Airflow On The Asmodus Barrage RDA Review

Today I got a review a product for you
we're talking about the as modest
barrage it's a collaboration between as
modest and vaping with thisis a YouTube
reviewer this one's a top airflow
all right single coil er pretty tough to
over Swonk on before we get into the
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people over there like the packaging
digging that triangle packaging that's
kind of cool right different here is the
RDA kind of weird man looks like it's
got like a heatsink on top that's
actually where you're getting your top
airflow from and I'm sure it also serves
as a heatsink as well
drip tip goon style drip tip you can see
the o-ring inside all your other goons
should fit fine pop that back on very
very comfortable drip tip on the bottom
side of the mod you can see as modest
branding and you can see designed by
thisis you can also see these little
notches right here right see those
little protrusions right there that's
gonna be in order to lock your barrel
down I definitely like this I have the
gold plated squanching pin installed
insulator ring around it stainless steel
threading around that so let's put this
thing on a stand let me show you what we
got inside here okay now this is
interesting very unique design as far as
the air flow goes and I actually hope I
can do it justice okay let me show you
what I'm talking about here right inside
here you see these little holes right
okay right there that's where your air
flow is gonna come from right but when
you look at those little holes and you
look at this deck it almost looked like
those holes are gonna go on top of the
of the post screws because they almost
look about the same size right but
that's not true what's going to happen
is these holes right these two holes
right here that's where you're getting
your top air flow from through this heat
sink okay
what happens is those holes line up on
the side here by the side ramps
a little ramp right there right and
what's gonna happen is your airflow is
coming down it's gonna scoot over and
hit that half of your coil and then the
other half of your coil from the other
side and the theory is it's gonna grab
the airflow from the bottom and the
flavor is gonna come up through the top
right interesting very very interesting
design as far as the airflow goes I'm
actually looking forward to vaping on it
because I've honestly never seen an
airflow like this before
definitely unique and you know what for
all you people out there they're always
saying oh everything's been invented
already with RDAs this is unique this is
different I kind of like that
now you also got these little cutouts
right here that will give you exact coil
placement right so the way you're gonna
use that is you want to take your coil
and you want to line it up with those
holes right there and push down and that
should give you the perfect height for
your build now I'm not gonna show you
how to build this because this thing is
rather easy I'll just show you right on
on camera here here is where you lay
your leads in there you got your post
screws right over there you put them in
on either side and you just pop it in
it's that simple okay now nice deep
juice well right but I mean it really
wasn't needed because basically what's
gonna happen is even if you squonk that
airflow is so high there's no way you're
gonna over squonk on this so that's a
nice design now you can see see that
little hole right there
that's where your swanking from that's
where your juice is gonna from come from
and there's another one on the other
side alright so you're gonna fill each
side of the well up with your squonk
there's a little bit of a platform there
so there is some juice that's gonna stay
in the deck so your cotton will always
be wet that's nice and this is of course
typical as modest build quality oring
tolerance is really nice the deck screws
are really nice I mean it's just a nice
looking RDA with a very unique airflow
system so now I've already strung this
coil let me show you how to wick it you
want to take your piece of cotton get it
a little pointy on one end
and just pull it right through just like
so okay very very easy to wick now what
you want to do you want to take your
cotton you want to cut it right about
same thing over there right about there
simple simple stuff then take your
little wick and you just kind of pop it
in there let it lay right on that deck
same thing on the other side take your
wick and just pop it in there and there
you go all right there it is all built
and wikked
now I'm purposely leaving the wicks dry
because I want to show you how it
actually squonk s-- i'm gonna put it on
my dot mods Kwanzaa by the way one of my
all-time favorite squonk errs love this
thing man 21700 squonk ax now here we go
let me show you how the juice comes up
see how it's coming up right there into
the juice well alright and you can fill
that whole juice well up and because
that airflow is going to be topped off
you're not gonna be able to get this
thing the leak now let's put the top cap
on remember locking barrel system and
let's remove the drip tip put my
overhead lights on so you could see see
the coil inside
let's give it a squonk and look at all
the juice i'm pulling through there man
I mean I'm filling this thing up and it
ain't leaking it's not gonna leak and
it's gonna recycle the juice back we'll
give it a second and then I'm gonna show
you how fully saturated that coil is so
let's take that top cap off and look at
that coil
look how soak that coil is I mean really
