5 Flavours From Juice Head E-Lliquid Review Christmas Present

Today I've got a review of five flavors from a company called juice
head no I tried this liquid first time
at the expo is over at there stole the
guys there with really fucking nice and
I've managed to get some n for review
because this stuff is pretty fucking
good needless to say when I tried to
explore I liked it a lot so fight
flavors in this range those flavors are
watermelon Lane blueberry lemon
strawberry Kiwi pain Apple grapefruit
and peach pear so as you could tell
through that list there cane had gone
for some nice natural taste in mixtures
of fresh fruit nothing wrong with that
nothing like a nice fresh for a grape
Eve it great leave it with the font
fresh just a fresh fruit vape I don't
know why I said great for some reason I
don't even know why that word even came
out in my mouth I'm down today's review
on the lost fate triad DNA 250 I've got
the recurve goig set on top of some
half-used Clapton's on there yeah flat
fuse Clapton's I believe they're
actually all great coils it's all min at
point 1 3 injil and I've got at 70 watts
in what boost mode it's basically just
hard round so stand the TPD compliant
hundred mil short fell bottles it's not
100 ml X 120 ml ball short felt it to a
hundred ml leaving enough space in the
bottle to pop in some nicotine shots to
bring it up to a preferred nicotine
strength if you so choose to do so
that's completely fuckin optional I'm
going to stop at the peach pure nice
combination several peach pay oh that's
so fresh juicy peach and crisp rate
payer mix are perfectly balanced aegis
extremely refreshing that's what it says
right on the label I like that more
company should do that a short little
that will just let just a little that
will do couple sentences saying what the
flavours like I wish more people would
do that I really do okay Betty natural
peach peach and pear while the pears
really good oh it's like it's like a
rape pale like a tiny pea
let's check that peach peel
it's just supernatural distant inhale
exhale aftertaste really really well
balanced mixture of peach and pear the
peach is really nice
peaches are flavor our famed in beets
can quite easily
what the fuck about to wrap see it's
very easy to make peach are very
chemically taste and flavor if it's not
the know I'm trying scene here if it's
not done right it tastes like shet is
what I'm basically saying that was
really nice the way it's like a really
kind of it's not subtle because it's
there you can taste it that's very
natural at the payer complements it very
well I like Pierre and now that I think
about it I've not actually eaten up here
in a long time waste a lot of pears as a
kid so I can't feel like I want a piano
easily an 8 out of 10 moving on next up
I'm gonna do Payne Apple great flow I
like pain Apple it's interesting to see
if it's kind of like a really tart
aesthetic pain apple if so that's gonna
mix really well versed so a grapefruit
let's give it a smell oh yeah
pain Apple fucking out the ass all day
it's a really strong pain Apple not
getting much of the great for in the sin
but the pain app was definitely there
let's give it a stroke pain Apple great
for it okey so it's actually quite a
subtle V but I always expect no really
in your face flavor and it's not I like
that one a lot
so n Hale is pain Apple OD but the smell
coming at the bottle Kenna threw me off
a bit because it smelled really like
bearing in your face prosthetic pain
Apple so I was expecting that on the
inhale but that wasn't the case the pain
apples there definitely but it's a
smooth subtle juicy pineapple which
exhales into the pain Apple in
grapefruit mixture then the great for
it's not a super so ah it's not so or
better but it's there and it complements
the pain Apple quite nicely
listen taste taste in the mouth
afterwards Israel yeah that's what they
know Taylor I could quite easily beat
that no problem at all maybe not next up
I'm gonna do throw ready in Kiwi now
I've done this this mixture strawberry
Kiwi is a lot of companies have done
this for years have been doing this
combination it's not a bad thing it's a
nice combination and I'll Lake
when done right so let's see if this one
is any good smell at the bottle as
expected very very subtle you can just
the boat smell about strawberry maybe
that little tiny hand a Kiwi but what I
find is that strawberries and Kiwis on
their own especial and II like quitters
they're not super automatic either way
it smells ok let's give it a try it
strawberry Kiwi oh yeah yeah it's a good
mixture it's a really good mixture mmm
mmm yeah it's a really fucking good
combination holy shit that I would have
called you is one of the best I've
actually tried to be honest this mixed
so well
inhale strawberry Kiwi EXO aftertaste
it's just strawberry Kiwi but it's a
really nice mixture it's like they've
