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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

👆New Federal Law Raises Tobacco Age To 21 In Montana

well federal authorities say it is now
illegal for any retailer to sell tobacco
products to someone under the age of 21
empty and Jonathan and Berrien talked to
Montana retailers and regulators and
reports there is still a lot of
uncertainty about the change last week
President Donald Trump signed a package
of major spending bills one provision in
that legislation raised the minimum age
to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21
that applies to everything from
cigarettes and cigars to vaping products
it wasn't immediately clear when the
change would take effect but the Food
and Drug Administration's website now
has a notice saying it's illegal for
retailers to sell tobacco to anyone
under 21 in this state the Montana
Department of Public Health and Human
Services is responsible for much of the
enforcement around tobacco sales a
Department spokesperson says leaders
will be meeting next week internally to
start working on an implementation plan
and that the release more detailed

👍Vaporesso Luxe Nano 80W Mini Starter Kit Review 2500mAh|SKRR-S Mini Top Fill Tank

for review today I have something from
vapor wrestle these are the luxe nano
walks up this one this one's Lux zv
full-size i kind of want to compare that
to be it's a really similar it might
have some extras here's how the lux nano
will come packaged and all the boxes
will look different depending on which
color you select inside of this baggie
is the mod and as you can see both sides
do have a protective film on them and
here's the tank I like to call her the
SK RR I but I guess you could call it
skirt I so this tank holds three point
five milliliters of a liquid and it is
Top Billing fill through the two holes
on the sides on the bottom there's three
Li's airflow flips these are adjustable
and on a stopper and the base of this
twists off and there's the coil it last
pops off of here and inside of the kit
there is an additional piece along with
a USB cable for charging and updates
extra seals and Bert's for the tank and
there's also an additional …

👍Veiik Airo Vape Pod Kit Review|A Classy Vape

the aero kit comes packaged like this
the color is on the sticker I've already
gotten my clammy palms on this one but
the other one I'm gonna give away a
little bit later on my Instagram page
yeah they come in like four different
colors inside the box er as a quality
control pass user manual some pictures
here are the specs if you want to pause
the video here is the arrow inside is
the 360 milliamp hour rechargeable
battery now recharges through here this
little hole on the side that's for
the pods are just pop out like this
they're held on by a couple of magnets
when it's brand new
they'll be this little sticker on the
bottom there's only one correct way to
put these in this way it's on both sides
cuz if I put it in the other way it
looks like if it's on this side but not
here to fill the pod lift up this little
silicon piece right here and then
squeeze your liquid into that hole yeah
normally these are somehow connected to
the pod but thi…

👍Vaporesso Luxe ZV 200W Kit ALeaf Coils Review

I'm pretty excited about today not just
because I get to use a mech mod which I
love mech mods but I also cleaned up my
mech mod and replace the coils my
motivation came when this little package
arrived this one came to me from a leaf
and inside I have like 10 different sets
of coils handmade inner part nichrome 80
kidney puncher of the outer part
nichrome 80 twisted messes so these are
some fancy pantsy coils I'm not gonna do
10 different builds just to just a
couple and then I'll show you guys all
of the rest of the coils really really
yeah supposedly these coils are handmade
and on the little container you can see
they're made out of my chrome over here
is the diameter and the resistance here
is the manufacturers website but to
actually get these coils go check out my
vPro com I'll have a link down below and
this I believe has to do with the gauge
of the wire inner and outer here's a
much closer look at those these are the
fused Clapton's and they retai…

👍Innokin DV Pod System Review|Oddly-Shaped Pod Systems

if you can get past my eye makeup check
this thing out I know I'm a little crazy
but I kind of think it looks like Darth
Vader is that why Anakin's calling this
the Divi pod system whether that's true
or not I don't know maybe it has nothing
to do with that but that's what I think
anyway so inside of here is a 500
milliamp hour rechargeable battery it is
a pod system these things are refillable
it's draw activated or button activated
your choice got both and you can adjust
the wattage between 12 and 15 watts
next up let me show you guys this thing
up here's how this comes packaged and on
the back is a scratch-off authenticity
code the Divi pod system inside is a 500
milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges the USB port at the top is the
pod and this just slides out like this
and when its brand-new there's this
little plastic cover preventing it from
making a connection there's only one way
to stick in the pods this way you can't
do it this …

