A Nurse Discusses THC And Vitamin-E Issues On Vaping

welcome to the nurse Nate show it's just
me this morning got my cup of joe and I
wanted to talk about vaping it seems
like it's a topic hot topic of
discussion on the news especially with
the change of smoking and vaping going
to be changed to age 21 enging the age
to 21 for smoking is that do does anyone
really think that's gonna make a
difference I don't I don't think so I
don't think it's gonna really help at
all just because I mean look at the age
of drinking 21 I mean has that stopped
anyone and they in their youth from ever
drinking in high school or I've heard of
even some kids that were exposed to very
difficult up grades that were drinking
before that I mean I guess it's worth a
try but I don't really see it helping
anything I mean shoot half the drug
patients that we treat have meth heroin
cocaine things like that and that's
illegal for everyone you know it's like
well one of the main issues and all the
outbreaks and patients getting sick was
related to buying stuff from the
black-market through friends well
changing the age to 21 I'm not
necessarily against it but it's
difficult for me to see and be
optimistic to being like well that's
gonna direct traffic from anyone who's
21 and under towards that route again
it's like are these things being
regulated no we all know it it's the
same same story just different time I
just hate to see the youth be directed
to having to purchase from online and
black market stuff that's not regulated
just to try to continue to have the
product that they want so that's gonna
be coming soon and for me providing care
to the people in the hospital I don't
know a ton about vaping I don't know
what ingredients are in it I don't know
how the systems work
the delivery methods I would say the
last month or so I've had more questions
from patients about it and I just wanted
to be more knowledgeable maybe that I
can guide some people in the right
direction the information that I read
they we I guess there was a recent
outbreak in patients that were being
admitted to the hospital with Mikey
respiratory failure and it turns out
that the main reason these these people
were getting admitted to the hospital as
well as having follow-up admissions is
because of one of the active ingredients
in the liquid called vitamin E acetate
now in vitamin E is something that is
recognized by the FDA is something that
you can consume and put on your skin
it's in a lot of lotions and products
and things like that
however it's not something that they
ever tested to be aerosolized and what
would happen if you heated that invited
me to eat acetate up with the coils and
what would it do to the chemical
compound would it change it would in
fact impact your lung tissue they also
found that a majority of the patients
that were admitted had bought vaping
oils from non typical or atypical routes
or supplies so off the internet or the
black market whatever that means through
a friend or something like that
second to that is most of the products
that had the vitamin E acetate were THC
products so what they ended up doing is
they the manufacturers this is what they
assume is the manufacturers found that
the THC product was very thick kind of
more sticky for obvious reasons and then
they used the vitamin E acetate to thin
it down as well as it also helped cut
the product so that they would have to
use less THC in their product in order
to make make their batch go further I
think it was it was 2051 cases this is
off of the CDC website and 40 deaths
related to patients being exposed
- this vitamin-e acetate now exceed one
of the only studies that I could
actually find out there that was from a
medical journal was from the New England
Journal of Medicine and what they found
is that through working with all the
healthcare facilities and hospitals out
there with in conjunction with the CDC
as patients that came in fitting these
descriptors like what they did is a
Bronco lavage so they essentially did a
washout and then they took that washout
liquid and examined it to see what was
actually in there and the vitamin E
acetate was found and 48 out of the 51
patients that came in anyone in
healthcare is going to be beneficial to
learn about and continue to learn about
but in 2011 there's five million people
using e-cigarettes and this is all from
the CDC and 2015 there was about 35
million and in 2021 they plan about 50
million now these aren't necessarily new
people but these could be a lot of
people that are switching over from
cigarettes over to e e cigarettes
because you can still get your nicotine
it still helps with their their the
routine and their habits of going and
smoking but it's it's seen as a much
better alternative to smoking now with
that being said we really don't know it
sounds like you know the popularity has
only been around since 2011 time and
what I'm getting at is it might take a
long period of time before we start
seeing the true complications and
diseases associated with easy cigarettes
one of the websites that is a vape
supplier even was very open about this
the disclaimers about nicotine in the
product so it's in in that quote
nicotine in liquid form is very
dangerous always use gloves when
handling small amounts can lead to
vomiting seizures death with handling or
ingesting when it's aerosolized I'm sure
it's broken down into a very very small
amount and kind of dilute but each from
what I was understanding each of a pen
it sounds like has a certain amount of
liquid that it can hold