bumped the Kiwi up a little bit so it
came to competes without strawberry for
the top flavor and in the in the balance
and to be honest they've got it to a
point where they're both mixed perfectly
it's like if I wanted to I could taste
the strawberry there I can taste the
Kiwi though that Bofors tasteful as each
other but the mixture is just perfect
fuckin fucking Gordon Ramsay's fucking
you like would catch you know some shit
no it's really good nine out of ten all
day vape hands-down you know I like
strawberry Kiwi that's a winner
moving on next up I'm gonna do blueberry
okay blue buddy lemon lemon flavors
ahead and mess for me I've tried some
good ones I've tried some shit ones I
hope this is a good one yeah sure at the
ball it's a really cetera C better set
you see smell and blueberry that's not a
bad thing blue buddy's good blue man
he's not in a not feel like quit to be
honest I think it's quite rare that I
actually try a blueberry flavor
anyway let's drop her blueberry lemon
well it's a nice blueberry and there's a
nice blueberry oh wow yeah that's a
really good combination
I didn't think blueberries would go well
with lemon to be honest but it's managed
to do it and heal blueberries that in
here was all blueberries which is
surprising because I find that blue
buddies on their own it's not a super
they're not super tasteful fruit right I
don't eat blueberries and real life
because to be honest I'm gonna get me
off so hint it tastes like shea they're
just like mushy
evil purple peas to be honest the lemon
though really kind of kicks that flavor
to the next level when you've got that
excellent aftertaste you've got those
citrusy noughts and they blend with that
kind of slightly tart blueberry all in
all he's a relative combination in the
mouth I actually quite like that 1:18
we've done next up I'm gonna do
watermelon Lane know if anyone's watch
this channel for longer than a month
you're gonna know that I'm a fucking
sucker for watermelon I love watermelon
what melon fucking every fit if I could
smell like a watermelon every day I
would smell like a watermelon every day
as expected not super aromatic but I
don't think what melon really is I mean
what melon has sure it has a scent but
not naturally it's not super automatic
it's not super smelly so I don't have a
such a see lame in there
all in all the smell at the ball it's
not it's not that it's not that great
it's not it's not amazing it's not like
oh my god in your face smell you know I
mean it's just as very subtle you can't
really smell much let's get a drip
anyway it's the flavor the cones what
mail in Lane it's the flavor that counts
and fuck me the flavors good hands down
without a doubt that's one of the most
natural taste in watermelons I've tried
all 2019 hand stone inhale very subtle
for refreshing that's what that's what
gets me but that liquid is it is
what melon exhale mixtures have a kind
of a subtle cetera see lame the lanes
not in your face it's not so uh better
in your face citrus which is good I like
it like that very smooth very very very
smooth all I can really describe as it's
just juicy it's a juicy flavor it's like
just ye in the mouth juicy flavor I like
that one I love something you know ten
easy oh there I knew I was gonna like it
as soon as I saw the flavor combination
to be honest so this isn't just no it's
no surprise that I'm quite easily give
that an all day vape name any note in so
they call faithfully from just said I
believe there is an on a syringe but I
could be wrong I think I sorta export in
terms of getting a hold of this in the
UK let me have a quick look in terms of
getting this in the UK I actually didn't
know until I just
when gourmet eliquid do have it in stock
you're looking at about 1699 for I fink
is a 60-mile Bowl 1689 for 120 mil is it
120 mil let me have a look
yeah 1699 for 100ml short fell which is
what these ones are which isn't too bad
and they have the blueberry lemon
watermelon Lane peach pear strawberry
kiwi and the pain of a grapefruit they
have them all ghor make a liquid have
them all so there you go
gourmet Eli quick call at UK if you've
watched this channel you know that I've
worked with those guys in the past I
honestly didn't actually nor they even
had this n stock and tell it that just
let's go just googled it there so
they've got a nation easy way to find
them France fear in the UK and if you
haven't ordered from gourmet a liquid
before you can use the cord scotch
review 10 all lowercase one word and you
can get 10% off your first order as well
so if you fancy trying some of these or
if you have a vapor in the family and
you want to get them a Christmas present
and they're like fruit maybe getting
away but I'll just set up somewhere I
don't know anyway really really really
fucking good stuff can't wait to try
more stuff from them in the future