👆A Really Cheap Waterproof Vape?Jackaroo Vape Kit Review

hi and welcome to the show I'm Sophie
and for review but jackaroo this one
comes to me from Vandy babe it's
actually that jackaroo kits supposedly
it's dustproof shockproof and waterproof
as well yeah it does have different
modes I'm a wattage only kind of girl
and this mod can be wattage only if you
want it to be mm-hmm you can actually go
in and deactivate some of the other
modes cuz it also has a voltage
temperature control and bypass if you
don't want those you can deactivate it
more you just want like a couple
different ones you can do it that way
let me show you guys what I mean up
close let's check out this whole kits
oh but before the uppity closely part I
just wanted to let you guys know I'm
going to nve national vape Expo this
weekend I'll be there Saturday like 12
to 5 I might be there Sunday too depends
how how Saturday night it goes but
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tea time is gonna be there as well and
while I'm gone until like Sunday night
11:59 Eastern Standard Time the code
that's usually like 25% off it's gonna
be now 30% off the code is Sophie and ve
all capital letters so I can see 30% off
and free shipping within the United
States I know you guys want me to show
other liquids but I'm struggling to find
other stuff without added sweetener like
I need it to say it on the bottle
because if it doesn't there's a jackaroo
tank extra glass extra coil and in the
accessory box extra parts for the tank
and a charge cable
I apologize did I say charge cable um I
don't see a USB port so no not a church
I don't know what it's for underneath
all of this there's a user manual
battery safety card and a warranty card
oh the boo-boo
yeah I didn't think my hands could get
any worse but then I accidentally cut
myself in the kitchen this thing feels
durable it's got rubberized coating on
it can get some serious grip egde to
with this metal
parts all metal fire button our power
button oh LED screen up and down are
plus and minus buttons at the top there
is a 5-10 spring-loaded connection and
this part right here they're calling
pressure relief air hole and on the
check out this battery door also metal
that piece pops up and you grab it to
unscrew this and inside there is an
adapter for 18 650 s for bigger
batteries obviously you won't need this
on the back side there is a battery
positioning indicator and if you look
inside there we go you can see that
there's another battery positioning
indicator at the bottom those kind of
loosen there but once I stick this thing
back on
there is no rattle once you stick a
battery in there the mod does
automatically turned on 1 2 3 4 5 clicks
turns it off in five clicks also turns
it on the screen displays voltage
resistance mode puff counter puff timer
and here's a battery life indicator also
in percentages when I first got this I
thought the device was wattage only
because the manual says one two three
clicks of the fire button and now I can
change the mode using the up and down
buttons but as you can see nothing
happens but no there are other settings
in order to get to them it's kind of
confusing you gotta enter the menu so
click the plugs minus button at the same
time first one up settings I had no idea
what this meant when I first saw it I
was like what what the heck is going on
here so let me go to the very first one
this has voltage mode if you want to
voltage mode you got to add it see what
happens to the bar it's full no it's
hollow full hello hello how low means
you're not gonna see voltage mode so
let's put it on there
click the fire button go the next one TC
do you want it or not right now I don't
have it on here but sure why not let's
add it next one
BP bypass let's add it what's C this is
color you can change the color
don't the screen I don't know
sure what this is so let's just leave it
firmware I don't know I'm not sure what
these are and this you can reset the
factory settings and hold the fire
button down brings me to this screen so
now when I click the fire button one two
three times the P flashes but I can
change amounts so there's bypass which
turns this into an unregulated device so
it's gonna hit at max voltage then
slowly drain the battery with all safety
protections of course the next one is
voltage it hits as low as point 5 volts
and it goes all the way to 8 once it
gets there it does not around robbing
you do have to go back after voltage is
temperature controller stainless steel
nickel and titanium if I click on one of
these it goes between 200 degrees
Fahrenheit all the way up to 600 once it
gets there it just stops it does not
round-robin and I also have not to
figure it out a way to get Celsius not
sure if it has it and after temperature
control it just goes back to wattage or
power in wattage mode it goes between
five all the way to 100 watts once it
gets to 100 it stops and it does not
I'm gonna go back into the menu the next
one down
DIY there's five different settings and
in here you can do this again one two
three clicks and you can go through all
the different modes
once you select one I'm just gonna go
with wattage click the fire button or
just let it timeout and eventually stop
flashing from here 1 2 3 4 clicks of the
fire button gets me to these custom
power curves so I can use the fire
button to navigate in here and then the
up and down buttons to raise and lower
my wattage once I have it where I want
it click the fire button go to the next
one and so on I'm just gonna stop here
pretending I have it set where I want it
hold down the fire button and now it's
set and yes you can do this for
temperature control as well 1 2 3 4
blammo to go back to the original screen
you have to go into the menu and then
click on the second one
after DIY this is screen and brightness
and this does round-robin after screen
brightness the next one you can adjust
the standby and sleep time this you can
reset the puff counter firmware version
and this is the chip ID the final thing
in here just brings you back to the home
screen and the panels on this
they are actually gonna be
interchangeable here's the Jack root sub
ohm tank with this glass it holds three
point five milliliters and Lissa's
bubble glass it holds five the drip tip
at the top this is size 510 and
removable the tank is Top Billing do a
little half twist take off the top fill
here air flow is adjustable on a stopper
and there's two of these slits to get to
the coil grab the tank and twist off the
base the glass pops off like this and
then coil twists out like so in total
there's two coils both coils are a mesh
both have min lines this one is a point
1 5 ohm coil and it can be vape between
50 and 90 watts other one they're
calling mesh 50 this is a point 3 ohm
coil and a community between 40 and 60
watts so there it is and finally the
moment we've all been waiting for is
this waterproof I'm going to make sure
it's on here we go give it a little
swirl let it soak in there for a while
oh yeah shake it up
going everywhere I should we brought the
lid so glad I wore my good shirt but it
is just water see if it still works oh
yeah look at that
I can adjust my wattage 1 2 3 oh yeah
looks like everything's working
whoever I am noticing something I don't
know what it is I feel like a line it
doesn't look like a crack it actually
looks like water got between the screen
right there I don't know what that is oh
it's moving the line is moving I think
it is water
I think the turn the screen completely
off I just push all these yep
what doesn't work it's gonna come in
like six different colors I like that
you can switch out the panel so
hopefully they'll be selling like
different panels for this in the future
and my favorite I love resin there's
also four different colors of that I'm
not gonna go outside and start tossing
this thing around I actually like it I
don't want to mess it up all on J Hayes
chuck this thing at a building for for
durability purposes but at least you got
the water test for me and they only sent
one that's that's really what I should
be crying about yeah Andy hey what's up
with that why'd you only send one I
wanted to give some away but I can't
there there is no giveaway yet for this
the coils they do have a little bit of a
break-in period for me that was about
half a tank and then I think they're
actually pretty flavorful I mean they're
mesh coils and mesh is usually delicious
I also like the top fill on here just
like a little half turn and then you can
fill simple easy the only thing I would
have changed on here's the drip tip I
like when my edges are more rounded off
I like beefier drip tips really fat ones
rounded edges they're just more
comfortable on my lips
heavy kind of on the bigger side but it
only houses one battery and when it
comes time to recharge that battery
there is no USB port on here so you
cannot charge it while it's in the mod
you will need an external battery
charger for this not sure why they
included a charge cable in the box cuz
oh I don't know where it goes