Will Michigan’s Ban on E-cigarettes Drive Adults Back to Tobacco

this is gonna nebulizer it's for severe
asthma and I had to have this one on my
bed stand and I have used it twice two
three times a week on a good week I
don't ever use it anymore so it's 2013
when I switched pretty basic not very
cool and we actually don't offer a lot
of flavors but when it comes to flavors
menthol isn't one I heard on that's what
we're governor what MERS say on her
interview that wouldn't let traditional
cigarettes get away with this yeah they
do there's nicotine or there's mint on
traditional cigarettes so I mean if
we're going to let traditional
cigarettes have something I think it's
kind of short-sighted do not let the
alternative for about 23 years since you
were seven years old yeah well my mom
smoked a few packs a day while pregnant
so I tell people are the nicotine are
the heroin baby of nicotine I pretty
much came out on a cigarette and even
though I promised my kids I quit I
couldn't no I switched no I don't use so
what do you use specifically yeah I use
the menthol which is why this is really
important to me because what do i do do
I go back to the nebulizer what options
of menthol smoker do I have I'm looking
at at death and a slow painful way or
I'm looking at options right now my
state someone taking my options
important thing to remember is that we
did just pass legislation before the
emergency rules and that legislation was
in effect for exactly 60 seconds before
Gretchen look we're sorry governor
decided to overstep it and say hey we
need more laws why not give the laws we
have a chance to work