Artery Pal SE A Stick Type Vape With Seagrass Coils And Re-Fillable Cartridges

got a product in the pal line of
products from artery vapor today this
one is not a Tony B project but it's
actually pretty cool it's the Powell s
welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm
Tony the Pao se is what we're looking at
today from artery vapor and no this is
not a Tony V project this is all them
you know before I even did a project
with him the Pao was already a thing I
just helped them to refine the pal for
the PAL to they do a good job with their
coils and that's one thing that they're
doing with this now is they use sea
grass fiber cotton to purify technology
well whatever it is it works well the
flavor on these things is really very
good real quickly the liquid that I'm
using comes from get salty I do like
that they say get educated get involved
get salty yeah they're all about
advocacy and you know even on the
bottles they're telling you to join
casaya and all that kind of stuff one
thing now assaults it's it's one of
those controversial things I don't love
that high nicotine salts are out there
like 50 milligram and stuff I just don't
think that we need those heck you can
get standard liquid with the right pg/vg
ratio and like 6 or 12 and have a very
satisfying vape in a pod type thing but
this one this is 18 milligrams to me
that's responsible I like what they've
done there and I said yeah I'll give it
a shot and this is really good it's
called gushers it is watermelon gummy
candy with a gooey filled Center that
gushes out well either way it tastes
like a Jolly Rancher watermelon candy
with classy labels of stuff I really
like it so this one's got that kind of
pattern on there that's because this has
got leather on it it's a leather insert
they do have one with carbon fiber and I
think they're gonna have other colors as
well I think this is on presale right
now on certain sites does have USB see
there is a pulse se kit and a pulse se
pod well it says x one but there's
actually two there's the one that's
installed on it and then one inside the
open this up got a warranty card inside
of here they give you 90 days on the
warranty and the user manual which is oh
so simple all you really got to know is
how to fill it which is very easy and to
push the button five times on five times
off now this can either be draw
activated or push the button I'm going
to do you can see there's a little green
light on there that little green light
means it's sixty to a hundred percent
thirty to sixty percent would be blue
and under 30 percent is red it does have
warnings and protections on it all the
different precautions over here plug it
in to charge and the green LED is going
to come
on and stay on instead of flashing so
you do get an extra pod let's go ahead
and open this up and that's what the
pods look like you see magnets there and
that your connections right there it has
these little raised areas right there
that actually helped to lock it in place
as you can see right there and it's also
where you can see your liquid level I
keep telling these companies that you
got to make your coils so that that
wicking hole is lower down here cuz look
where it's at and that's your minimum
level so anything below that you're not
going to be able to use that's that's
not great I don't I don't really like
that if you're gonna have one of these
kind of pods especially a disposable pod
make sure that you get that whole lower
so that it wicks the entire tank not
just you know down to about a third of
the tank and as you see on there it is
1.4 ohms to fill it you just pop this
off of here and there are three holes
that Center holes where the vapor comes
from and then you can fill in either of
these two holes does have a silicone
grommet in there so it kind of grabs on
to the bottle when you stick it in there
stick it in there fill it the other one
that allows air to escape you can see
it's got two little plugs and the middle
one where is basically the chimney issue
that I have with this and hopefully it's
just because it's pre-production you can
see how this is kind of angled up and
everything when this goes on here you
gotta really push it on stick it on
there and just push it down you can see
when I push it down and so wanting to
push back up because I found that after
you've used it a little bit and there's
liquid on here or condensation this
comes off way too easy
all right I've already lost one and
found it it's just not something that I
want especially if you're trying to pull
it from up here and that comes right off
now of course it's coming out easy but
yeah just got to make sure you get that
thing on there really tight so you also
get a lanyard and this little thing
right here can go around the body of
this and then the lanyard attaches to
that and USBC is what we've got as far
as the usb on here so speaking of this
thing look see there we go that came
right off instead of the actual
cartridge coming out of there see push
that down see as I push it down it's
going to come back up I am gonna submit
that to them I'm sure they can figure
out how to make sure that is right
before it goes out for sale so you got
magnets down there and positive and
negative so that just goes in like that
well and when you do you'll see that the
light flashes there we go indicating
that it is connected okay so since this
is a needing to be filled I'm gonna go
ahead and put some in there so you just
fill it like that I'm gonna put this
back on I find that it's actually better
to pull this off the
that cap on so you can really get it on
there you push it there we go so like I
said you can either push the button to
fire it or you can actually just inhale
so and it works either way
the mouthpiece on this is actually very
comfortable it's kind of like a whistle
