What E-cigarettes Are and How They Work

in this episode of demystifying medicine
we are going to be talking about vaping
and how it may be more harmful than you
think you cigarettes have recently
become popularized among adults and
young adults because they are thought to
be a healthier alternative to smoking
marijuana and traditional cigarettes but
is this claim true let's find out to
start what are you cigarettes anyways
these cigarettes are battery operated
vaporizers that simulate smoking
cigarettes but without burning tobacco
there are three main types of vapes
available these include nicotine vapes
which are the most common and associated
with brands like Joule CBD vapes which
do not get a person high but simply
deliver the healing properties of
marijuana and THC vapes which are a
discreet way for people to get high the
device features a replaceable inhaler
cartridge called the atomizer which is
filled with an e liquid consisting of
vegetable glycerin polyethylene glycol
water flavoring and one of either
nicotine THC oil or CBD oil with every
inhalation the vaporizer heats a small
amount of the e-liquid below its
combustion point which turns it into a
vapor and is taken into the users mouth
since this technology does not burn
anything it is thought that the vapor
does not contain the dangerous
carcinogens that are found in cigarettes
however the FDA found that the vapor
still contains some carcinogens and
other toxic chemicals but to a lesser
extent the short term effects of vaping
can include chest pain vomiting
shortness of breath and coughing when
the vapor enters your lungs you become
exposed to carcinogens like formaldehyde
and a Kirlian as well as metals such as
nickel tin and aluminum and many other
contaminants these toxic chemicals
irritate the lungs and can cause lung
disease lung cancer and even death
popcorn lung is a life-threatening lung
disease that results in the scarring and
narrowing of the Airways in the lungs
and can result because of VAP
the disease is linked to a toxic
chemical called diacetyl that was found
in 92% of the e-cigarette studied vaping
can also cause the narrowing and
blocking of blood vessels which
increases the risk of heart attacks and
strokes vaping can also cause permanent
damage to the developing teenage brain
and cause a reduced impulse control
cognitive behavior problems affecting
memory and concentration and cause mood
swings there have even been cases where
East cigarettes have exploded in the
mouths or hands of individuals the first
death from a vaping related illness was
reported on August 23rd 2019 in Illinois
since then thousands of people have been
hospitalized and some have even died due
to the illness that has now been named a
valley for e-cigarettes or vaping
associated lung injury the exact cause
of this injury is still unknown however
one current belief is that the injuries
may be due to inhaling vicious oils such
as vitamin E acetate which essentially
coats the lungs the alveoli in the lungs
get covered in oil and can't properly
exchange oxygen or carbon dioxide with
the neighboring blood vessels the lungs
then become inflamed as they try to get
rid of this oil which can result in
respiratory failure it's important to
note that electronic cigarettes are just
as addictive as traditional ones and
therefore should not be used as a way to
quit smoking many cigarette users get
even more nicotine than they would from
a tobacco product this is because you
can buy extra-strength cartridges which
have a higher concentration of nicotine
or you can increase the e-cigarette
voltage to get a greater hit of the
substance there is still a lot that we
don't know about the health effects
associated with vaping however what we
do know is that vaping is not FDA
approved and there is no scientific
evidence that strongly supports that
vaping is better than smoking if you
feel the urge to vape try these things
choose sugar-free gum drink water try
yoga or meditation exercise or keep
yourself busy with a hobby
like solving a puzzle you can also talk
to a doctor about different cessation
methods available