really hard to over squonk on this you
pretty much got to be a moron to over
squonk on this it's it's that hard it
really is and yeah I'll show you again
let me press it again look look at that
thing just filling up the juice well
right and when you got the top cap on
you can actually squonk over the coil so
that's kind of unique I really like it a
lot also included in the packaging you
get two allen keys you get some spare
o-rings some spare deck screws that's my
solid 510 pan I already swapped it out
for the Swan kingpin
and you also get these rather nice oni
coils check that out man triple fused
Clapton's point two ohms each alright so
that's kind of neat as modest always put
some nice coils in their packaging and I
definitely appreciate that alright
insiders let's go over those cons and
pros we're gonna start off with cons I
really only have one the only con I
could really think of on this thing you
know because I'm judging it as a top
airflow RDA
is it's not adjustable the airflow is
not adjustable okay and that's
definitely gonna bother some people I'm
sure thisis knew that when he did it you
know you're either gonna like this
airflow or you're not gonna like it so
that's why it's a con there's no
adjustability to it but that's it man
and I really had to struggle to find
cons on this thing let's move on to the
pros cuz we got a lot to work with here
first pros gonna be the looks I love the
clean unadulterated look of this thing
there's no branding on it there's no
nothing he just did a bang-up job making
this thing look clean I like it a lot
the other thing I like about the airflow
on this what I really like is the
airflow on this RDA but it kind of does
double duty right because as I showed
you down low it's kind of got like that
built-in heatsink right so not only are
you getting your top airflow but it's
also having a cooling effect on the
atomizer and I think that's kind of cool
I like that a lot
it's a pro this one is typical as modest
really nice build quality that's a pro
this one like I said in the intro of
this video it is tough to over squonk on
this one because of the airflow design
you could squonk your heart away you
sloppy squonk errs are gonna be fine
with this thing it's got really good
flavor and you guys know I'm not a top
airflow guy but this actually has some
pretty good flavor for top airflow I got
a marshmallow cooking in here right now
I got it on top of my dots Wonka right
and I just want you to hear the airflow
when I v because it's got like a it's
got like a swoosh
sound - what I want you to hear this
check it out you hear that man
kind of neat right kind of different
I've never really had a single coil
atomizer make that type of sound it's a
little different takes a little getting
used to but the flavor is there it again
it's nowhere near a bottom airflow RDA
you guys know I say that on all my top
airflow reviews but it's got really good
flavor and really smooth airflow for a
top airflow RDA I got it where I got it
out I got it at 66 watts with a point
three - building it let's get another
nice nice cloud production good flavor I
do like the air flow design I think the
airflow design is kind of ingenious I
think it's a nice way to do top airflow
it kind of gives you a little bit of
condensed flavor that type of airflow I
I know I've seen this type of airflow on
other rdas I don't know if I actually
vaped one with this type of airflow but
it's a nice top airflow design it works
it really does you saw it down low man
easy to build easy to wick that's a pro
the airflow since it's not adjustable I
want to talk to you a little about it
about what kind of airflow it is listen
to it it's kind of semi restrictive
DL hit it's a type of airflow that I
actually like the problem is it's not
adjustable so if you don't like that
type of airflow you're not gonna like
the RDA so I wanted to point that out to
you and I wanted you to see what type of
airflow it is it's just like a
middle-of-the-road restrictive nough
scribe it I like the fact that the
chamber because of the way they built
everything up inside is very condensed I
think that adds a lot of flavor to this
RDA and I also like the price point I
think the price point is very fair for
the build quality that you get it's just
on the 40 bucks I've been seeing it for
$39 all right we'll have a link down
below to as mattis's website or their
whatever it is we'll definitely have the
link down below but that's it inside is
that's all I got for you on the cons and
pros let's talk about this one a little
bit you guys know I sound like a broken
record I say it all the time not a top
air flow guy in general I just don't
think it produces the same amount of
flavor that you get from side air flow
or bottom air flow to me that's a fact
I know lots of people like it because of
its anti leaking properties however I
will say this in the last year or so top
air flow RDAs have been getting
exponentially better I've been enjoying
more of them than not the ones that I've
been testing they've just been getting a
lot better the the designs of the air
flow have been gotten a lot better
they've been getting more flavorful and
this one is no different this one is one
of the better top air flow single coil
atomizers you will find on the market
right now let's get into some of the
specs on the as modest barrage RDA it is
24 millimeters in diameter 3.5 by 1.4
millimeter post holes it has coil
positioning notches and a 5.3 millimeter
deep juice well want to give a big shout
out to as modest for sending this one my
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