A Miniature Pocket Vape-Phiness VEGA Review

I got sick so I put on a bunch of makeup
and hopefully you can't see the sickness
they went for today's show-and-tell I
got the focus camera Vega by finesse
unless it's the finesse Vega it could be
that I do believe Vandy VAP sent this
but it doesn't actually say Vandy babe
and you were on here just as
manufactured by finesse so it's the Vega
by finesse it comes in a bunch of colors
including crystal purple volcano orange
peacock green pinecone green coral red
and diamond black it was a closer look
at the safety features these are really
really important so make sure when
you're getting one of these devices that
it has safety features so inside of the
box there is a user manual and it does
come in a few languages so there's eight
languages total in this handy-dandy user
manual here are the specs if you want to
pause the video
oh and I've found some conflicting
information the back of the box has a
ten-second cutoff and the manual has an
8 second cutoff yeah that's pretty much
it for operating instructions because
this thing is draw activated it's really
not much to it over here is the charge
cable and this little device charges on
the bottom the battery is already inside
and it's 250 milliamp hours and it looks
like there's a spot for a lanyard but
they did not include one pods just like
this oh boy
these look awfully familiar they remind
me of jewel pods in this kit to come
with two pods I'm not the biggest fan of
jewel but these these little pods I like
because well they're empty so you can
stick whatever you want in there I'm a
simple girl with a lot of makeup on
today but that's okay something I like
and I just kind of stick with it and I
am gonna be using this with zero zero
milligrams so what's in here vegetable
glycerin VG propylene glycol PG and some
flavorings that's it it's like all
food-grade stuff Oh top comes off like
so try to hold on to it there's still
some space oh I'm gonna let this sit for
like 5-10 minutes cuz there's cotton in
there and it's got a saturate so if you
stick it in and you find that it's not
working check the bottom there might be
a sticker so get that off or it won't
make a connection
I must sucker for this little black one
I really like the pattern in there
probably reminds me of something
expensive so the black one plus it goes
with my outfit that was very very
inexpensive but I like how there's all
these different color options and most
of them are resin except for this one
right oh I got a lot of stuff in a resin
and resin is really nice because it's
soft to the touch
and no two are gonna be exactly alike
but I picked this one because it was
different from all the ones in the bunch
I just kind of stuck out like a sore
thumb it fits into tiny purses it fits
into tiny pockets unless you got screwed
out of pockets because a lot of women's
clothes are like that and I want my
pocket whoa I'm Way too old to be
holding the camera that close I'm just
blowing some steam just a little bit of
vapor with nothing but VG PG and some
flavorings too
this is awesome for people that want to
get off of cigarettes because it's
simple it's really simple and a former
smoker told me something really
interesting the other day he said that
with these you can just take a hit a
couple heads and put it down it's still
there for you later
but with a cigarette you kind of feel
obligated to smoke the whole thing cuz
they're expensive so another plus
another plus with death you're a smoker
switching from smoking to vaping do you
really want to make a hobby out of it
are you looking for something a little
a bit more simple you want to make a
hobby out of it I'm not gonna judge you
because um well look at me I have a
weird job but it's cool current battery
indicator becomes brighter when vaping
so that light becomes brighter when
vaping but it doesn't say it goes from
blue to red the only time it mentions
red is 10 times it flashes red when
there's a short circuit a red light
isn't a breathing state when charging
and the red light also flashes five
times during week current so now that
it's charging you can see the red
breathing light right here and it's also
on the side I charge it up like a little
bit so when it needs a charge it does
eventually go to red even though that
part was not in the manual it does seem
to support pass-through charging however
it's best to just charge it up fully and
then use the device I like it but the
battery on this thing takes almost an
hour to charge and the only other
complaint I have about it is there
sometimes a gurgle and a little bit of
spit back but what I do with that is
just kind of shake it out that's fine so
yeah that's it that's all I really
wanted to say about it I think they're
gonna be around 20 bucks and it says
they come with a lanyard but mine did
not maybe because I have a pre-release
version no clue I don't know so so that
these eats if you're interested in any
of this stuff I will have some links
down below it's probably just like a
link to more links and I gotta go to
literally loose I'll talk to you guys
next time bye