👍ATVS Ghost Super Portable Pod Salt Starter Kit Review|Ceramic Heating Coil

nothing to see here just for review
today I have this itty-bitty teeny tiny
little vape it's called the ghost kit
and it's made by a company called a T vs
that are its fog Mart or fog Mart is
eighty BS hmm before review and it's so
small that I could literally literally
literally hide it in hand I just kind of
steam up a little once in a while got a
problem with that if someone asks you
what you're doing just get offended
that's the right Millennial thing to do
of course what my body does weird things
okay I can't help it to you it may look
like a single button device and well
you'd be right cuz it is but that button
also controls the temperature this
device operates in temperature control
yeah so there's three different settings
and even a preheat can you even see this
let me show it to you a little closer up
here's how the Ghost kit comes packaged
on the side tells you which color this
is and on the back our specifications
and contents
it comes with a user manual warranty
card a teeny tiny short USB cable for
charging here's the device it is teeny
tiny and inside is a 350 milliamp hour
rechargeable battery or recharges the
USB part kind of a bummer it only came
with this single pod holds 1.8
milliliters of a liquid and they're
saying they're using ceramic coils to
refill up you see these two little
doodads on the balm these little silicon
pieces that pops up you can pop up the
other one as well it's better to have
two holes open and then pull your liquid
into one these holes are so small that
using a bottle like this probably not
the best I can't really should have came
with one of these but but it did not
this is the needle nose or needlepoint
bottle now I can stuff it in there just
fine but it really should have come with
one of these or bigger holes with a new
coil I would give it like five to 10
minutes before using it so
saturate one two three four five clicks
turns it on and five clicks also turns
it off and then you push the button to
vape and notice how there's a couple
lights that's actually a battery life
indicator so if I had all three and be
pretty good to is thirty to sixty
percent and one gallery charted it'll be
below thirty
but these lights also means something
else this device uses temperature
control one two three clicks of the fire
button brings me to the first light now
is that 200 degrees Celsius one two
three next slide
this is 220 and the very last one 240
degrees when the device is not being
used but it's on it goes into a standby
mode if I click this twice while it's in
standby the lights do a breathing effect
so that means it's now in preheat mode
it'll preheat for up to 20 seconds at
150 degrees Celsius it will stop after
20 seconds or if you click the button it
will also stop it comes in four
different colors including blue silver
and black once it's time to replace the
pod they come packaged like this in
boxes of three kind of nice it's usually
like one or two yeah this company gives
you a three yeah comes four different
colors and I have four extra two I'll
give away a little bit later on my
Instagram and on these two I'm just
gonna give away right here in fact each
winner I think it's some pods so yeah
kind of a bummer that the kit only comes
with one pod like really you're gonna
call it a kit and give me one pod mm-hmm
it should have come with a fill bottle
too cuz I mean those holes are a teeny
teeny tiny but you know what's
interesting when I went on their website
it says that this is not just for a
liquid it's also for a CBD and THC so if
you can figure out how to get that stuff
in there there you go
squeeze it in that's how you get it in
there did I even did I even mention how
to enter the giveaway I might not have
down below in the video description
there should be a link click on that and
then look for something that says
giveaway in for me
it'll tell you everything that you need
to know yeah you only get one but the
pods are refillable according to the
manufacturer's website three to four
times and according to their manual four
to five how many times you actually
refill it will depend on what you stuff
in there
CBD TDC I don't I don't I don't know I
can't tell you having tried it with this
I'd like to if you putting an e liquid
not all illiquid czar equal some of them
are so jam-packed with sweetener they'll
turn to black sludge within weeks you
don't want to use those in this probably
actually just don't want to use those
but I think the vast majority of people
are gonna be using this thing with
nixels the draw or pull on here it's
more area than a lot of positive reviews
reviews review this too little eNOS and
it almost makes a little bit of a
whistle to know not almost it does not
always though just for fun skis here's a
little size comparison with the smock
Nord and here it is next to something
very similar to jewel I think this is
actually a little bit taller than jewel
it's kind of neat that something this
itty-bitty teeny tiny has settings yeah
there's three different temperature
settings and a preheat mode for the Cree
heat I have it on right now I'm gonna
wait the full 20 seconds and I'll show
you guys how it babes
well I twenty seconds is a long time
without the preheat
feel what the preheat my vapors a little
more dense and flavor improves as well
so so that's it that's really all I
wanted to say about it if you guys are
interested in picking up this thing I
don't I don't really know where to get
it if you google it you might be able to
find it I think they're gonna be around
20 bucks