E-Cigarette Vapor Holder for Cars

vapor lock e cigarette holder what is this first universal ecig holder and here is their website make sure it gets between this part and not this part you want it right there there is a stick by smoke

👍An In Depth Look At Aspire Tigon Kit|The Best Pen Style Kit

today I wanted to show you guys that TIG
on kit from aspire what's a take on you
say oh it looks like one of these it's a
cross between a male tiger and a female
lion I don't I don't get it
but that's that's what it's called it
comes in four colors silver blue rainbow
in this black one and the tank on here
it's very nice it comes with two
different coils a 1.2 ohm and a point 4
ohm next up let me show you guys this
kit up inside of the box there is a
warranty card user manual here are the
specs if you want to pause the video USB
cable for charging additional coil
additional drip tip and an extra piece
of glass the tank holds 3.5 milliliters
of a liquid and it's 23 millimeters in
diameter the dollar and drip tip at the
top is removable size 510 on the bottom
there is adjustable airflow to fill this
you see a little droplet first you lift
this up and then right where the droplet
is push it push it over fill here it's
that part that's the coil…

👍Colorful Magnetic CoilArt Mino Pod Starter Kit Review

Manoah I think that's what it's called
mi and oh this one's by coil art hi and
welcome to this old car I won't have got
a newer one but this year I bought some
screws that are inside of my arm oh no
one con I have noticed with this vape is
when you drop it in your car it's so
teeny-tiny here's how it comes packaged
all the packaging looks the same but on
the side it shows you what color it is
magnetic ineffable newfangled original
ineffable they can't describe it it's
indescribable it comes in four different
colors they only sent me to this green
and blue one I'm gonna give away a
little bit later on my Instagram page
first up here is the device inside is a
320 milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges to the USB port the pod holds
two milliliters of a liquid it's got a
1.8 ohm coil inside this little sleeve
right here it's just a protective cover
it fills on the bottom you lift up this
piece and a squeeze your liquid into
those itty-bit…

👍Top Airflow Mesh Sub-Ohm Advken Owl Tank Review|Stainless Steel Chassis Construction

oh hi I'm Sophie and today for review I
have a sub ohm tank from advic in this
one's called the owl tank it does have
top airflow comes with a couple of mesh
coils and check out that crazy-looking
drip tip let me show you guys this thing
a little bit closer
I just think ours are so cute so I love
the name here's the color scratch-off
authenticity code and contents fun fact
I pulled out a whole mouse skeleton out
of cow poo inside of the box there is a
baggie with extra parts this little card
shows you where you can find Adkins on
social media here is the tank with the
bubble s it holds four milliliters of a
liquid and with this extra piece of
straight glass it holds three the drip
tip it is removable kinda unique looking
and it is size 8 to 10 at the groove
that's a different color than the rest
of them push here fill there this is a
balloon tank as top air flow two slits
which are adjustable the diameter of
this portion from here to here is 25
millimeters at its wide…

👍 HorizonTec Falcon King Sub Ohm Tank Review

this is the Falcon King it opens like
this yes stop the video go buy the tank
it's around 30 bucks I'll see you guys
later for those of you that I'd like to
see more here you go heck yeah
comes in some fun packaging here is the
tank no mystery there on the back tells
you what coils are included and he gives
you some info everything except the coil
material that is the Falcon King it
holds six milliliters of a liquid with
this bubble glass
the base is 26.2 millimeters in diameter
at the widest point it's 28 at the top a
resin drip tip this thing is size 810
and removable to open it push this
button and fill here on the bottom three
airflow slits adjustable and on the
stopper aside from the tank there's also
an additional coil an extra piece of
glass but with this little hold less
eliquid and there's also extra seals the
coil that was pre-installed is the M
dual point three eight ohms
best at 80 watts it does have a midline
so try to keep it there or higher to

