👍An In Depth Look At Aspire Tigon Kit|The Best Pen Style Kit

today I wanted to show you guys that TIG
on kit from aspire what's a take on you
say oh it looks like one of these it's a
cross between a male tiger and a female
lion I don't I don't get it
but that's that's what it's called it
comes in four colors silver blue rainbow
in this black one and the tank on here
it's very nice it comes with two
different coils a 1.2 ohm and a point 4
ohm next up let me show you guys this
kit up inside of the box there is a
warranty card user manual here are the
specs if you want to pause the video USB
cable for charging additional coil
additional drip tip and an extra piece
of glass the tank holds 3.5 milliliters
of a liquid and it's 23 millimeters in
diameter the dollar and drip tip at the
top is removable size 510 on the bottom
there is adjustable airflow to fill this
you see a little droplet first you lift
this up and then right where the droplet
is push it push it over fill here it's
that part that's the coil grab it yank
it out so in total there's two coils
core lows pre-installed this is a point
4 ohm quill a kimby vape between 23 and
28 watts and this quill is made out of
nichrome the extra quill is a 1.2 ohm it
can be made between 10 and 12 watts and
this one's also made out of nitro to
remove the glass twist off the top and
the glass just pops off here's the
device inside of the 2600 milliamp hour
rechargeable battery recharges to the
USB port over here is the fire button
one two three four five clicks turns it
on click the button to vape and also one
two three four five clicks turns it off
it looks like this hits at max wattage
and then slowly drains the battery
output wattage is it between 3.3 to 4.2
volts it's 23 millimeters in
eMeter and it has a 5-10 spring-loaded
connection it is a pretty flavorful tank
I will say that it works really well no
matter how I have the airflow open but
I'm finding that I'm getting like the
best flavor with like two holes open
between two and three it's got a really
nice pull on it big pro and it comes to
this tank I can swap out my quills
without having to empty anything and you
just pop in like this I'm also gonna
change out the drip tip the taller one
works better with the 1.2 ohm coil the
shorter one is for this with the other
coil I was using this airflow with the
teeny tiny little holes in with this one
I'm just gonna keep turning it until I
get the one slit yeah with this coil I
do need more earful so here it is what
the airflow completely open it is a
restrictive pool however with this coil
still so it's not like a lot of all
there's some tanks that you see out
there especially with them with the mesh
coiled where there's just tons air fall
this is more restrictive than that like
a lot more the top fill oh nice I love
it you lift it up just a little bit and
then you slide it over that's a great
design because it won't accidentally
open up on you it's nice the coil is
very very flavourful regulated to those
oh my kidding it's nice out of this as
well the regulated device might boost
the flavor just like it don't bit more
but this isn't doing bad at all I don't
like it as a kit it's a nice kit