old and the vape pen should tell you how
much it can hold as far as liquid and
then based on that you're going it's
your responsibility to dilute the
nicotine to an appropriate level based
on the volume that that pen can hold or
device however I don't know that many
people are very versed in and what the
ratios would be especially if they're
new and you run the risk of maybe having
some nicotine toxicity some of the other
ingredients that I found that are common
is water is a main one because it's
going to turn it into a vapor nicotine
flavorings propylene glycol and then
vegetable glycerin so vegetable glycerin
the FDA considers it safe for ingestion
however again it's your lung so you know
you're exposing your lungs to this and
we don't really know the long-term
effects propylene glycol is a tasteless
colors odorless alcohol and I guess it's
it's very great at being a delivery
system for the flavorings now with that
I also read about some of the flavorings
because not all the not all the
companies want to disclose their
flavorings and their combinations and
ratios it's a proprietary blend and
you'll see this on things in the fitness
industry such as like supplements or pre
workouts is they list some of the
ingredients but then they also at the
bottom have a proprietary blend and they
don't want to disclose those because
they don't want people to reproduce
their product that they have an edge
over the market for unfortunately with
you don't really know what's all in the
flavoring and you don't know if what's
in the flavor is going to be necessarily
healthy to inhale now so it might be
seen as a positive alternative to
smoking but at the same time we really
don't know say if there's something that
you're exposing your lungs to and it's
not oxygen or the byproduct of cellular
respiration as far as exhaling it
doesn't belong in your lungs the average
age of the individuals that were
admitted from the exposure of vitamin E
acetate was 27 which is incredibly young
and of those four of them actually died
and their average age was in their 50s
which is still considerably young
they're interviewing one of the
scientists for the CDC he said you know
I just don't know enough about the
vaping world as far as the long-term
effects but I do know about smoking and
it's nice because I can openly educate
the community and say hey I do know that
one in two people are gonna die from
lung cancer who smoke the timing of it
not necessarily sure cuz it everyone's
so different I mean there's a lot of
people that end up with lung cancer just
from exposure what's in the vac
environment I mean look at the people
from 2011 World Trade Centers
they had one day of exposure I looked it
up and it was mostly glass paper fiber
and metals a lot of people said what
were they're exposed to a bunch of
asbestos well only 0.8 percent so it's
0.8 percent less than 1% of all those
particles that fell had any asbestos in
it so yes bestest isn't great but just
from one day a lot of those people who
are exposed have an increased 19%
greater chance of having lung cancer or
cancer of any form and that was just one
day so if you're exposing your lungs to
some sort of foreign body that's not
supposed to be there you're putting
yourself at risk for the natural the
natural cellular cellular process to
make a mistake and have Santa cancer
cells form and I remember in nursing
school or maybe it was just anatomy and
is at the rate with which the DNA
synthesis occurs all throughout your
and what I mean by that is the rate that
it takes in unzips and rebuilds the DNA
code for a new cell or new tissue
wherever it's at in your body at a rate
of what they compared to a jet engine at
that's the RPMs that it's placing those
that genetic code so you have anything
that's gonna be a free radical or mess
it up it puts it at a risk of creating a
bad cell like a cancer cell that'll just
divide on its own so our body naturally
has--is checks and balances to help
destroy those cells that have any issues
with malformation or cancer cells in
fact we all have cancer forming in our
body throughout the day but our body is
really good at stopping and breaking
that down if you just treat your body
poorly over a long period of time
diet exercise smoking medications things
like that or drugs it makes it difficult
for your body to function at its optimal
capacity in order to catch those things
and that's your immune system is a big
is a big process in that and seeking and
destroying cells that aren't doing the
right thing
and what happens over time is with these
exposures you have more these more
precancerous cells forming than what
your body can handle as well is your
body's not in its ultimate fighting
shape in order to combat this and then
over time your body will just succumb to
this and not be able to help you anymore
and that's really when cancer starts to
rear its head again I don't know the
long-term ramifications but I assume
that it's not going to be a positive one
because it's not oxygen it shouldn't be
there but something popular comes out
like the e-cigarettes and it's suddenly
it's grabbing more users from what I've
seen on some of the videos when they're
interviewing some of the youth is that
they're just saying all it looked fine
it looked cool and I definitely never
thought I'd be addicted
I just hope that history doesn't repeat
itself anyway I hope you have a decent
morning after that good news but I just
wanted to hopefully inform people who
are interested and save you some time on
doing all this research so have a great
day thanks for watching