👍Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Pen Style Starter Kit Review With Powerful GT Mesh Coil

because doing a review in a car is
really stupid let's go to a park for
review today I have vapor Russell's sky
solo plus kit this thing has 3000
milliamp hour rechargeable battery and
the tank holds eight milliliters next up
let me just show you guys this thing up
close here's how it comes packaged so by
looking at this what color would you
think is inside it says black on the box
and they know what black looks like but
then you flip it around and it's brown
so there's a sky solo along with a
charge cable and over here two coils and
if I flip this over on the back side
there's this little booklet the warranty
card and a user Advisory card so
definitely read this before using the
product didn't get a manual I'm guessing
you'll find it in the back as well with
the retail version but this is the this
is a pre-release version it's just a
sample inside of this tube is a 3000
milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges to the USB port and on the

👍ATVS Ghost Super Portable Pod Salt Starter Kit Review|Ceramic Heating Coil

nothing to see here just for review
today I have this itty-bitty teeny tiny
little vape it's called the ghost kit
and it's made by a company called a T vs
that are its fog Mart or fog Mart is
eighty BS hmm before review and it's so
small that I could literally literally
literally hide it in hand I just kind of
steam up a little once in a while got a
problem with that if someone asks you
what you're doing just get offended
that's the right Millennial thing to do
of course what my body does weird things
okay I can't help it to you it may look
like a single button device and well
you'd be right cuz it is but that button
also controls the temperature this
device operates in temperature control
yeah so there's three different settings
and even a preheat can you even see this
let me show it to you a little closer up
here's how the Ghost kit comes packaged
on the side tells you which color this
is and on the back our specifications
and contents
it comes w…

👍SMOK Nord AIO 22 Pen Vape Kit Review|Mesh NORD Coil System

hi there for you today I have the smock
AI Oh kits ones a little smaller this is
the smock a IO 19 and this one's a
little bit bigger with a bigger battery
slightly bigger tank and this is the
smock nord AIO 22 oh I almost forgot if
you guys want to see me live and in
person making a fool of myself I will be
at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut that's how
March 16th
well the conventions 16 and 17 but I
will for sure be there March 16th at the
merch booth yeah kind of weird at the
merch booth I don't think I'll be
selling any merch I'm there to see you
guys I could give a crap about their
merch here's how the Nord all-in-one
kits come packaged and I'm guessing this
number refers to the diameter of the
tube both of them come with a manual and
this little card which shows you how to
verify the products authenticity and on
the back it's also a warranty card here
are the specs for each kit if you want
to pause the video here is the bigger
one 22 there's airflo…

👍Usonicig ZIP Kit Review|A Coil Free E-Cigarette

yeah supposedly it doesn't use any coils
this is a pod style device from USANA
Singh it's called zip okay so it kind of
looks like a coil but I want to see
what's inside here is the wicking
material and this looks like it's got a
little spring or coil sticking up it
looks like a coil but they're saying
it's not a coil which it's like a little
spring I don't know what its purpose
actually is apparently this thing uses
ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations to
vaporize your eliquid and even CBD
here's how the zip comes packaged and no
there is no nicotine in there they just
kind of have to put that warning on
there on the back contents inside of the
box like USB cable for charging user
manual warranty card and here's the
device here are the specs if you want to
pause the video inside of the zip is a
1200 milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges to the USB port at the top is
the pod this thing just pulls out like
and it holds two milliliters …

👆Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Review|Pen Vape Starter Kit

hi I'm Sami vapes big think it's a you
well for sending over some pandas that's
the thought that counts
oh I should have remembered to put the
name somewhere four of you today I have
you elf Caliburn and no there is no
nicotine that's just the warning I have
to put on here I'll try to hurry the
horror that is my nails will be over
soon so this is how it comes packaged on
this side the charge cable and an
additional pod and aside from the device
also inside of the box a user manual and
a warning card it looks like it fills
from the top through those two holes on
the sides now the big question is for me
anyways is will this windows on the
sides of the pod it's on both sides it
doesn't expose the liquid too much but
you can see the level and when you stick
it in here now with a new coil give it
like the company says ten minutes so
that wick in time can saturate I hope
you guys can see but there is a midline
like a minimum line you can't really see
it from…

