What Exactly Vaping Is

so what exactly is that thing you see in
so many stores and in the hands of so
many people across the country it's an
e-cigarette an e-cigarette or ecig is an
electronic cigarette it's a device that
turns liquid into vapor
and unlike cigarettes doesn't produce
smoke or carbon monoxide and doesn't
contain any of the killer carcinogens
that comes with smoking cigarettes there
are hundreds of different types of
e-cigs from one that looks like a
cigarette or a pen to more complex
models known as mods one of the main
components of the e cig is a liquid also
known as juice that's what's turned into
vapor which is why puffing on an e cig
is often called vaping juice comes in
more flavors than you can imagine from
OJ sunrise to freshly glazed Honeybuns
ecigs run on a lithium battery puffing
on an e cig triggers a heater which
heats the juice and creates vapor that's
what someone who's vaping is inhaling
many types of juice contain nicotine
making them illegal for sale in Canada
for now Health Canada banned the sale of
nicotine ecigs back in 2009 in spite of
that many people who want to quit
smoking are switching anyway hoping to
wean themselves off cigarettes and
that's caused a surge in the ecig
business the Canadian vaping Association
estimates the vaping industry in Canada
to be worth 235 million dollars a year
and big tobacco wants in on this hot new
property big time if you're not going to
smoke big tobacco wants you to vape so
they'll still be in the pockets of those
who want to switch from smoking to


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