A New Study On The Health Effects Of E-Cigarettes

first-of-its-kind study links vaping to long term lung damage
good evening I'm Alan Martin and I'm
Veronica dela Cruz camp exercised enfili
is in San Jose with some surprising
findings about using e-cigarettes as a
tool to quit smoking Devon yeah for
years the vaping industry has really
marketed itself as a safer alternative
to traditional cigarettes but a brand
new and groundbreaking study out of UCSF
has found that there are some
significant problems with those claims
in fact they say people that smoke and
vape at the same time as they try to
quit actually put their health at much
much greater risk the study appends the
idea that vaping is a safe alternative
to smoking finding users had increased
odds of developing serious lung ailments
like asthma bronchitis and emphysema and
we found that people who use these
cigarettes develop more lung disease
than people who didn't use these
cigarettes taking into account any
smoking they may have done I hope it's
the vaping was to quit smoking or to try
to switch over
like many Chris wells tried vaping when
he twice tried to cut back or quit
smoking but now Phil's misled by the
industry I think it's a false
advertising I think I think I think it's
wrong of them to do that in the first
place because I really believe they
weren't just safer but they were
actually safe at the time researchers
say the health impacts they found were
independent of the recent outbreak of
vaping related illnesses that sent more
than 2400 to the hospital and is being
blamed for the deaths of more than 50
people I've seen it work for some people
but for me I picked up a cigarette while
I was vaping and then I was doing both
and that's who researchers say is that
greatest risk people smoking and vaping
together if you're a smoker and you add
e-cigarettes and become what's called a
dual user which is the most common
pattern then the odds and developing
lung disease are more than tripled a
sobering statistic for an industry that
once claimed to be the answer to
traditional cigarettes they're just kind
of like not sure exactly what it is yet
you know what I'm saying so what they're
doing is they're just kind of using our
generation or the younger generation as a guinea pig
now researchers say that there is a need
for more Studies on the long-term health
impacts of vaping but they say they
don't expect that those studies will
fundamentally change their findings that
vaping simply is not good for your health
in San Jose Devon feely KPIX 5