on it
educate but you have to educate with
precision surgical precision it's very
easy in the temperature of this country
right now because again this is only
happening in this country when the rest
of the world is vaping yeah everywhere
is vaping even in Dubai the biggest
vaping scene I think that's actually
that's only part of that this is the
United States Centers problem this is
just a u.s. problem cause from something
else so when you try to educate you
can't go that someone that you're trying
to educate educate with a bowl head and
try to force what you know is right
a real on them you have to talk to them
about it get them to really understand
where you're coming from so if you
decide to engage in someone and educate
them what's really happening tread
lightly and do it when if you needed
care yeah and if you need if you need
articles that are actually helpful and
and can help to bolster your opinions or
your or your the facts that you're
trying to give put them in the
description exactly they're all going to
be in the description you guys to use so
please feel free to use any of them that
are there I'm trying to give you guys as
much information as possible I'm sorry
if this video went really long but you
know there's a lot of information that
needs to be put out there that hasn't
been and this is the only method I have
and you know it may not do that much but
it will do a little bit and that's all
that we can do and if everyone were to
make a video like this that's that's you
know five six people that see it and
that that that escalates and escalates
and escalates and then we are moderating
and regulating ourselves and that is
important and that is part of being
human yeah so anyway Brian thanks so
much for coming on here with me thank
you for having me on yeah of course
always you're always welcome on our
yeah love you too man anyway thanks for
watching everyone and I'm not going to
have like another video after this this
is the end of the video if you need any
more information will be in the
description if I haven't covered or we
haven't covered anything that you want
to talk about ask in the comments below
we'll be happy to answer any questions
and as always keep informed look at the
news and find find those places where
news articles intersect you have one
article here that says possibly link to
vaping and then you have one article
here that says possibly link to THC and
then you have the cannabis saying it is
a bad batch of THC now which I don't
intersects and also anything that you
see that just says vaping I implore you
to read the entire article because all
of them whether it's CNBC Fox ABC any of
the outlets CNN that I've read you have
to give about 15 paragraphs in before
they even mention THC using that
headline to fool everybody the first two
paragraphs to engage you that's when
most people stop reading I implore you
to read entire the entirety of any news
article it's in there ya know that's
that's very true and it's just it's yep
it's kind of like back when there was
when people used to buy newspapers they
used to call that the above the fold so
when something was above the fold I mean
that was that was about that's the news
so nowadays the above the fold is the
headline in the first paragraph and
that's where in social media or online
nowadays most people lose interest yep
and the the important information seems
to be pretty very very varied