👆SMOK Mico Kit AIO Pod System Review|With Minimalist Design And Stylish Resin Body

for you today you'll never believe it
might take you by surprise but another
pod system that's right this one's
called the Maiko miko from smack some of
you like to call it smoke even though
there's no yeah then hey I did it too
but either one is fine cuz the company
they don't know I've asked them many
times they keep giving me different
answers so yeah okay I've been kind of
getting bored of showing pod style
devices myself but I actually really
really because well yeah number one are
are the looks yeah I'm kind of shallow
like that I like really nice looking
babes this one it's got a little button
on the side or toggle whatever you want
to call it there's a switch you bump it
up it turns it on and now it's just
pulling puff it's super simple
see look an idiot can do it yup
here's how this kit comes packaged
oftentimes the image on the box is not
identical to what's inside whoa check
this out
yeah that is pretty darn close her…

👆Vaporesso Renova ZERO Sleek Pod Kit System|AIO Starter Designed

give it a little crank Rooney
there wouldn't be a dollar amount for
you to agree to review this product oh
no he'll know what's going on ladies and
gentlemen boys and this is Sophie babes
coming back at you with another not
another vape video this is a car video
no it is a vaping Channel I am gonna
vape just like a little bit this video
is brought to you by vapor wrestle the
makers of the renova zero small cheap
simple the Renova zero vapor Russell
wasn't exactly sure what the content of
this video would be but hey if you do
not follow me on instagram go and follow
me right now at Sophie babes okay go
check it out remember that post I posted
on Instagram no oh my god she's got a
Honda she's got this she's got that I
mean there was like what ten comments
and every one of you guys got it right I
did get a freaking Honda and it is a
sonata I'm just done with all types of
muscle man not that I ever started ever
since I couldn't afford it I'm done I

👆 Vape Zamplebox 64 Flavors Together

all you ever care about is my eloquence
I'm up here hey welcome to today's video
I wouldn't be trying 64 different a
liquids but I'm gonna put them all into
one bottle and it's gonna be wonderful
it's gonna be a really good I'm gonna
take a dropper from each bottle oh by
the way this is the bottle
I don't think sample box really liked
that I posted on Instagram I'm not
really sure why maybe you guys can
figure it out I did get all of these
bottles in 2018 this video is brought to
you by tea time the makers of a liquid
without a sweetener okay the video is
not really sponsored by tea time I just
thought it'd be kind of hilarious guys
want to start a company where other
companies just like give you free things
and then you ship it off to your
customers that that would be a great
company you'd make a lot of money
I hope there's enough room in here for
all this liquid this is one of a few I
actually liked so I capped it out it
does smell pr…

👆Vaporesso Aurora Play Vape Pod Kit Review|Disguised As A Zippo|All In One System

hi there I'm a 36 year old lady with
blue hair and today I'm gonna show you
guys this this one came to me from
vapour s oh it's the Aurora play let's
begin with the unboxing so there it is
brand new in box alright whatever if you
want to see a brand new one
there it is brand new and I do have an
extra I do this one will be given away a
little bit later on my Instagram you
know what it'll be up as soon as this
video post the giveaway for this will be
on my Instagram don't get your panties
in a bunch it's not on YouTube because
technically YouTube doesn't really know
how it all right who's sick of the blue
hair because well I am it's I like hats
I might have a couple hats on today I
just enjoy hats that have hair on them
it'd be it's for sun protection i don't
get sunburned on my scalp sun protection
and self-esteem protection good too hat
so yeah you just fill this itty-bitty
little pod here there's the refill hole
it may look re…

👆AAA Vape Finesse AIO Pod System Review|Sleek OLED Screen |2.7mL E-Juice Capacity

I wasn't because for review today I have
the finesse by triple a Weber where's a
triple a sick mind my attack should be
both I think they go by both comes in
silver black gunmetal red and electric
blue I got this in red and black the
black one I'm gonna giveaway on my
Instagram page so go check that out
I'm pretty sure they wanted me to select
as a red one and I'll show you why
inside of the box there is a user manual
there's a couple of stickers for adults
spare parts bag over here an orange USB
cable for charging a couple of coils and
I do believe each one is different
ooh that's neat I like how these are
labeled they're both point six ohm coils
but one is using mesh and the other one
is flat wire I could be wrong I don't I
don't know if they're using flat wire
it's really hard to tell I mean look in
there it's just so itty-bitty teeny tiny
hmm so this is the mesh coil yeah this
one is the flat coil and finally here is
the finesse…