tip but it's it's not super fat you know
it's not like I have to mouth this whole
thing just to just to get a vape it's
comfortable I like leather inserts on
this one there's also carbon fiber and
like I said I think there's gonna be
other colors they've got ventilation
down here on the bottom for the battery
a really good size battery inside of
this and USBC right there that's where
your air flow is gonna be one on each
side and if you want to turn it off one
two three four five and there we go it
turns right out you want to turn it on
one two three four five and it comes
right back on so as Pal s II up here on
both sides and then down here it says
artery and that's pretty much it it's a
nice little device I actually enjoy
using it so really my biggest issue is
that this top it just doesn't stay on
there very well when I go to try to pull
the pot off well of course it makes a
liar out of me and pulls the pod right
out but half the time this top wants to
come off and then I got to pull this off
and all that and I also lost this top
one time I was a I was at a friend's
house and I was over there for my dog's
playdate with his dog do it almost every
day for lunch and it came off and I
couldn't find it and I was like oh crap
I got to find that because it could add
nicotine on it I don't want the dog
chewing on it or whatever luckily we did
find it but yeah it just came right off
and fell out on the ground I find that
if I pull the pod out fully and push
that on real tight then it does stay on
there better that's something that I'm
gonna give them in feedback and I'm sure
they can you know make sure that they
correct that I don't know if it's just
maybe the little posts that go into
those holes are a little bit too large
or what the deal is but once it's on
there real tight it stays on there real
good these are not replaceable coils you
do have to buy a new cartridge or pod
for it each time while it kind of looks
like a jewel it definitely looks more
like a device especially got a button on
there and all that kind of stuff so I'm
not too worried about that there are a
lot of stick babes out there one thing I
do like about this as a stick vape is
that the bottom of it is actually wide
enough that I set it down and let it
stand up yeah with these things they're
usually are pretty good about laying
down or sitting in your pocket or
whatever but if you want to make sure
that liquid always stays where it's
supposed to be setting it upright is
definitely something you want
do the inlays on these are nice I mean
this one's got leather there's also the
carbon fiber and I think they've got
some other colors and stuff I do find
that when I'm using it as a draw
activated device without pushing the
button I don't know if the draw
activation thing is not all that
sensitive or whatever but sometimes it
works just fine and sometimes it's kind
of intermittent unless I really hit on
it so that worked fine but when I push
the button it is nice and consistent and
I gotta say I really enjoy the vape that
it gives it's not a super tight vape
it's kind of maybe a loose mount to lung
or a restricted lung hit type of thing
and you can't adjust it at all the pods
do stay in there very well though I
haven't had the pod come out of there at
all maybe that's why when I go to pull
this thing out sometimes just the
mouthpiece comes off I think you're
intended to pull the pod out of there to
fill it you know I wouldn't want to have
to see now it's coming out every time of
course that always happens when you get
on camera right and I have to say the
mouthpiece on this is actually very
comfortable I enjoyed the mouthpiece on
here it's just kind of got a little
whistle tip to it and it's it's working
and this liquid the get salty liquid
pretty cool that while it is assault and
I'm not you know the the biggest fan of
nicotine salt this is a low milligram I
mean 18 milligrams for a nicotine salt
that's fantastic you know 1825 I never
go over that and it's actually really
good what does it say here a picnic in
your pocket sorry I got to put my
readers on in order to see this it says
a picnic in your pocket from that
familiar watermelon gummy candy with a
gooey filled Center that gushes out yeah
these are really small writing on these
things so I had put the reading glasses
on it's really bad when you wear glasses
but you've got to put up reading glasses
doesn't it one thing that I do like
about there's two you're not gonna be
able to see this but right down there
well it's got pictures of police on
there with shields and stuff and it says
we support kasaa you should too and it's
got the web address some of their
bottles have even more stuff about
advocacy on there yeah even on here it
says get educated get involved so I can
really appreciate that they put that
right on the bottle so if you like the
salts but you just think wow I'm thirty
five fifty it's just way too much you
might want to look into get salty 18
milligrams is working really good in
here and I got to tell you watermelon is
one of those flavors that's either just
horrible and I can smell it and before I
even try it or it turns out really good
and this one is one of those that turns
out really good it's like a it's almost
like a Jolly Rancher yeah you get the
sweet and the sour in there but the PAL
se if you like these little stick
devices that I mean they are really good
for the pocket and for taking out and
sticking in your I guess in your pants
pocket or whatever if you're interested
in that type of form factor for one of
these things this one actually works
really well not sure exactly what the
cost is gonna be on these and they
should be shipping anytime in the next
couple of weeks the PAL S II from artery
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