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👆The Vaping Ban Passed This Week

What is Vaping|All the Vaping Facts You Need to Know

today's video is about debunking myths
about vaping there's a lot of places out
there trying to tell you that vaping is
bad today we're gonna spend some time
debunking some of these most popular
myths and telling you really what is
going on myth number one vaping creates
smoke vaping does not create smoke as
there's no combustion in the vaping it
is a liquid and heated up to its boiling
point and then it creates a steam like
vapor that's right smoke is a product of
combustion which does not exist in
vaping if you really want to get under a
vapor skin just call vaping smoking
number two vaping is healthy this is
sort of a pseudo myth what we can say is
that vaping is significantly healthier
than smoking but at the same point time
if you don't smoke it's probably safer
to just keep breathing good old air the
thing with vaping too is that it's
choice of words here vaping is less
harmful than smoking cigarettes myth
number place vaping contains
formaldehyde there was an old old old
test done way back in the early days of
vaping where they took a device that was
meant to be vape to say 10 watts or
something like that and then they put it
up to like 30 watts way iyer to the
point where the coil and everything was
actually like melting and overheating
yeah the thing is is that if a vape ever
gets that hot to the point where it's
gonna start putting out those dangerous
chemicals it's already so hot and so
disgusting then no one would ever even
get close to vaping at that long people
would have given up and stopped vaping
it way earlier because at that point in
time it's burning and it's fire its
combusted myth number four vaping is
Wow you can vape marijuana but not all
beeps half of marijuana the vast
majority of people who are actually
vaping are vaping nicotine products or
something similar to that well there are
devices that are specifically made for
marijuana profits maybe THC CBD those
kind of products the vaping that we
talked about on this channel are just
for nicotine or products that don't even
have nicotine just of the normal
ingredients that our normal a liquids
are you want to see a video about the
ingredients in the e-liquid go ahead and
check out the link below number five
vaping causes popcorn lung popcorn lung
is a weird nest gross thing that can
potentially happen to people by
breathing a certain chemical called
diacetyl diacetyl is most famously the
buttery sort of flavoring that is added
to microwave popcorn
now some eliquids back in the day not
really anymore had diacetyl as a
flavoring in them but no one ever
actually got popcorn lung from vaping in
fact cigarettes typically have a much
higher concentration of diacetyl in them
then even the electronic cigarette
liquids that had diacetyl in them in
fact the only recorded cases of popcorn
lung were actually found in factory
workers at microwave popcorn factories
who work wearing their protective
respirator here and we're breathing in
massive amounts of the powdered
ingredient every single day for years
and years so vaping doesn't cause
popcorn lung in fact there are a lot of
studies that show that even you vape
liquids with diacetyl don't cause
popcorn lung
and even if they did all reputable
illiquid companies now don't even
include it in their products anymore and
it's absolutely not a concern number six
vaping nicotine causes cancer there's an
article from the World Health
Organization that specifically answers
the question with a one-word answer no
nicotine does not cause cancer nicotine
is a common chemical compound found in
tobacco plants and its effect is to make
tobacco addictive rather than to cause
cancer and then cancer is specifically
caused by all of the thousands of
chemicals that occur when you have
cigarette and this question specifically
carcinogens are storage at combustion
yeah carcinogens from combustion are the
real main reason why people can get
cancer from smoking cigarettes but not
from vaping because there's no
combustion in vaping and nicotine itself
is not cancer-causing myth number seven
vaping is more expensive than smoking
cigarettes the thing is there are
amazing devices out there high-end
devices I'm like really shiny cool
atomizers that cost a lot of money
handmade mods out of stab wound all
those cool things you don't even you
don't need to do that it's fun it's a
fun hobby in Seattle in our area
cigarette if you smoke a pack a day it's
like eight bucks
ish with sample box com you can vape for
a dollar a day sample box with the best
e liquid subscription service in the
world we get e liquid delivered to your
door based on your likes and dislikes
flavor-wise using our flavor profile
insist 'm we get you amazing e liquids
from all over the states and wholesale


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